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How to Hire the Best Money Coach for You

A money coach, or financial coach, is someone who helps people reach their financial goals. A money coach does not do the work for you but with you. They will encourage, motivate, mentor, hold you accountable, and coach you to financial success. The best analogy I can think of is a personal trainer. The trainer […]

How to Apply for a US Passport

If you’re planning on traveling outside the country in the next few months, you’ll need to obtain a passport. It’s a fairly complicated process, and generally takes several weeks (or longer) to complete. Even if you’re not planning on international travel in the foreseeable future, it’s always a good idea to have a passport anyway. […]

How to Talk to Your Parents about their Finances

This is a guest post by Cameron Huddleston, author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. She writes about how to help aging parents with their finances on the Carefull blog. There might come a time when the roles are reversed and you will have to help care for your parents. It could mean […]

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