Santander Bank Bonus Promotions: $400 for New Checking Accounts

If you live in the mid-Atlantic or Northeast United States, you likely live in the geographic region of Santander Bank. Founded in Spain, Santander Bank (Banco Santander) has been in the United States since 2006.

They are FDIC insured (Certificate #29950) with 541 locations sprinkled throughout nine states. If you’re wondering how a bank that entered the US market in 2006 has a certificate that dates back to 1907, it’s because they acquired what was once Sovereign Bank, a savings and loan in Pennsylvania. Sovereign Bank was founded in 1902 and serviced, primarily, textile workers.

The history is a bit long but Banco Santander bought a 20% stake of Sovereign Bank in 2006. There were a few more acquisitions but eventually Banco Santander acquired the rest of the bank in 2009. In 2011, Sovereign Bank officially changed its name to Santander Bank.

This all to say that Santander Bank is a legitimate bank, FDIC insured, and a safe place to put your money.

If you have some direct deposits, you can get a nice juicy new account bonus now – here are the details.

Table of Contents
  1. Santander Select Checking — up to $600
  2. Santander Simply Right Checking — $400 [EXPIRED]
  3. Santander Business Account — up to $450
  4. How Does This Bonus Compare?

Santander Select Checking — up to $600

Open a Santander Select Checking account with the promotion code that is shown after you enter your email address (you have to enter your first and last name plus an email address, then it shows a unique code).

Then, just satisfy a few conditions to get up to $600 from Santander Bank.

The conditions are easy:

  • get $400 by having direct deposits totaling $6,000 or more in your account within the first 90 days then an additional $200 by maintaining an average daily balance of $6,500 or more in the first 90 days,
  • keep the account open for at least 90 days,
  • get paid!

You can’t be a current checking customer of Santander Bank or had a checking account in the last 12 months.

Available to residents of NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ, PA, or FL.

The account has a $25 monthly fee that is waived when you have a combined balance of $25,000 in bank deposits and/or eligible investments held with Santander Investment Services.

Learn more about this offer
(Offer expires 12/31/2021)

Santander Simply Right Checking — $400 [EXPIRED]

This offer has long expired but I wanted to keep the details in case they bring it back.

The terms are similar to the Select Checking account above but with different numbers. To get the $400 cash bonus, you need to open a Santander Simply Right Checking account using a promotion code they give you after you enter your name and email address. This code is unique so keep it in a safe place.

Then, receive direct deposits totaling $4,000 or more in your account within the first 90 days and keep that account open for at least 90 days. Then, they deposit the cash!

For a while, this offer had been available for several months and just keeps getting refreshed each month – so there’s a chance it’ll come back soon.

You can’t be a current checking customer of Santander or had a checking account in the last 12 months.

Available to residents of NH, MA, RI, CT, DE, NY, NJ, PA, or FL.

Learn more about this offer
(Offer expired 3/31/2021)

Santander Business Account — up to $450

If you run a business, Santander had a promotion where you could get $450 for opening a new business checking account and maintaining an average daily balance of $10,000 or more in the first 90 days.

That’s all that’s required for this promotion, which uses the promotion code BUS450Q421. You can open this online or by going into a branch.

Learn more

(Offer expired 12/31/21)

How Does This Bonus Compare?

The current promotion has a relatively high direct deposit requirement but not something that’s unreasonable given that you have three months to accomplish it.

That said, here are how some of the other offers compare:

Wells Fargo – $200

Wells Fargo has a nationwide promotion of $200 for a new checking account when you open a new checking account with at least $25 and receive a total of $1,000 or more in qualifying direct deposits into the new checking account within 90 days from account opening.

You can learn more about the Wells Fargo promotions to see how to get it.

Discover Online Savings Account – $150 or $200

Discover Bank is offering a $150 or $200 bonus when you open your first Discover Online Savings Account with the promotion code WH21 and deposit at least $15,000 into the account within 30 days. You get $150 if you deposit $15,000 or more and $200 if you deposit $25,000.

Chase Total Checking® – $225

Chase Bank will give you $225 when you open a Total Checking account and set up direct deposit within 90 days. There is a $12 monthly fee that is waivable with a monthly direct deposit of just $500, so no gotchas on this deal!

HSBC Premier Checking – $450

HSBC has an offer where you can get $450 for eligible new customers who open an HSBC Premier checking account and make recurring monthly qualifying direct deposits of at least $5,000 for 3 consecutive months. Click here to learn more about this offer.

Huntington Bank – up to $500

If you are a resident of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia, or Wisconsin then you could get up to $500 from Huntington Bank for opening a new checking account. There are several checking accounts that qualify but they’re great offers if you live in their geographic region. Click here to learn more about Huntington Bank offers.

Axos Bank – $100

Axos Bank has a great promotion where you can get $100 when you open a Rewards Checking Account using promotion code HOLIDAYS. Then, complete direct deposit(s) totaling at least $1,500 within the first 60 days.

Click here to see how you can get $100 from Axos Bank.

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    Worth mentioning that the Santander Select Checking $400 bonus offer has a $25 monthly maintenance fee, which is waived ONLY if you hold a hefty $25k with them. Still, $300 (net of 4 months of fees) is still worth it on $6k DD.

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