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Seeking Alpha Review: Are the Paid Subscriptions Worth the Cost?

Choosing the right investments is one of the most difficult parts of investing for yourself. While they won't make recommendations, Seeking Alpha can provide the information and analysis you need for success. In this Seeking Alpha review, I let you know how the platform works, and cover the essential features.

What is IPO Access?

What is IPO Access and how does it work? Ever wonder how Robinhood and other brokers get access to IPO shares? Learn how they do it and how you can take advantage.

How to Invest as a Teenager: Investing Basics for Parents and Teens

Are you a teen wondering how to invest? Or are you the parent of a teen wondering whether or not you should let your teen invest? There are many reasons why teenagers should consider investing their money. In this article, I share some investing essentials teens and their parents need to know before getting started.

Linqto Review – Is this Pre-IPO Investment Platform Legit?

Does participating in blockbuster pre-IPO stock purchases involving top-name companies seem like something only for billionaires? At one time, it was, but no more. A platform called Linqto provides fast, low-cost access to shares of rising private companies before they go public. Find out more in our Linqto review.

How to Cure Yourself of Investing FOMO

Investing FOMO is real, especially on days with a lot of volatility. But don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to do something - here's how to cure investing FOMO.

How to Invest In Pre-IPO Company Stock: Understanding the Risks and Rewards

Pre-IPO company stock is a high-risk/high reward opportunity and potentially one of the most lucrative investments you can own. It's generally only available to high-income, high asset individuals. But if you do qualify, it can be one of the best ways to spread your investment wings into unique and highly profitable opportunities.

VTSAX vs. VTI: Which Will Get You to FIRE Faster?

You’ll need the kind of returns the stock market provides to reach FIRE status. You can invest in the entire stock market through two popular funds, VTSAX and VTI. VTSAX and VTI are an easy, convenient way to get the benefit of stock market gains without the need to select individual stocks or even a collection of funds.

What is a Qualified Purchaser?

After selling my first business, I started getting interested in a lot of different investments. I was looking to build…

7 Best Self-Directed IRAs: Where to Hold Your Alternative Assets

An SDIRA is an IRA in which you can hold alternative assets, particularly physical assets, like gold bullion and real estate. You can also store other types of assets not permitted in regular IRA accounts.In this article, I'll cover what we believe to be the seven best self-directed IRAs. Or better put, the seven best self-directed IRA custodians.

Zacks Trade Review: Advanced Research and Trading All-in-One

Zacks Investment Research is relied on by thousands of investors and is frequently quoted in the financial media. But even if you’ve heard of Zacks Investment Research, you may not be aware that Zacks also offers an investment trading platform. How does it all work? We'll take a look in this Zacks Trade Review.

What Is a Meme Stock and Is It a Good Idea to Invest?

Meme stock prices are driven purely by social media hype. More specifically, individual investors use social media platforms to create a buzz around the stock, which results in a buying frenzy. Pretty soon, the stock's price no longer resembles its true value. The question is, do you buy in or choose to stay out?

What Is a Self-Directed IRA? What You Should Know Before Signing Up

A self-directed IRA is a special brokerage account that enables you to invest in assets and asset classes that are not available in conventional IRAs. For example, it’s possible to have a self-directed IRA that will allow you to hold investment real estate. But are self-directed IRAs suitable for the average investor? Find out why or why not.

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