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Are Timeshares Worth It?

No! I’m willing to bet that on more than one vacation, someone has come up to you and offered you something free to sit in on a timeshare sales pitch. If you ever wondered what that experience was like, today is your lucky day! I sat in one of these when I was fresh out […]

Where to Donate Used Books

I was born in the 80s and so I grew up reading physical books. There’s something about holding a book, flipping through the pages, smelling the paper – you really can’t beat it. But from time to time, you look at your collection of books and realize that it needs to be pared down a […]

Simplifi by Quicken Review: A New Money Management App

Simplifi by Quicken aggregates all your personal finances into one tool. It allows you to set up a spending plan, see upcoming bills, set goals, and see all your bank account and loan balances. And since it’s a paid service you’ll get an ad-free experience It’s a brand-new service and is still working out some […]

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