12 Best Custodial Accounts for Kids Under 18

Opening a custodial bank account for your child can help you teach them smart money habits. The best custodial accounts are packed with features to help you do that. But how do custodial accounts work, and which one is best suited for your child? This article will cover 12 of the best custodial accounts for kids under 18.

What Is Coast FIRE? Save Early, then Relax

Coast FIRE is one of the more interesting versions of FIRE, aka Financial Independence, Retire Early. With Coast FIRE, you build a portfolio early in life that can grow enough to fund your retirement, then live your life - or coast - until the big day arrives. That’s where this FIRE flavor gets its name.

How to Buy, Gift, or Give Stocks to Kids

Buying company stock as a Christmas or birthday gift for your child won’t match the sizzle of some hot new toy. But the gift of stock is an opportunity to change the child’s future direction. If they don’t “get it” now, they almost certainly will in a few years.

11 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers

While most people don't get into plasma donation for the money, you can make money doing it. In fact, plasma donation is one of the more flexible side hustles out there. Not only can you make some extra money as a donor, but you can also schedule appointments around your daily life.

15 Best Stock Trading Apps: Free Stock and ETF Trades, Crypto, and More

The best stock trading apps offer commission-free trading and a wide investment selection. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s worth your time and effort to do the proper research and choose the app with features best suited to your investment and research strategy. This guide will help you do just that.

How to Invest In Art: Is this Alternative Investment Right for You?

Art is finite, meaning, there's only one original piece that's created. If several people want it, it creates a supply and demand problem and the value of that art goes up. Because of this simple truth, you can make money by investing in art. Here are a few ways to do it.

GetUpside Review: Cash Rewards with Everyday Purchases

If you’re concerned about saving money - and who isn’t - GetUpside is an app that enables you to take advantage of cash rewards offers available with gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. The company advertises cash back rewards as high as $0.25 per gallon on gas and 45% on other purchases. Find out more in our GetUpside review.

How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?

If you’ve never been a regular saver but you’ve decided that now is the time, you may be wondering how much money you should save each month? This article explores two of the most common savings strategies. The one you choose will depend upon how much you need to save and how quickly you need to do it.

42 Fun Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well in 2022

There are two big perks to finding fun jobs that pay well: making money and having fun. The problem is that too many people spend years working jobs they genuinely dislike for companies that treat them poorly. Here are 42 fun jobs that can also help you pay the bills.

What Happens if You Don’t File Your Taxes?

It’s common knowledge that you can be audited if you lie on your tax return, but what happens when you don’t pay your taxes? Will the IRS realize one missing tax return of the 195 million returns filed each year? While it’s possible to sneak below the radar, there can be stiff financial and legal penalties.

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