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How to Speak to a Live Person at the IRS

Reaching a live person at the IRS can be tough, but it can be done. If you are having trouble, try calling your local office. The wait times might be shorter and you can make an appointment to meet with an advocate. Also, calling after 5 pm on Friday may be your shortest wait time.

How Life Insurance with No Medical Exam Works

Life insurance with no medical exam doesn’t mean your health isn’t taken into consideration – the company just uses other means of obtaining that information. Also, it is usually more expensive, has a lower death benefit, and a shorter-term than traditionally underwritten policies. If possible, your best bet is likely to take the exam – but if that isn’t possible there are companies that will still insure you.

Which Debts Should You Prepay First? A 6-Step Plan

Maya asks: “Is it better to pay off student loans or a mortgage first? I’m asking for my brother, who took out $80,000 in student loans about 20 years ago and has only paid off about $10,000. He recently bought a home in Southern California and took out a 30-year mortgage that might be as […]

10 Places to Donate Used Toys (Near Me)

If you have kids you probably have some old toys you’d like to donate. There are lots of places where you can donate used toys including hospitals, charities, and even the free section of Craigslist.

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