Best 12-Month CD Rates – 5.01% APY (March 2023)

Certificates of deposit are a reliable way to earn a higher rate of interest and the 12-month term is a sweet spot for a higher rate but shorter term. This way you can get yield without locking up your funds for a long period of time.

Best Mvelopes Alternatives: 7 Apps for Envelope Budgeters

For years, Mvelopes has been one of the more popular envelope budgeting apps. Sadly, the company is closing down permanently on December 29, 2022, after 21 years of service. To help you in your search for a new budgeting app, here is a list of seven Mvelopes alternatives.

Best National Banks in 2023

If you're going to opening a new bank account, you're probably considering a national bank with a huge geographic reach. We look at the best national banks in the United States, which ones offer big ne account bonuses, compare their size, satisfaction, and interest rates to find the best one for you.

CreditFresh Review: Quick Credit Approvals But Is it Worth the Cost?

CreditFresh offers a line of credit that allows you to make on-demand withdrawals. It’s possible to qualify for a borrowing limit between $500 and $5,000 while avoiding hidden fees. This CreditFresh review covers the strengths and weaknesses of this borrowing option and whether this is the best way to borrow money.

Zelle Pay Limits: Daily and Monthly Limits for Your Bank

Zelle has become a popular way to send money to family and friends directly from your bank account. But did you know that Zelle limits vary from one financial institution to another? In this article, I share the maximum daily and monthly Zelle limits for 15 major banks and one large credit union.

Best Cash Back Debit Cards: Earn Rewards without a Credit Card

It’s always a nice perk to earn cash back on purchases. But for years, cash back rewards were limited to credit cards. Nowadays, cash back debit cards offer the same benefits as cash back credit cards, without the risk of taking on high-interest debt. Here is our list of the best cash back debit cards.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) 101: Simple Guide for Beginners

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, have become incredibly popular Consider the explosive growth of this category of investment funds. In fact, they held more than $7 trillion as of 2021. But what is an ETF, why are they so popular, and how are they different from mutual funds? In this article, we take a closer look at ETFs

Where to Buy Powerball Tickets for the Next Big Draw

With Powerball jackpots of over $1 billion, many people are purchasing lottery tickets for a chance at riches. Merchants near you may or may not sell tickets, including gas stations and grocery stores. So instead of wasting a trip to a non-participating retailer, we'll show you where to buy Powerball tickets before the next big draw.

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