Best Credit Union Bonus Promotions (September 2023)

For many years, credit unions didn’t get as much attention as commercial banks. They are typically smaller, limited to a small regional footprint, and they tend to focus more on their existing members rather than trying to entice more people to join.

But as credit unions gain in popularity, we’re starting to see them increase their marketing budgets and, this point being more appropriate for you right now, their bonuses.

In fact, just a few years ago, I didn’t see that many credit unions offering a new account bonus.

Today, you can find several very popular bonuses from credit unions with very liberal membership policies.

Here are some of the best bonuses:

💰 BMO Bank – $600

BMO Bank has a generous offer – get up to $600 when you open a new checking account and set up direct deposits that meet their requirements. Depending on the size of your direct deposit, you can make quite a tidy sum for not too much trouble.

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Table of Contents
  1. About Credit Union Membership Rules
  2. PSECU – $300
  3. SkyOne FCU – up to $1,000
  4. Credit Human – $200 [EXPIRED]
  5. US Alliance Financial – $250 [EXPIRED]
  6. BluPeak Credit Union- up to $300
  7. KeyPoint Credit Union – $300
  8. Provident Credit Union – $300
  9. Credit Union 1 – $500
  10. SECU – $250
  11. Wings Financial Credit Union – $300 [EXPIRED]
  12. BECU – $100 [EXPIRED]

🔃UPDATED: Updated the details and expiration dates of several offers on this page, including Credit Human and US Alliance Financial offers expiring.

About Credit Union Membership Rules

With commercial banks, there are no “membership rules.” That’s a credit union rule. For an institution to be a credit union, they must (among other rules) restrict membership to a subset of the whole population. There’s no rule on how they restrict it – there just has to be a restriction.

With commercial banks, there are no such rules. When you see a bank only offer accounts in certain states, that’s simply because they are only allowed to operate in those states.

With a credit union, you have to gain membership eligibility through another organization. For example, PSECU is the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union and membership was originally restricted to Pennsylvania state employees. It has since expanded to include individuals who have joined the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) – and PSECU will even pay your membership dues.

PSECU still restricts its membership, thus keeping with the rules, but anyone can join because anyone can join the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society. Many credit unions do this, though few will also pay the membership due.

It’s a small price to pay to join a credit union, but a hoop you must jump through.

Now, onto the best credit union bonuses!

PSECU – $300

The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) $300 bonus promotion is really easy to get.

You get $100 for each “level” and the levels are:

  1. Level 1 – Join PSECU by clicking this link to visit the site and joining them using the promo code LEVELUP. Once you’ve joined, add a free checking account ($5 minimum deposit) with a debit card and log into digital banking within 30 days to get the $100 bonus. Finally, activate your debit card.
  2. Level 2 – Establish one or more qualifying payroll direct deposits that together total $200 per calendar month, all within 90 days of establishing membership.
  3. Level 3 – Maintain the qualifying payroll direct deposit(s) for 90 days after initial deposit.

See terms and conditions at also see below*

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(Offer expires 12/31/2023)

SkyOne FCU – up to $1,000

SkyOne Federal Credit Union is based out of California but anyone can join it with membership in one of their partner organizations, which they will also pay for.

The bonus is a multi-part bonus with promo code EXTRA:

  • $100 – Open your new member Primary Savings account online using promo code EXTRA along with an Advantage Checking account with a combined total of $3,500 (new money).
  • $200 – Open a Sky-High Savings account online and meet the minimum monthly deposit requirements (deposit $1,000 or more each month to this account for a minimum of 90 days).
  • $100 – Set up online banking and mobile deposit and make 1 qualifying mobile deposit per month.
  • $100 – Make at least 10 debit card point of sale purchases per month within 90 days.
  • $100 – Set up a minimum monthly recurring direct deposit (ACH) to Advantage Checking Account.
  • $100 – Sign up for a SkyOne credit card online with an initial minimum spend using your card.
  • $200 – Open a Liquid Share Certificate online with a $10,000 minimum deposit.
  • $100 – Close on a new personal SkyOne loan (includes auto, motorcycle, signature, RV, boat, airplane, HELOC or mortgage loans) with Auto Pay.

There are a lot of parts to this offer, some of which require you to deposit quite a bit ($10,000 into a CD) or open a loan. If you skip those, you can still make a few hundred dollars on the other parts.

The interest rate on both accounts is minimal but the bonus kind of makes up for it. If you want higher rates, SkyOne actually works with Raisin for higher rates, especially on their CDs. The bonus is not available through Raisin though.

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(Offer expiration not shown)

Credit Human – $200 [EXPIRED]

Credit Human is an oddly named credit union that was formerly known as SACU – San Antonio Credit Union (they changed names in 2016 but were founded in 1935). They offer membership through a variety methods including through your work, school, or military service (or you can join the American Consumer Council, and Credit Human will pay that fee for you).

The bonus is a nice one, $200, when you open a checking account, register for online banking, enroll in online statements, and then use your debit card 10 times.

That’s it!

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(Offer expires 5/13/2023)

US Alliance Financial – $250 [EXPIRED]

US Alliance Financial is an NCUA insured credit union that is a cooperative, which expands its reach to across the nation. They have a $250 bonus on their MyLife Checking and MyLife Fresh Start Checking account that requires you to meet two requirements once you’ve opened an account with promocode 250CHECK23:

  • Direct deposit(s) totaling a minimum of $2000 per month must be initiated within the first 60 days of account opening and is required for (3) three consecutive months after account opening.

Then, do one of the following:

  • The qualifying account must maintain an average minimum monthly balance of at least $500. OR
  • The account must make at least 25 debit card purchase transactions per month for (3) three consecutive months, beginning within 60 days of account opening.

The $250 is credited within 30 days of meeting the criteria.

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BluPeak Credit Union- up to $300

BluPeak Credit Union started as USECU in 1936 for the benefit of San Diego’s Division of Highway employees, but has since expanded to several categories of state employees, including students, alumni, staff, and faculty of the University of California. They changed their name from USECU to BluPeak in late 2022.

It does not have any affiliated organizations you can join but the eligibility criteria is quite large – if you are a resident of California you may qualify.

To get this tiered bonus:

  1. Open a new checking account (promo code NewMover) with eStatements – get $50
  2. Set up direct deposit of at least $250 within 90 days – get $50
  3. Keep your account open for 6 months – get $100
  4. Keep your account open for 1 year – get $100

If you complete all the requirements, that’s $300.

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(Offer does not show an expiration date)

KeyPoint Credit Union – $300

KeyPoint Credit Union is a California-based credit union that got its started in 1979 as AEA Credit Union. It has now grown to 7 branches and over 63,000 members.

They have a $300 offer that is split up into a series of three bonuses:

  1. Open a new checking account with a $25 minimum deposit – get $50
  2. Gain eligibility when you join the Financial Fitness Association – KeyPoint will seamlessly arrange for your enrollment in the FFA and there is no cost to you,
  3. Set up a direct deposit of at least $1,000 within 50 days – get $200
  4. Make 40 or more purchase transactions within three months after account opening – get $50

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(Offer does not show an expiration date)

Provident Credit Union – $300

Provident Credit Union is of the largest credit unions in California and was founded in 1950 to service the California Teachers Association. It now has over 133,000 members.

To get $300, you must:

  1. Open a new account with promo code 9772 and deposit a minimum of $25 within 60 days from account opening
  2. Gain eligibility by joining any number of several dozen organizations listed here
  3. Make purchases of $400 or more using a Provident debit and/or credit card for two consecutive months, starting the month following your checking account opening
  4. Have direct deposits or automatic credits of at least $500 for two consecutive months, starting the month following your checking account opening
  5. Enroll in online banking and e-Documents with valid e-mail address

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(Offer does not show an expiration date)

Credit Union 1 – $500

CreditUnion1 started in 1958 as a credit union for personnel from Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. It has since grown and expanded through a series of mergers.

To get this bonus:

  1. Open an account with CU1 online with code CHK500. (you can also call or visit a branch)
  2. Gain eligibility through the  Credit Union 1 Educational Development Association. It’ll cost you $5 fee to join the CU1EDA plus a one time CU1 membership fee of $5. Ten bucks.
  3. Set up direct deposit of $1,000 per month for 3 months
  4. Get the $500 bonus after the three months, keep the account open for 12 months.

Word of warning – we’ve had readers report that this bonus was difficult to get AND there was a hard inquiry when they opened. Sometimes they were told to visit a branch after trying to open it online. That’s why we listed this one last, despite the high dollar amount.

👉 Learn more about this offer

(Offer expires 7/31/2023)

SECU – $250

SECU is the Maryland State Employee Credit Union and there is a $100 bonus when you:

  1. Open a SECU Total™️ Checking & Rewards account with $10,
  2. Gain eligibility by joining the SECU MD Foundation with a one time donation (no amount listed),
  3. Must set up e-statements and have at least 2 qualifying payroll Direct Deposits that total $500+ per month within 90 days of opening the account.
  4. Must keep your account in good standing for at least 60 days.

👉 Learn more about this offer

(Offer expires 10/31/2023)

Wings Financial Credit Union – $300 [EXPIRED]

Wings Financial Credit Union has several offers going on at once and it appears you can do them all. The eligibility requirements are easy to meet, you can join the Wings Financial Foundation (and Wings will pay your $5 fee) and then do the following:

  • Set up recurring direct deposit of $600 or more to your new checking account
  • Sign up for eDocuments
  • Shop with your Wings debit card – 5 debit transactions, each $25 or more

Finally, there’s a $50 Refer-a-friend checking bonus. I don’t have an account so you’ll have to find someone who does to get it (you can check our Facebook group). That one requires you to open a Share Savings Account and Checking account, enroll in eDocuments, complete a direct deposit of $300+ OR complete 5 debit card transactions of $5+.

I’ve read reports that Wings will initiate a hard inquiry when you open an account.

👉 Learn more about this offer

(Offer expires 5/31/2023)


BECU is the Boeing Employees’ Credit Union but you don’t have to work at Boeing to get $100 for opening a new account with them.

  1. Open a checking and savings account using the promo code CAREERPATH,
  2. Gain eligibility by joining KEXP with a one-time donation of $10,
  3. Then:
    1. Perform 5 or more qualifying actions from this list:
      1. Make a purchase using your BECU Debit Mastercard®
      2. Write a check or electronic check
      3. Make a payment using bill pay
    2. OR, Deposit $500 or more into your checking account.

The full details of the promotion are in this flyer but the link below takes you to the application page.

👉 Learn more about this offer

(Offer expired 12/31/2022)

*Level Up – Up to $300 Bonus Terms and Conditions 

From 1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023, PSECU is running a new member incentive bonus. To receive up to $300, new members must sign up with a promotional code and satisfy each of the requirements listed below. PSECU will deposit member incentive bonus into the Regular share within 45 days after the requirements are satisfied.  Promotion open to U.S. Residents who are 18 years of age or older at the time the account is opened. Limit one (1) new member Level Up bonus per tax identification number used to open a new PSECU account. You will not be eligible for the Level Up bonus if you are a current PSECU member, have closed an account within the past 12 months, or have received a previous new member incentive bonus within the past 12 months. Members who open accounts and/or loans by fraudulent, suspicious, or illegal means, including but not limited to providing PSECU with fraudulent or fabricated information, are not eligible to participate in this bonus offer. PSECU may adjust the deposited bonus or remove the deposited bonus at any time if PSECU suspects accounts and/or loans were opened by fraudulent, suspicious, or illegal means, including but not limited to providing PSECU with fraudulent or fabricated information. $5 is required to open and maintain a Regular share account. This $5 share deposit is also required to be eligible to receive the $300, and the member must be in good standing as defined by PSECU’s Bylaws Article II, Section 1. A $5 minimum share purchase will be made on behalf of the new member by PSECU. If the member account is closed within the first year of membership, the initial $5 share will be retained by PSECU. The Annual Percentage Yield on PSECU’s Regular share account is 0.50%. This variable rate is current as of 2.1.23 and may change. Withdrawals and fees may reduce earnings on the account. The recipient of the bonus (up to $300) is solely responsible for payment of applicable taxes on that amount. If you have any questions, please seek the advice of a qualified tax professional. All decisions of PSECU regarding this promotion are final. PSECU may terminate or change the terms and conditions of this promotion without notice.  Subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. See  to learn more.

$100 Checking Bonus Requirements  

You must be approved for savings and checking accounts, a PSECU debit card, and digital banking (online or mobile) account access and activate your debit card and log into digital banking within 30 days of establishing membership. 

$100 Direct Deposit Set Up Bonus Requirements

You must meet the requirements of the $100 Checking Bonus and establish one or more qualifying payroll direct deposit(s) that together total $200 per calendar month, within 90 days of establishing membership. Qualifying payroll direct deposits are defined as paychecks, Social Security payments, and pension payments. 

$100 Direct Deposit Bonus Requirements 

You must meet the requirements of both the $100 Checking Bonus and $100 Direct Deposit Set Up Bonus and maintain the qualifying payroll direct deposit(s) for a minimum of 90 days after the first qualifying payroll direct deposit. 

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