What Is a 609 Letter and How to File a Credit Report Dispute

Credit repair companies tout the 609 letter as a way to help you repair or your credit, and they charge a lot of money to write them on your behalf. But what is a 609 letter and is it even worth it? Find out how 609 letters work and how to file a credit report dispute yourself.

23 Best Stock Shareholder Perks: Free Chocolate, Cruise Ship Credits, And More 

When you purchase shares in a publicly-traded company, the last thing on your mind is probably whether the company offers shareholder perks, aside from dividend payments, that is. But many companies do offer shareholders a little something extra. Here are the best stock shareholder picks we could find. Some of them are quite generous.

Why I Love Dividend Investing

I love dividend investing even though it's not the optimal way to invest for the long term. I love it for the cashflow (as income insurance), stability, and more.

Oxford Communiqué Review 2023: Is it Worth It?

Investment newsletters give average investors access to world-class investment advice from top experts. But are they worth the cost? Some subscriptions can run into the hundreds of dollars. In this Oxford Communiqué review, we look at one of the most affordable newsletters available today, and let you know if it's worth the price, and who it's best suited for.

Otto Insurance Review: Is it Legit?

Otto Insurance is an online insurance aggregator that uses your personal information to match you with insurance companies that can offer you free quotes. But Otto is a fairly new company, so you may wonder if it's a legit place to look for an insurance policy. Find out in this Otto Insurance Review.

PeerStreet Alternatives: Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

PeerStreet, the popular real estate crowdfunding platform, filed for bankruptcy in June 2023. Thankfully, several similar platforms accept accredited and non-accredited investors, allowing you to invest in residential and commercial real estate. Here are 8 PeerStreet alternatives worth considering.

How to Get Paid to Read Books

Reading is a wonderful pastime, but did you know it can be profitable, too? This post includes a list of 10 websites that will pay you for reading books and writing insightful reviews. Check it out and find out how to turn your reading hobby into a side hustle.

Oxford Income Letter Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

The best investment newsletters are packed with valuable insight and helpful features, such as market news, analyst recommendations, and model portfolios. But all of that advice comes at a cost. In this Oxford Income Letter review, I cover one of the most popular investment newsletters, letting you know what it offers and who it's best suited for.

Should College Be Free?

What if you could snap your fingers and make college free? Would it be a good idea? We look at the Pros and Cons of free college for all.

Venmo Credit Card Review: Earn Up to 3% Cash Back

Venmo is a digital wallet that allows you to spend and transfer money between friends and family members from one app. But Venmo also has a cash back credit card offering rewards of up to 3%. Find out how it works in this Venmo Credit Card review.

EquityMultiple Review: Commercial Real Estate Investing

EquityMultiple is a crowdfunded investment platform that provides accredited investors with commercial real estate investing opportunities. It stands out for having a low minimum investment requirement and dedicated support team. But is EquityMultiple right for you, and if not, what are some reasonable alternatives. Find out in this EquityMultiple Review.

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