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Latest Articles

Battle of the Budget Apps: Quicken vs. Mint vs. Personal Capital

I’ve been thinking a lot about budgeting tools. When I first starting working, I kept a “Budget Bible” that tracked my spending down to the penny. It was easy because I was single, had few financial obligations, and plenty of time. Today, budgeting is harder and with less time for mundane tasks, I rely on […]

How much is your time worth?

If you were on an overbooked flight, how much would it take for you to take a flight the next day? $500? $800? $1500? If you’re a doctor, on a United flight in Chicago, and absolutely had to be somewhere the next day – the answer is “infinity.” Or as United showed us last week, […] Alternatives & Replacements: Invisible Savings Apps w/o the Fees

I’m not going to beat around the bush here – if you’re reading this article, you recently learned that instituted a monthly fee of $2.99. (for a deeper dive into what Digit does, read our review of Digit) Existing users won’t have to pay the fee for 100 days but anyone who joins now […]

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