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How Estimated Taxes Work, Safe Harbor Rule, and Due Dates (2019)

Taxes are complicated. They’re not hard, they’re complicated. They’re complicated in the same way that old computer systems are complicated. As a software developer, it’s not uncommon for you to update old code to perform new functions. What often happens, especially in poorly designed systems, is that you just update the code. You don’t redesign […]

How to Find the Best Consignment Stores

Have you been binging Marie Kondo’s Netflix show? Looking to sell some of your stuff, like clothes, accessories or other apparel? If it’s almost new, you should consider trying to sell it at a local or online consignment shop. If it’s a little more worn than that, consider donating to a local Goodwill or other […]

6 Google Finance Portfolio Replacements & Alternatives

For years, Google Finance was one of the best portfolio trackers available. You could put in a list of stocks, including transaction information, and it would give you a snapshot in moments. It even kept a cash balance so that transactions could reflect an actual portfolio. It was one of the go-to platforms for investment […]

8 Financial Products Most People Should Avoid

When I was looking to buy our first house, back in the mid-2000s, I was surprised to learn that there were so many different types of mortgages. I’d heard about 15-year fixed and 30-year fixed mortgages. But then you had jumbo mortgages. And adjustable rate mortgages. And interest-only mortgages. Then FHA and HUD and VA […]

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