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Dogs of the Dow: Does This Strategy Make Sense?

Investing is a lot like religion. They both rely on faith, they both have rituals, and to the outside observer, there are aspects of it that don’t seem to follow intuition or expectation. With investing, you also mix in a bit of gambling that many people seem to enjoy on their own. Like a modern-day […]

Vaulted Review: Simple Way to Buy Physical Gold

There’s something sexy about owning gold. In times of turbulence, gold seems to be valued as a store of value. It’s never bad to get a little stability as fiat currencies rise and fall in value relative to one another. We recently spent some time in England over the summer and enjoyed how far the […]

How Much House Can I Afford?

When we bought our first house, it took quite some time to find the right house. We purchased our first home in 2005 and documented the entire process on my previous blog, Bargaineering, and it was a stressful and scary experience. We looked at square footage, we looked at bedrooms and bathrooms, we looked at […]

U.S. Bank Promotions – $300 for New Checking Accounts

I love a good bank promotion! I first heard about U.S. Bank from a business partner (they don’t have a location in Maryland). They had a good relationship with their business banker so when we started a new venture, we got just added a new U.S. Bank business account. It was pretty streamlined and while […]

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