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What is a Voided Check?

When I first started working, I remember the HR director ask me for a “voided check.” It sounds silly when I think back on it because the answer is right in the name. But at the time, it confused me so I asked him – it’s just a personal check except I write “VOID” on […]

The Simple Magic of Investing in a Three-Fund Portfolio

Occam’s Razor is the idea that the simpler solution is more likely to be correct than complex solutions. In investing, Occam’s Razor is right. Simple is better. And in this case, simple means a handful of passively managed index funds. Over the long run, index investing has beaten actively managed funds as well as hedge […]

Bestow: Fast Life Insurance Policies with up to $1,000,000 Coverage

One of the obstacles to purchasing life insurance is the application process. With traditional life insurance, you sit with a life insurance agent, who asks a series of deep and often uncomfortable questions as part of an application process that seems to take forever. Then you may have to wait weeks for an approval, and […]

Target REDcard Review – 5% Discounts with No Annual Fee

99.999% of the time – if a cashier asks you if want to open their store’s credit card, you should say no. They’re usually a bad deal. And normally we don’t get excited about retailer cards because they aren’t great deals. They may give you 10% off your purchase or a gift card, but the […]

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