U.S. Bank Promotions – up to $800 Checking & Savings Account, $200-$500 Credit Card Bonus

U.S. Bank periodically offers big new account bonus promotions and this one is no exception – they just released a sizzling hot one with relatively simple requirements.

U.S. Bank National Association is FDIC insured (FDIC# 6548 ) with over 2,200 locations in 27 states. Their bank charter class is National Bank. As a bank, they’ve been in business since the 1800s! That’s pretty impressive.

This offer is nationwide with a high cash bonus but it does require a direct deposit.

Not only is the bank account bonus good but they also have a great credit card bonus!

💰 BMO Bank – $600

BMO Bank has a generous and easy offer – get up to $600 when you open a new checking account and set up direct deposits that meet their requirements.

The size of your direct deposit determines your bonus – it’s a limited time offer so don’t delay!

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  1. 1. U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking and Standard Savings – up to $800
    1. Previous Consumer Checking Promotion Codes
  2. 2. U.S. Bank Business Checking – up to $800
  3. 3. U.S. Bank Automated Investor – $100
  4. How Does This Offer Compare?

1. U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking and Standard Savings – up to $800

U.S. Bank has a promotion on their U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking and Standard Savings account – it’s a great offer for new accounts and the requirements are straightforward.

Earn up to $800 when you open a new U.S. Bank Smartly® checking account and a Standard Savings account online and complete qualifying activities, subject to certain terms and limitations. Offer valid through 12/29/2023. Member FDIC.

Earn up to $500 with a new Bank Smartly® Checking account.
Complete the following within 90 days of account opening:
  • Enroll in online banking or the U.S. Bank Mobile App
  • Make two or more direct deposit(s) totaling $5,000 to $9,999.99 to earn $300 or $10,000 or more to earn $500
Earn up to $200 with a new Standard Savings account.
  • Make new money deposit(s) totaling $25,000 or more by January 31, 2024
  • Maintain $25,000 or more until July 31, 2024
Earn an additional $100 by fulfilling both the Bank Smartly Checking and Standard Savings requirements!

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(Offer expires 12/29/2023)

How to get the monthly fee waived

The account has a $6.95 Monthly Maintenance Fee that you can get waived with one of the following:

  • Are 24 and under, 65 and over or a member of the military (must self-disclose), OR
  • Have combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000+, OR
  • Keep average account balance of $1,500+, OR
  • Hold an eligible U.S. Bank credit card, OR
  • Qualify for one of the four U.S. Smart Rewards™ tiers (Primary, Plus, Premium or Pinnacle)

Previous Consumer Checking Promotion Codes

If you’re looking for the U.S. Bank promo codes for previous dates on this offer, we have this list below based on the end date of the promotion:

  • For period ending Feb. 21, 2022 – the promotion code was 22WEB01
  • For period ending Mar. 28, 2022 – the promotion code was 2022FEB
  • For period ending Apr. 25, 2022 – the promotion code was 22WEB04
  • For period ending June 13, 2022 – the promotion code was 2022MAY
  • For period ending August 8, 2022 – the promotion code was 2022JUL
  • For period ending September 2, 2022 – the promotion code was 2022JUL (they only updated the expiration date)
  • For period ending November 21, 2022 – the promotion code was 2022OCT
  • For period ending December 19, 2022 – the promotion code was 22WEB11
  • For period ending February 7, 2023 – the promotion code was 2023JAN
  • For period ending April 11, 2023 – the promotion code was 2023MAR
  • For period ending May 2, 2023 – the promotion code was 23WEB04
  • For the period ending October 31, 2023 – the promotion code was 2023SEP 

2. U.S. Bank Business Checking – up to $800

If you run a business where you need to accept payments, U.S. Bank has a up to $800 bonus offer when you open a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Business Checking Account with the U.S. Bank promo code Q3AFL23 and:

  • To get $350, Make a deposit of at least $5,000 in new money within 30 days of account opening and maintain the balance until the 60th day after account opening.
  • To get $800, Make a deposit of at least $25,000 in new money within 30 days of account opening and maintain the balance until the 60th day after account opening.

Once you satisfy those conditions, you get up to $800.

Available in the United States.

Member FDIC.

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(Offer expires 1/8/2024)

3. U.S. Bank Automated Investor – $100

If you are an existing U.S. Bank or U.S. Bankcorp client, you can open an Automated Investor account to get an additional bonus.

U.S. Bank has a limited time offer where you can get $100 to open a new Automated Investor account before 12/31/2023. Then, within the first 30 days, transfer or deposit at least $1,000 in new cash or securities and keep that amount in the account for 120 days.

The account has an annual advisory fee of 0.24% of invested assets, billed quarterly.

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How Does This Offer Compare?

This is a pretty solid offer if you’re looking for a basic checking account. The direct deposit requirements are a little high at $2,000 in total but the $300 bonus is on par with some of the ones you’ll see on our list of bank bonuses.

If you have your heart set on U.S. Bank, this is a good offer.

Otherwise, if you’re still shopping around, here are some other competitive offers:

⭐ BMO Smart Advantage Checking – $400

BMO Bank is offering a $400 bonus* when you open a BMO Smart Advantage Checking and when you have a total of $4,000 or more in qualifying direct deposits within the first 120 days. It is a very straightforward offer that is available nationwide.

*Conditions apply

👉 Click here to learn more

⭐Citi Priority Account – up to $2000

Citi Priority is offering up to $2000 bonus when you open an account by 1/9/2024. Then, within 20 days of opening your account, deposit at least $10,000 in New-to-Citi® funds and keep it there for 60 days after the 21st day. The bonus amount is based on how much you can transfer but the lowest tier starts at $10,000.

👉 Click here to learn more

Discover Online Savings Account – $150 or $200

Discover Bank is offering a $150 or $200 bonus when you open your first Discover Online Savings Account with the promotion code WH923 and deposit at least $15,000 into the account within 30 days. You get $150 if you deposit $15,000 or more and $200 if you deposit $25,000.

👉 Click here to learn more

Bank of America – $200 Bonus Offer

Bank of America offers a $200 Bonus Offer cash bonus if you open a new account and Set up and receive qualifying direct deposits totaling $2,000 or more into that account within 90 days of account opening. It has a monthly fee that is easy to have waived.

👉 Click here to learn more

Chase Total Checking® – $200

Chase Bank will give you $200 when you open a Total Checking account and set up and receive a direct deposit within 90 days. There is a $12 monthly fee that is waivable with a monthly direct deposit of just $500, so no gotchas on this deal!

👉 Click here to learn more

The U.S. Bank promotion is comparable but it’s not the absolute best out there. I think that you may find a better offer if you dig a little bit more.

Finally, before you go, make sure you review our guide on bank account bonuses so you know what to watch out for whenever you try to take advantage of one of these offers.

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  1. mat kim says

    I used the link on this page to apply for the easy checking. I used an ACH deposit from my personal account. US Bank said they will not acknowledge any ACH that is not from a government agency or employer. I understand direct deposit can mean a lot things including various ACH deposits [depending on the bank]. Honestly, I would continue to use their services if they gave me a reason. Unfortunately they are doing the opposite and I will stay clear of them especially since they are the most ethical bank, right?

    • Jim Wang says

      These types of promotions generally require a direct deposit from an employer or government entity (benefits) – it’s almost universal in that way because it’s seen as a way to make the account “stickier.”

  2. DK Jackson says

    If your direct deposit is Social Security, you cannot meet the 60-day criteria. It takes two payment cycles for Social Security to process a change in direct deposit. US Bank will not take this information into consideration and will not provide the incentive.

  3. H. Stone says

    The US Bank announcement is misleading: Doesn’t mention that you must complete recurring direct deposits that total $4,000 or more and be enrolled in e-statements within 60 days of account opening.

    • Jim Wang says

      Yes you are correct, I’ve updated the post to reflect the clearer language. The $4,000 figure is in their terms and conditions and not higher up on the page, which can be misleading. Thank you!

  4. Monique Bourgeois says

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