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Newest Articles

How I Use Mind Games to Beat My Irrational Investor Brain

I enjoy reading the news but it can be stressful to see the stock market go up and down. Well, only when it goes down. The up days are nice. 🙂 It’s even more stressful when all the news lately is how we’re minutes away from a recession. Logically, I know that I should not […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

By now, you’re familiar with online digital streaming for TV shows and movies. About a decade ago, the only options to watch TV were channels by antenna and cable. Companies like Netflix have helped pave the way for streaming movies and TV shows by streaming from your computer or through a game console, inspiring viewers […]

Should You Be Using a Robo-Advisor?

In 2010, I found myself attending the Finovate Fall event in New York City. Even though I’d been a personal finance blogger for over five years, I hadn’t heard of so many of the companies presenting. I took a lot of meetings those couple days including one with a young guy planning on changing the […]

Credit One Bank Card Reviews: Credit Cards for Credit Score Builders

Credit One Bank (that’s Credit One, not to be confused with Capital One) is a bank dedicated to providing credit cards for those looking to either establish or rebuild their credit. It has grown to become one of America’s leading credit card providers, with more than 7 million credit card holders nationwide. Credit One Bank […]

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