Get Paid Early: 10 Apps That Let You Get Your Paycheck Early

Do you ever find yourself falling a few dollars short just before payday? While there are steps you can take to create a plan for your money or increase your cash flow; sometimes you just need a temporary boost.

That’s where Get Paid Early apps can help. They let you access your paycheck a couple of days in advance and offer other features to make managing your day-to-day finances easier.

In this article, I’ll cover ten apps that let you get your paycheck early and share some of the many other features they offer. Most importantly, I’ll tell you how much each app will set you back every month. Ready? Let’s get started!

Table of Contents
  1. What Are Get Paid Early Apps?
  2. 10 Get Paid Early Apps that Let You Get Your Paycheck Early
    1. Current
    2. Empower
    3. Brigit
    4. Dave
    5. Chime
    6. Axos Bank
    7. Fifth Third Bank
    8. MoneyLion
  3. Final Thoughts on Getting Paid Early

What Are Get Paid Early Apps?

The primary benefit of getting paid early apps is accessing your paycheck up to two days early via direct deposit.

Once it’s up and running, you can use a cash advance provision to access funds even earlier. The cash advance/overdraft provision is typically tied to your direct deposits. If you have a pattern of receiving one or more direct deposits on specific dates, the app can provide you with an advance or an overdraft that will be repaid when the direct deposit hits your account.

Most offer the service free of charge and with no interest. But some go even further and offer credit builder-type arrangements to help you to build or improve your credit score.

And speaking of credit scores, one of the biggest advantages of these apps is that they don’t do a credit check. That’s a major advantage since many consumers cannot open a traditional checking account because of a poor credit score or an unfavorable relationship with a previous bank. With most get-paid early banking apps, no credit check will be performed.

The application process is simple, and you can usually apply directly from your mobile device in minutes. Typical account requirements are a US residential address, a Social Security number, a smartphone, and a pattern of direct deposits.

Each financial institution will establish its own minimum direct deposit requirements. Some require as little as $200 a month while others may require over a thousand.

You should be aware that, consistent with federal law, the institution will verify your identity.

10 Get Paid Early Apps that Let You Get Your Paycheck Early


  • Account Type: Banking app and debit card + Teen accounts
  • Minimum Balance Required: None
  • ATM Access: 40,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Earn 4.00% APY; Overdraft up to $200 with no fees; Earn 15X points for cash back at select merchants; Budgeting and round up savings
  • Fees: None

Current is a bank account that offers a Visa plus no-fee overdraft protection of up to $200. And not only can you earn up to 15X cash back at select merchants, but they also offer savings with a rate of 4.00% APY. And if you have children, Current has Teen accounts.

The high-interest feature is provided through three “savings pods.” Each represents an account balance you can assign a purpose, like paying off a debt or saving money for the down payment on a new car. You can access your account anytime and earn up to $2,000 in interest per Savings Pod! Please find out more about Current Bank in our full review.

👉Learn more about Current


  • Account Type: Banking app with debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None
  • ATM Access: 37,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Cash advances up to $100; line of credit up to $1,000
  • Fees: None

Empower offers cash advances that start at $25, $50, $75, or up to $100. That comes with no interest, late fees, or credit checks. And once you have the cash advance feature in place, you can upgrade to Empower Thrive. It comes with a line of credit starting at $200 and eventually growing to $1,000 based on your on-time payments. You can enjoy a 0% APR if you pay your balance by your next paycheck date.

You get the credit line with no credit check or security deposit requirement plus it will also allow you to improve your credit. Like the other apps on this list, you can also get cash back on purchases through participating merchants.

👉Learn more about Empower


  • Account Type: Financial health app with cash advances
  • Minimum Balance Required: N/A
  • ATM Access: N/A
  • Accounts/Services/Features: $250 cash advance; financial insights
  • Fees: Free plan or Plus Plan at $9.99 per month

Brigit offers a $250 instant cash advance that you can use for short-term credit purposes, which will help you build your credit score. The service also provides insight into your spending habits to help you better manage your budget. That will include providing insight into when upcoming expenses may cause you to go into an overdraft situation. And when that happens, you can access your cash advance with an Auto Advance.

One unique feature helps increase your income by providing new opportunities for full-time and part-time jobs.

The Free plan provides insight into your spending habits and the ability to earn extra income. But the premium Plus Plan has the credit builder feature, Auto Advances, flexible repayment, and identity theft protection for up to $1 million. See our Brigit Review for all of the details.

👉Learn more about Brigit


  • Account Type: Spending Account with a debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None with a Dave Spending Account
  • ATM Access: 32,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Automatic budgeting; find a side hustle feature; cash advances
  • Fees: $1 per month for monitoring, notifications, budgeting, and maintaining the connection with your external bank account; $1 per month for cash advances

Dave offers their Dave Spending Account, which has no minimum balance requirement and waves overdraft fees. The account may need to be funded primarily with direct deposits since transfers from external accounts are limited to not more than five transfers totaling no more than $1,000 per month. But be aware Dave does not provide a high-yield account nor a credit builder feature. (here are apps like Dave)

Dave provides cash advances if you’re at risk of incurring an overdraft. You can take an advance with no interest or credit check – there is a $1 per month membership fee for the privilege. Meanwhile, Side Hustle by Dave is designed to connect you with local, flexible jobs to help you earn extra money.

👉Learn more about Dave


  • Account Type: Checking account with Visa debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None
  • ATM Access: 60,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Debit card roundups to savings; SpotMe fee-free overdrafts up to $200; high-yield savings; Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card
  • Fees: None, but “tipping” is encouraged when you use the overdraft feature

Chime offers a checking account, complete with the ability to issue checks through Chime Checkbook, even though they don’t provide physical checks. They also offer a high-yield savings account, currently paying 0.50% APY. While you can transfer funds into the savings account directly from your checking account, you can also take advantage of the debit card roundup feature to build your balance more gradually.

Chime offers its SpotMe overdraft feature. You’ll start with an overdraft limit of $20, which can gradually grow to $200 based on your history with the line. You must receive $200 or more in direct deposits in the preceding 34 days to qualify.

You can also apply for a Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa Credit Card. Though the card is secured, it does not require a security deposit. Instead, you can move money from your Chime checking account into the Credit Builder account and spend up to the amount transferred. The credit limit will depend on the number of funds in your Credit Builder account, and there is no maximum.

No credit check will be performed, but you must have a Chime checking account to qualify. There are no fees for the service, and Chime reports your payment history to all three major credit bureaus. Find out more in our Chime Credit Builder review.

👉Learn more about Chime

Chime is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC. The Chime Visa® Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Please see back of your Card for its issuing bank.

Axos Bank

  • Account Type: Essential Checking account with Visa debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None
  • ATM Access: 91,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Full-service bank offering checking, savings, high-interest savings, CDs, loans, investment options, and business banking
  • Fees: None

Axos Bank offers their Essential Checking account with Direct Deposit Express. It accepts direct deposit and will provide you with funds two days early. That includes monthly government benefits checks, tax refunds, and payroll checks. 

Axos Bank also runs promotions from time to time so you can get a little extra cash for opening an account.

No minimum amount is required to open an account and no ongoing minimum account balance requirement. Axos Bank doesn’t have a monthly fee, overdraft, or nonsufficient funds fees. The account comes with a Visa debit card. The bank offers the largest fee-free ATM network, with 91,000 locations.

👉Learn more about Axos Bank

Fifth Third Bank

  • Account Type: Momentum Checking account with debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None
  • ATM Access: 50,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Extra Time to avoid overdraft fees;
  • Fees: None

Fifth Third Bank offers their Momentum Checking Account, which offers early direct deposits on your paycheck as well as early deposits on all types of direct deposits, including those from gig work, pensions, and child support. And there’s no additional fee for the service. The account comes with a contactless debit card, complete with zero liability to protect you from unauthorized purchases.

To protect you against overdrafts, Fifth Third offers their Extra Time feature. If you overdraw your account, you can make a deposit anytime before midnight Eastern on the business day after your account was overdrawn. If that brings your account up to at least a zero balance, no overdraft fees will apply. 

They also offer MyAdvance, which can provide you with a cash advance of up to $1,000 against an upcoming direct deposit. Repayment will be deducted when the direct deposit arrives in your account. No credit check is required for eligibility.

👉Learn more about Fifth Third Bank


  • Account Type: Mobile banking app with debit card
  • Minimum Balance Required: None, but $5 to begin managed investing
  • ATM Access: 55,000+ fee-free ATMs
  • Accounts/Services/Features: Cash advances up to $250; credit builder loan up to $1,000; MoneyLion Crypto; Managed investment account; roundups; cashback rewards; budgeting and financial tracking
  • Fees: $1 per month for RoarMoney account; 3% foreign transaction fee; $2.50 per paper check; Managed Investment Account at $1 to $5 per month, based on account balance

MoneyLion starts with the RoarMoney account and offers a managed investment account and a credit-builder account. They also provide a debit card with cash-back rewards and savings roundups. And if you’re looking to improve your credit, you can apply for a loan of up to $1,000 through the credit builder program. They report all three major credit bureaus so you can build your credit score with on-time payments.

Unlike other banking apps on this list, MoneyLion is a premium service with fees. RoarMoney charges a $1 monthly fee, foreign transaction fees, and a $2.50 charge for issuing paper checks. Instant cash advances of up to $100 are available with fees of $0.99 to $5.99 per advance. They charge between $1 and $5 per month for the managed investment account. And the Credit Builder Plus account has a fee of $19.99 per month.

Final Thoughts on Getting Paid Early

If you’re struggling to make ends meet between paychecks, your main goal should be to either reduce your expenses, increase your income, or both. But improving your finances takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime, Get Paid Early apps like Albert, Current, or Dave can make it easier to manage your funds while making banking more convenient. And in my mind, there isn’t a clear #1. The best choice is the one that checks most of the boxes for you.

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