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4 Startup Companies Giving Away Free Shares of Stock

For decades, companies have been giving away free stuff to get you to try their service. Brokers, like E*Trade, would offer hundreds of free trades within a fixed window whenever you signed up. Their latest advertised offer seems to be 60 days of commission-free trades. It’s a nice offer, but what if I don’t want […]

Betterment vs. Wealthfront: Which is Right for You?

Investing can feel complicated and robo-advisors promise to make it simpler. By trusting in their algorithms, after filling out a profile and assessing your risk tolerance, they promise to handle the investment for you. They’ll pick low-cost funds, they’ll rebalance as necessary, and they’ll even tax loss harvest for you – all for a low […]

Lemonade – Renter’s and Homeowner’s Insurance for Social Good

If you’ve known many renters, you’ve heard the war stories. One of the worst stories involved a friend of mine. She was renting in an apartment complex that was old but well maintained. Her place was nice, the fixtures were a little dated but not too bad. One day, she noticed a little discoloration in […]

What is an Accredited Investor and Should You Become One?

When you start investing outside of the stock market, you’ll see a term come up often – accredited investor. When I started angel investing, I saw the term come up quite a bit. As I left that world, with my tail tucked a little between my legs, and started looking at real estate – it […]

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