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“Buy, Borrow, Die” Estate Planning Strategy

If it feels like the rich play by a different set of rules, it’s because they do. I recently learned about the concept of “Buy, Borrow, Die” and it’s fascinating. I’m not an expert on estate planning or taxes or am I rich enough to do this (yet!), but it highlights how different parts of […]

Learn Cryptocurrency from Experienced Investors: eToro Review 2020

eToro is it one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency trading apps in the industry as it offers trading in 15 cryptocurrencies. It also allows you to track and copy successful traders on the app. The platform allows you to track the trading activities of qualified traders participating on the app. This gives other users an opportunity to duplicate what successful traders are doing. And it adds a social media quality – sharing of results and strategies – to a cryptocurrency trading app.

What are Prize-Linked Savings Accounts?

Prize-linked savings accounts can be a free and exciting way to save money each month. Each deposit earns an entry into a drawing for a chance to win money. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, your deposits earn interest and you have more cash for a rainy day. But be sure to know the rules before you commit, there are likely restrictions on withdrawals to avoid abuse of the program.

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