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How to punch self doubt in the face

I love the few weeks after the 1st of January. I like to think of it as the “brand new year” period. It’s full of hope and optimism and what could be. What will you accomplish this year? What will you look back on and marvel at having done? There will, however, come at time […]

13 Easy Things You Can Do for a Quick Financial Win

I have a confession. I don’t make my bed in the morning. Some productivity experts say that you need to make your bed in the morning so you get that easy win that sets you up for the day. My easy win is waking up before my kids so I don’t get startled awake. Getting […]

Is Sling TV Worth It?

What’s one of your biggest monthly expenses? After housing and a car payment, chances are it’s probably your cable and internet package. For us, after housing and daycare, the next largest expense is our monthly payment to Verizon for our Fios Internet and cable. So it would make sense that if you want to try […]

How to reverse lifestyle creep

Lifestyle creep is sneaky. That’s why they call it creep. They don’t call it a lifestyle EXPLOSION… if they did, well, you’d probably notice an explosion right? 🙂 A couple weeks ago, I’m emailing with a reader (Edward) about his biggest challenge (I ask everyone who signs up to our newsletter for their biggest challenge) […]

Paying Off Debt with a Home Equity Loan #MyHomeEquity

Debt, like many financial tools, is a double edged sword. As a student loan, it can be a low interest way to pay for school. As a credit card, it can give us financial flexibility, though at great cost if we don’t pay it off each month. A mortgage gives you the ability to buy […]

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