50 Best Gifts For $100 and Under

Are you searching for a great gift for under $100? Of course, you could spend hours browsing the unending number of online stores for the perfect gift. 

Or you could use our list and find a unique gift idea for nearly every person in your life on just one page. We’ve got something here for every gift recipient you might be thinking of, from your sibling to your neighbor to your favorite furbaby.

Best Clothing Gifts

1. Unisex Beanie With Rechargeable Headlamp

This Etsfmoa Beanie With a Rechargeable Headlamp is the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time outside in the dark.

The LED light offers up to 8 hours of light on a single charge, and the acrylic knit cap comes in nearly 40 different colors and designs.

Best for: The outdoors lover in your life

2. Merino Wool Socks

If your gift recipient lives in a climate that can get cold, they’ll love this 5-pack of Merino wool blend socks.

The color scheme of the socks goes with just about anything. Use them for skiing, camping, hunting, or just keeping warm on a cold evening. Choose one size down when buying for women, as the sizing is created for men. 

Best for: The gift recipient with constantly cold tootsies

3. Climate Friendly Fleece Robe

The American Soft Linen fleece robe is soft and cushy, and boasts an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 rating, which requires minimal chemical use in fabrics and minimal environmental harm. 

It comes with an adjustable waist belt and is available in several different color choices. Machine wash.

Best for: Anyone who enjoys being comfy and cozy after a long day

4. The Real Boss Sweatshirts

If you’re looking for a couple’s gift, you might want to check out this Real Boss sweatshirt set by Wild Bobby. 

The only difficulty you may (or may not) have is determining which size belongs to the “real” boss. It’s a cotton blend, available in dozens of size combinations for both partners. 

Best for: The couple with a sense of humor

5. Unisex Heated Vest

The PROSmart heated polar fleece vest helps you stay extra warm during winter. The vest has three heat settings: low, medium, and high.

Recharge with the USB port up to 800 times, with a battery life of up to 10 hours. The vest is machine washable. 

Best for: The winter-loving outdoors person

Best Relaxation Gifts

6. Eye Massaging Mask

The Lameven Eye Massager is a gentle, heated eye massager that comes with Bluetooth music. 

This mask is designed to improve eye dryness, fatigue, and sleep, and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. 

Use the accompanying music, or connect to a phone and choose your own music. Available in several different colors

Best for: Those who get a lot of screen time

7. Tea Tree Bath Set

Lovery’s Tea Tree Bath Set provides a holistic spa experience at home. The set includes shower gel, body scrub, bubble bath, shampoo, tea tree oil, bath salts, and other spa-related items.

Made with all-natural ingredients, all products are 100% paraben and cruelty-free. Other sets are available. All sets from Lovery come pre-packaged, so no additional gift wrapping is needed.

Best for: The holistic-loving gift recipient 

8. Light Therapy Lamp

The Verilux HappyLight Luxe Therapy Lamp is a great gift for those who live in climates with long winters. 

The lack of sunny days can be tough on stress levels, and light therapy lamps can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and more. 

It has a timer and settings to adjust brightness, color hue, and more. 

Best for: The gift recipient that needs a dose of summer sunshine all year around

9. Back and Neck Massager

The RESTECK Back and Neck Massager with Heat is a shiatsu massager that provides deep tissue massage on the go, at work, or home.

Choose from several settings to find your maximum comfort for the need at the time. Leather carrying case included. Works with both a wall adapter and a car adapter.

Best for: The ultra-busy gift recipient  

10. Foot Massaging Machine

Snailax’s Foot Massaging Machine can soothe tootsies with heat, compression, vibration, massage, and more. 

Choose from several settings to help wash away stress and comfort sore, aching feet. Improves circulation as well. Foot sleeves are removable and machine washable. 

Best for: The “on my feet all day” gift recipient

Best Gifts For Your Partner

11. Challenging Adventures

Looking to take your relationship to the next level? Give your partner the Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition workbook. 

Together, you and your partner can take on challenges such as making a pie together. But don’t cringe just yet: This is baking in a way you’ve never done before. Each challenge is created to bring laughter, love, and bonding to your relationship.

Best for: Couples who desire to live by the mantra “It only gets better”

12. Classes From a Master

Give your partner the gift of learning with a membership to Masterclass. Masterclass classes offer expert teaching in cooking, music, gaming, wellness, and more, all taught by recognizable professionals.

Learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay, songwriting from John Legend, or how to write a novel from James Patterson.

The membership fees start at just $10 a month, and there’s a free trial period as well.

Best for: The self-improvement aficionado 

13. Custom Drawing

How about giving your spouse a custom drawing of your favorite bar, restaurant, or cafe? Maybe it’s a drawing of the place you first met.

Or of your go-to date night restaurant or bar. You choose the business, upload a photo of it, and wait for your custom, frameable drawing to arrive in the mail. 

Best for: The hopeless romantic

14. Annual Parks Pass

The National Parks Service offers an annual park pass for just $80. This pass gives you a year to explore any national park in the United States. 

Special discounts for seniors, military members, and more. Passes cover pass owners and all vehicle occupants at parks that charge per vehicle or pass owners, three adults (age 16 and up), and parks that charge per person.

Best for: The nature-loving partner

15. Custom Couples Painting

If you’re artistic, you might consider this gift for your partner: A custom paint-by-number painting you create yourself.

Send a photo of you and your partner, and you’ll receive a paint-by-number kit. Complete the painting, put it in a frame, and wrap it up for your partner.

Or if your partner is the artist, you can wrap it up and have them complete the painting. Several sizes to choose from. Available with or without a frame.

Best for: The artistic couple

Best Gifts For Kids

16. Animal-Shaped Body Pillow

These super soft plush body pillows come in various animal likenesses, from cow to goat to cat. 

Available in several color schemes and sizes as well. This could be a good comfort toy for kids of all ages.

Best for: Kids of all ages

17. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

The Cubitt Jr. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Kids and Teens includes a step counter, heart rate monitor, games, and an activity tracker.

It also includes “good habits” alarms to remind kids to brush their teeth, do their homework, and more. 

This smartwatch has a battery life of 5-7 days and is available in several different colors. It also has text and call capabilities and parental lock controls. 

Best for: Kids aged five and up

18. All-Ages Card Game

Looking for a card game that’s fast-moving and good for all ages? Consider giving Taco Vs. Burrito as a gift. 

This fun and strategic game is geared toward kids aged six and up and was created by a 7-year-old. 

Build the most valuable meal to be declared the winner. Action cards can help you take cards from other players or increase your hand’s point value. 

Best for: Game-loving kids

19. LED Kids Microscope

Your science-loving kid will appreciate this LED Kids Microscope by National Geographic. The beginner set includes prepared slides, blank slides, tweezers, petri dishes, and more. Examine the prepared slides or create and examine your own slides using items you find outside or in the house.

Includes 10x and 25x lenses, STEM learning guide, and brine shrimp hatchery station. Manufacturer-recommended age of 8 years and up.

Best for: The science aficionado gift recipient

20. Weighted Blanket

Nothing soothes like a weighted blanket. The MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids comes in six sizes/weights and five colors. 

Sewn with small pockets to keep beads in place. Made with super soft Minky polyester, machine washable in cold water. 

Best for: Any child who likes to be calmed and comforted

21. One-of-a-kind cheeseboard

This uniquely designed cheeseboard from Lynn & Liana is available in 10 different designs. Its combination of Acacia hardwood and a non-toxic faux marble epoxy makes it perfect for displaying at gatherings and uber-functional at the same time.

The specialized resin epoxy dip means no two boards will look the same.

Best for: The frequent entertainer

22. Under the Cabinet Jar Opener

The Yashion Under Cabinet Jar Opener opens those super-tight jar lids. As a 50-something gal, I need gadgets like this more and more.

This particular model works on everything from pill bottles to large jars. Comes with an anti-slip mat.

Best for: Anyone who needs a hand opening jars

23. Food Vacuum Sealer

Maybe I’m too much of a personal finance nerd, but with grocery prices rising, I must add this Potane Food Vacuum Sealer to the list. 

Vacuum sealers are great for helping food to last up to five times longer. Great for buying meats and other items in bulk and then separating and vacuum sealing into smaller servings.

This particular model has four different operating modes for different types of food, two rolls of bags, and a compact design for easy storage.

Looking for more money-saving tips? Check out our article on ways to save hundreds on your grocery bill

Best for: The frugal foodie

24. Ceramic-Coated Pot and Pan Set

With all the talk about Teflon and associated health dangers, ceramic-coated pots and pans are increasing in popularity. 

This Gotham 12-piece Nonstick Ceramic Coated Pot and Pan set provides a safe way to cook on nonstick surfaces.

The set is made with steel, has stay-cool handles, is 100% PFOA free, is dishwasher safe, and will not warp. 

Comes with three pans, three pots (including a Dutch oven), coordinating lids, and a strainer insert for easy draining of foods. 

Best for: The health-conscious cook

25. Cocktail Smoker Kit

The Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit has everything you need to add a smoky flavor to whiskey and bourbon. 

This kit has an oak smoker, a refillable torch, butane, stainless steel screens, wood chips, and four flavors, including cherry, apple, and hickory.

There are three other kits to choose from, including one with no butane. Works with both smaller and larger cocktail glasses.

Best for: The whiskey and bourbon lover on your gift list

Best Gifts For Furbabies

26. Luxury Spa Basket

Yes, they make spa baskets for your pets. The LunaMarie store has Luxury Spa Gift Baskets for dogs of all sizes. 

This basket includes a bandana, paw balm, two squeaky toys, organic bath items, and more. It’s a great gift to help promote pet/owner bonding and to spoil your canine family member. 

Best for: The pet lover who wants their pet to get some extra pampering

27. Puppy Starter Kit

If you’re giving the gift of a puppy to someone close to you or know someone who’s getting a puppy, this Lobeve Puppy Essential Starter Kit could make a great gift. 

The kit includes food and water dishes, portable water dish, leashes, doggy clean-up bags, toys, grooming tools, and more. Made with safe materials. 

Best for: New puppy parents

28. Luxury Dog House

The GIYZOKNI 2-Tier Wooden Dog House is perfect for spoiling your pup inside or giving them shelter and fun outside. 

The lower level provides safety and shelter, and the ramp leads to a balcony so your canine friend can be on the lookout for anything amiss. 

Best for: Dogs (or cats) craving a place of their own

29. Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for Pets

The JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed will give your dog (or cat) a plush place to relax or sleep. The memory foam interior conforms to your pet’s shape and size.

It comes with a non-skid bottom, removable, washable cover, and is available in several different sizes.

Best for: Pets who need extra comfort when resting

30. Vehicle Seat Cover With Hammock

The 4KNines Car/SUV Waterproof Seat Cover is a great gift for those who take their pets on the road. 

This cover is designed to allow access to seat belts and latches. The non-slip, waterproof material keeps your vehicle clean and safe from accidents. Durable, colorfast, wipe down, or machine wash.

Best for: The traveling pet

Best Gifts For Tech Lovers

31. Cell Phone Stand With Bluetooth Speaker

The JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers adjustable angle viewing, a non-slip base, and powerful sound with an enhanced bass.

It works with many different portable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, and comes in several colors. 

Best for: The on-the-go streamer

32. Carry-On Travel Backpack

This Lumesner Carry-On Travel Backpack might not seem like a techy item. But since it’s designed with the perfect carry-on size, and includes a USB port for charging your phone on the go, and includes a laptop-sized case, we think it fits perfectly in the tech section.

The backpack includes several packing “cubes” to help with organization and comes in five different colors.

Best for: The consummate traveler

33. Power Bank Solar Charger

The Mregb Power Bank Solar Charger is compatible with all USB devices and has two output charging ports. It also comes with a super-bright LED, long-range flashlight.

This charger includes a power bank that has a charging capacity of 42800mAh. Chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof. 

Best for: The avid outdoors person

34. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This DeWalt wearable bluetooth speaker is a tiny portable speaker that radiates a powerful sound. The attached clip means you can hang it just about anywhere, whether on your belt buckle, shirt, or tool belt.

It only weighs two ounces, but you’ll be surprised by the quality and the volume of sound it produces. It’s dust and water-resistant. 

Best for: Movers and shakers

35. Outdoor Tiki Lamp Bluetooth Speakers

These Xpoovv Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers (2-pack) give a tiki lamp feel as they light up your yard and provide great sound. Use as backyard decor, for camping, for indoor decor. Etc. 

Includes steaks, poles, and a hanging hook for multiple decorating options. The waterproof design can withstand light rain, spills, or splashes. 

Best for: The creative home decorator 

Best Gifts For Workout Fanatics

36. Workout Wall Art

Artbrush Tower’s Barbell Wall Art photo set is perfect for motivation in the home gym or hanging in the office or bedroom of your fitness fanatic gift recipient. 

The print set contains five photos, all mounted on wood frames, and is a high-quality canvas print processed with giclee printing processes, offering incredible attention to detail. Ready to hang with hooks already mounted. Choose from two different designs.

Best for: The workout fanatic that appreciates fine art 

37. Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

This Heavy Duty Resistance Band Set by WOQQW isn’t your mama’s resistance band set. Discard those visions of resistance band workouts for the wimpy.

This set includes bands that boast between 30 and 85 pounds of resistance each, for a total resistance weight of 350 pounds. 

The set includes ankle straps, door anchors, and more. Use the bands alone or stack them for an extra challenge.

Best for: The athlete looking to do some serious bulking up

38. The Essential Gym Bag

Carhartt’s Essential Duffel bag is a heavy-duty bag that’s great for the gym and other purposes such as work or travel.

Designed with a large main compartment, an interior zipped pocket, top and side handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a reinforced base and is water-resistant.

Comes in three different colors and three different sizes.

Best for: The gym rat who wants a longstanding gym bag

39. Acupressure Mat

The Ajna Eco Luxe Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set offers a great way to wind down after a workout. 

Acupressure mats are said to reduce stress, detoxify the body, improve skin’s elasticity, and improve circulation. This particular design offers over 7000 spikes and is made with organic linen. 

Other models are available. It comes with a bag for carrying and storage.

Best for: The athlete that craves finding their Zen

40. On-The-Go Cardio

The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper provides a low-impact cardio workout at home or when you’re on the go. 

The system’s state-of-the-art hydraulic drive ensures smooth, consistent performance and quiet operation. 

Resistance bands are included for a whole body workout, and it comes with an LCD monitor to track steps, time, and caloric burn. Both the height and intensity of the workout are adjustable. 

Three different models are available.

Best for: The on-the-go athlete

Best Gifts For Foodies

41. Assorted Truffles

Milk Bar’s Assorted Truffle Box contains 18 assorted cake truffles from Milk Bar’s signature collection.

If you’re unfamiliar, Milk Bar is known for creating sweet treats with a twist. Not sure your gift recipient is into truffles? 

Milk bar sells a variety of sweet treats, including cookies, cakes, and more. The site even sells cookbooks. They’ve got gluten-free treats available as well.

Best for: Your sweet-loving gift recipient who appreciates something different

42. Ice Cream Six Pack

Jeni’s Ice Cream offers a Grand Holiday Collection that includes six flavors of Jeni’s Ice Cream, including a dairy-free selection.

Flavors include Boozy Egg Nog, Brambleberry Crisp, and Gooey Butter Cake. Other gift packs are available as well. 

Jeni’s Ice Cream is a certified B corporation, which means it excels in environmental and social accountability. Guaranteed frozen delivery.

Best for: The socially conscious sweet lover

43. The Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Set

The California Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Crate comes with meats, cheeses, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, crackers, and more. 

This snack set has options for almost every dietary need and is the perfect combination of snacks for any gathering. Weighing in at four pounds, it’ll feed several people for your gift recipient’s next party or gathering. 

The gift basket shown here is an Amazon Choice bestseller. 

Best for: The protein-lover in your life

44. Pretzels and Waffles Galore

Eastern Standard Provisions’ Keep Calm and Pretzel On Gift Box contains a variety of artisan-crafted soft pretzels and Belgian waffles to satisfy all of your carb cravings. 

This box also comes with gourmet-blended salts and sugars and artisanal sauces to add a punch of flavor to your waffles and pretzels. 

Made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Several other gift box combinations are available. 

Best for: Your carbo-loading gift recipient  

45. Saucy Sampler Gift Set

The Terrapin Ridge Farms Sampler Set includes seven sauces for you to enjoy. Try custom blend sauces such as Everything Aioli, Pecan Honey Mustard, Dill Pickle Mustard, Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam, and more. 

Terrapin Ridge Farms has other sauces and gift sets available as well. The brand sells jams, grill sauces, mustards, dressings, snacks, and other goodies. 

Peruse the website for great recipes as well. 

Best for: The lifelong entertainer on your gift list

Best Gifts For Neighbors and Friends

46. Personalized Beer Glasses

This personalized beer glass set by Froolu comes with four custom-etched beer glasses and four leather coasters. 

You can choose personalization from nine different designs that will be etched on the glasses and the coasters. 

Best for: The beer-loving friend or neighbor

47. Winter Scented Cleaning Set

The Williams Sonoma Winter Forest Essential Oils Collection includes hand soap, dish soap, and countertop spray with the scent of winter.

All items are made with biodegradable, earth-friendly ingredients and essential oils. No parabens, ammonia, chlorine, or lauramide DEA, and never tested on animals.

Best for: The gift recipient who appreciates healthy cleaning supplies.

48. “Friends” Garden Stone

This Carson Store Friends Garden Stone is great for letting your friend or neighbor know how much they mean to you. 

The stone says, “Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.”

Made of polyresin, the stone can be displayed outdoors or indoors. The phrase is both engraved and painted. 

Best for: The “like family” friend or neighbor

49. Snack Lovers Gift Basket

Harry and David’s Snack Lovers Gift Basket set has various sweet and savory snacks.

Snack items included dipped pretzels, moose mix, dried fruit, mixed nuts, and savory snacks. All snacks are arranged thoughtfully in a reusable woven basket.

Choose from a wide selection of other gift baskets as well, including fruit baskets, sweet treat baskets, and more. 

Best for: Your foodie friend or neighbor

50. Cheese Sampler Collection

Murray’s Cheese makes a Cheeses of the World Sampler Collection that makes a great gift for a friend or neighbor. 

The set includes samples of cheeses from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and other places around the world. 

It is great for a neighbor to set out at a party or to keep to themselves and enjoy with a great bottle of wine.

Best for: The traveling (or wannabe traveling) neighbor or friend

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of great gifts under $100 for those on your list. We’ve also got you covered if you’re on a smaller budget. You can check out our list of the 50 best gifts under $50 here.

Happy shopping! 

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