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Newest Articles

Blue Nile Diamonds Review

I’m an independent shopper. If I need something, I like going into the store, getting it, paying for it, and leaving. Online shopping is perfect for me because I don’t have to drive anywhere, wait in line to pay, and then drive home. Which means one thing — I really do not like going into […]

Stockpile Review: How to Gift Stocks in 2018

Before I knew anything about investing, I was enamored with stock certificates. I thought they looked beautiful because they looked like college degrees made to look like money. My dad always had his degree certificates up on the wall in his office but they looked so austere. These stock certificates looked gaudy. They were fantastic. […]

5 Big Differences between Commercial Banks vs. Credit Unions

My first bank account wasn’t at a bank. It was at a credit union. At the tender age of 16, my mom and I walked into a branch of the Teachers Federal Credit Union and opened up a joint account. They printed out a little card, laminated it, and handed it to me. I stuck […]

How to Finance an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a big step. It’s also a big purchase. Maybe you have enough cash on hand if you tap into your emergency fund. Maybe you don’t. There’s no arguing that when you buy an engagement ring, diamond or otherwise, it’s best to pay cash. If that isn’t you, or at least not […]

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