Managing Your Money

When it comes to managing my money, building the right system has saved me time, headache, and stress when it comes to knowing what to do.

Whether it's drawing a simple financial map to managing our net Worth Excel spreadsheet – having the right system is key.

I didn't happen upon our system by accident. It has been an evolution over years and continues to grow as our financial lives grow.

The resources below can help you build your own financial system to help you better manage your money.

Building Your Financial System

Drawing Your Financial Map

At one point, I once had over a dozen checking accounts. (which is too many bank accounts) I was doing…

Keep Track of Your Finances

How We Track Our Net Worth

There are a lot of tools out there to help you track your finances. Most arrived after I started working…

Managing Your Money:

How Do Credit Builder Services Work and Are They Legit? 

If you struggle with poor credit or are new to credit, you may have heard of credit builder services as a way to improve your credit score. In this article, I explain how credit builder services work, share some examples of companies to consider, and some credit builder alternatives.

How ATM Withdrawal Limits Work: What You Need to Know

When you open an account with a new bank, you want to know your ATM and debit card limits. After all, no one wants to discover that they've exceeded their debit card limit when trying to pay for a cart full of groceries. Here are the bank card limits from several major banks.

HMBradley Review: Is HMBradley a Good Bank?

Neobanks and financial technology companies (fintechs) are becoming increasingly popular by making banking easier and more accessible for a broader audience of consumers. In this HMBradley review, I'll cover everything you need to know, so you can decide if you should take advantage of HM Bradley’s banking benefits. 

Get Paid Early: 10 Apps That Let You Get Your Paycheck Early

Do you ever find yourself falling a few dollars short just before payday?
Sometimes you just need a temporary boost. That’s where Get Paid Early apps can help. They let you access your paycheck a couple of days in advance and offer other features to make managing your day-to-day finances easier.

Where to Get a Free Turkey for Thanksgiving in 2022 (Ibotta Deal Is Back!)

With grocery prices at sky high levels, people everywhere are searching for ways to beat inflation. If you're looking for a free turkey this Thanksgiving, whether due to budget constraints or you are just trying to be frugal, there are several options. Here are 10 ways you can get a free Thanksgiving turkey in your area.

Best Net Worth Calculators: Net Worth Tracking Made Easy

Do you keep track of your net worth and how it changes over time? Many different apps offer features that calculate and track your net worth. Some cost money, but there are free apps you can use, too. To help you choose the right net worth calculator, I’ve compiled a list of the best ones available today.

Best Credit Builder Loans: What You Need to Know

There are two traditional ways to build credit - make payments on a credit card, or loan. But neither of these options build credit without debt. So if you don’t feel like buying something you don’t need right now, a credit builder loan lets you receive your loan proceeds back at the end of the repayment term.

5 Money in Excel Alternatives

If you love budgeting spreadsheets, there's a good chance you've heard of Money in Excel. Unfortunately, Microsoft will no longer support the program after June 30, 2023. If you're a current user, it might be time to consider replacement budget software. This article covers five Money in Excel alternatives you may want to try.

10 Online Banks Like Chime: Which One Is Best for You?

At 10 million members strong, Chime is a hugely popular online bank. But other fintech companies and digital banks offer similar products and features. How do you know which is best suited for you? Here are 10 online banks, like Chime, for you to consider.

Monarch Money Review: Create a Plan for Your Money

Are you looking for a financial app that can track banking accounts, help you budget, and suggest ways to improve your finances? Monarch Money is a popular budgeting app that can monitor your financial progress and make it easier to plan for the future. This Monarch Money review covers the various financial tools available to you.

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