How to Get Free Bitcoin – Bonuses & Promotions You Didn’t Know About

When bitcoin first started, people gave them away because they were worth very little. Believers in the cryptocurrency wanted more people to have bitcoin because wider adoption meant it was more likely to succeed. They called them bitcoin faucets because the coins just came out like water from a faucet.

Nowadays, faucets are just a fun trip down memory lane and the ones that claim to be faucets are usually scams.

There are, however, still ways you can pick up some bitcoin.

This is not a list of ways to earn bitcoin by playing games or performing tasks (many of those are using your computer to mine crypto… and giving you a smaller piece) – these are offers that will give you bitcoin just for signing up. They are offered by financial companies or cryptocurrency exchanges who are willing to give you those bitcoins in return for your business.

While the bitcoin may be “free,” some may require you to make a deposit. So in that sense, it’s not something for nothing. You won’t just get bitcoin for free – you’ll have to make a commitment as well. But what you deposit is still yours, so the coins themselves are free.

When I looked, there were only a handful of ways to get free Bitcoins and the ones I list below are all legitimate:

Table of Contents
  1. Coinbase – Varies
  2. BlockFi — up to $250
  3. SoFi Money – $100
  4. SoFi Invest – $50
  5. Coinbase – $5
  6. Robinhood – Free share of stock worth up to $200
  7. Unifimoney – up to $1,000 in BTC

Coinbase – Varies

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is free to use and a place you can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. One of the fun aspects of the platform is that new cryptocurrencies will often give you free coins just for learning more about them.

All it takes is for you to have an account and watch a series of videos about the cryptocurrency. These are often a series of very short videos for a few dollars worth of the cryptocurrency. But since it’s free, it’s a great way to learn about new currencies (even if they don’t end up being valuable) and get free money.

Learn more about Coinbase

BlockFi — up to $250

BlockFi Logo

BlockFi is a platform that offers bank-like services but with cryptocurrencies (they list Winklevoss Capital, Fidelity Investments, and coinbase as their investors). They offer a high-yield interest account, a trading account, as well as crypo-backed loans. Also, since the account is in cryptocurrency and not cash, it’s not back by any government entity (so no FDIC/SIPC type of insurance).

When you make a deposit, what you get is USDC, which is a USD Coin. USD Coin is what’s known as a “stablecoin,” where the value is pegged to the dollar. If you’re comfortable with all these caveats, they are offering a promotion of up to $250 in USDC based on this schedule:

  • Deposit $100 – $1,499, get $15.
  • Deposit $1,500 – $19,999, get $20.
  • Deposit $20,000 – $39,999, get $40.
  • Deposit $40,000 – $74,999, get $75.
  • Deposit $75,000 – $99,999, get $100.
  • Deposit $100,000+, get $250.

Here’s our full review of BlockFi if you want to learn more first.

Learn more about BlockFi

SoFi Money – $100

SoFi is best known for their student loan products but they have a cash management account called SoFi Money. It currently yields 0.25% APY, which is meh, but they also have a new account offer.

When you open an account, they will give you $100 if you have $1,000 or more in total direct deposit transactions within any consecutive 30-day window by 12/31/21. It’s super easy and the account has no fees.

You can use this free money with SoFi Invest, below, to get bitcoin.

Learn more about SoFi Money

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SoFi Invest – $50

Now that you have a SoFi Money account, you can open a SoFi Invest account and get $50 worth of stock when you fund it with at least $1,000. There no other requirement and trades are free.

So, sign up for SoFi Invest with a referral link, deposit $1,000, collect your free fifty bucks in stock. You can then sell the stock and use the proceeds to buy crypto. There are no transaction fees for the buying and selling of stock on SoFi Invest.

You can trade cryptocurrencies with SoFi Invest and they even have a promotion where they will give you $25 in Bitcoin when you make your first crypto trade of $10 or more. Trading crypto has no “fee” but they do charge a markup of 1.25% on each trade.

Learn more about SoFi Money

Coinbase – $5

It’s not a lot but Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto platforms so having an account here makes a lot of sense. You just need to open an account and the $5 in bitcoin is yours.

Also, from time to time, you can earn small amounts of other cryptocurrencies just be watching a few videos.

Not a lot but no headaches!

Learn more about Coinbase

Robinhood – Free share of stock worth up to $200

Robinhood changed the brokerage game when they offered a brokerage app with commission-free trades. They make money off the order flow of their customers but for the average investor, that’s irrelevant. They will also give you a free share of stock when you sign up – it’ll be worth anywhere from $2.50 to $200+ (if you’re really lucky).

You have a 1 in 80 chance of getting Visa, Microsoft, or Apple. It’s not common but it’s also not extremely rare.

Robinhood also offers cryptocurrencies so you can sign up so when you get your free stock, sell it, and then buy whatever crypto you want. Robinhood is completely safe to use.

Get free stock from Robinhood

Unifimoney – up to $1,000 in BTC

Unifimoney is a digital money management platform that allows you to invest in a variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies. They have a self-management investment offering as well as a Robo Advisory platform if you’re interested in public markets but their appeal lies in their access to cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

They will give you a deposit bonus when you open an account and deposit at least $1,000 within 14 days of opening your account in the form of Bitcoin. You must keep that money in your account for 30 or 90 days, depending on the amount of the bonus.

This is the bonus schedule:

  • Deposit $1,000 – $9,999 and get $25 in bitcoin. Must hold for 30 days.
  • Deposit $10,000 – $19,999 and get $100 in bitcoin. Must hold for 30 days.
  • Deposit $20,000 – $49,999 and get $250 in bitcoin. Must hold for 90 days.
  • Deposit $50,000 – $99,999 and get $500 in bitcoin. Must hold for 90 days.
  • Deposit $100,000 or more and get $1,000 in bitcoin. Must hold for 90 days.

Get free bitcoin from Unifimoney

These are the reputable sources we’ve found so far (that don’t require a transaction) – we will add to this list whenever we learn of others.

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