Invest Prudently

How to Invest in Startups & Pre-IPO Private Companies

There was a time when only the wealthiest investors could invest in startups and pre-IPO companies. But that's no longer the case. Here are eleven brokers and investment platforms that allow some type of startup and pre-IPO investing option, for regular investors. However, before you invest, make sure you understand the risks involved.

Best Index Funds for Beginners in 2023

Index funds are an excellent choice for all investors. But they're especially valuable for beginners, offering broad exposure to the financial markets while removing the guess work that's involved with picking your own individual stocks. Here are the best index ETFs and mutual funds available today.

How to Buy Treasury Bonds and Bills

Treasury bonds and bills are among the safest investments you can make, and the rates are very attractive right now. But should you buy them from the US Treasury, your bank, an online broker, or inside an investment fund? This article covers everything you need to know about buying Treasury bonds and bills.

How to Buy TikTok Stock 

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, challenging Facebook, Instagram, and other social media giants. So it's only natural that investors would want to get in on the action. Unfortunately, investing in TikTok is not as easy as using the platform.

What are the risks of index investing?

Index funds are the darling of the personal finance world but are they without risk? We look at what to consider when you invest in index funds, where they are appropriate, and what risks you should remember.

Fisher Investments Review: Hands-On Portfolio Management

Founded in 1979, Fisher Investments is a well-known investment advisory firm. But many investors are unaware of the types of services they offer and whether their money managers can improve their portfolio performance. Want to know if Fisher is right for you? Find out in this Fisher Investments review.

WiserAdvisor Review 2023: Is It Legit?

Finding a financial advisor you can trust can be challenging. Thankfully, WiserAdvisor can match you with professional advisors in their network that they have vetted in advance. The best part is that their service is free, and there's no obligation. But is WiserAdvisor a legitimate platform? Find out in this full review.

Ziggma Review: The Best Portfolio Tracker for Your Money?

If you prefer individual stocks and ETFs for your portfolio, investment research tools like Ziggma can help you find the best stocks for your portfolio. Our Ziggma review tests the various features of this stock analysis tool so you can decide if it deserves a spot in your investment toolkit.

Equitybee Review 2023: How it Works, Key Features, Pros and Cons

Many startup companies give their employees the opportunity to purchase stock options in hopes that they will one day profit. But many startup employees can't afford to exercise those options. Find out how Equitybee solves the problem by connecting startup employees with accredited investors to help them purchase their stock options.

How to Buy Dogecoin on eToro

eToro is a brokerage account that lets you invest in cryptocurrencies with a 1% fee. If you are interested in investing in Dogecoin, learn how to do so easily on eToro.

How to Buy OpenAI Stock: Can You Invest in ChatGPT?

AI might be the most impactful technology of the decade, and it's reshaping business practices in many industries. For example, ChatGPT from OpenAI is one of this year’s most-used software programs. But is it possible to buy stock in OpenAI? The short answer may be 'no', but there is a workaround.

Best Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses and Promotions

Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer sign-up bonuses to draw potential customers. Most exchanges will pay you a few dollars for completing your first trade; however, the more valuable promotions may allow you to receive up to $500 or more. Here is our list of the best crypto sign-up bonuses.

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