Spend Wisely

Just as there are strategies to saving money, there are also ways to spend a little smarter. Whether it's using the right credit cards or using the right cash back portals, adding a few extra steps before you spend money can save you a few percentage points. It's relatively small but has the power to be impactful over the long term.

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Best Cashback Tools

Best Cashback Rebate Sites for 2022

Did you know you can earn extra cashback when you shop through a cashback site? See which sites and tools offer the best savings and cashback today with flexible cash out options and low minimums.

Spend Wisely:

Zebit Review: Is Buy Now, Pay Later Worth the Cost?

Buy now, pay later services allow you to make expensive purchases with low monthly payments. Zebit offers spending limits as high as $2,500 and the ability to pay for goods for six months interest-free. In this Zebit review, I let you know what to expect before you start shopping.

Where to Get Cheap Clothes: 18 Places to Save Money on Clothing

Affordable options exist, but it often means sacrificing quality and style. Thankfully, you can get a wide variety of clothing - including name-brand clothing - at great prices, you just need to know where to look. We've compiled a list of 18 places to get cheap clothes. Let's take a closer look, starting with online stores.

Buying a Car After the Lease Is Up: What You Need to Know

If you're leasing a vehicle, you may be wondering whether you should buy it out at the end of the lease term. But is buying a car after the lease is up a good idea? The answer to that question is that it depends on various factors.

American Express Serve Card Review

The American Express Serve Card is a prepaid debit card that helps you avoid hidden bank fees when you buy something, make deposits, or initiate an ATM withdrawal. You can also get multiple cards for various purposes. In this American Express Serve Card review, I cover all of the key features and help you pick the best card.

Kakeibo: A Japanese Mindful Budgeting System

There are plenty of systems from which to choose. The Kakeibo budgeting system is perhaps lesser-known but is a simple and free way to track your financial progress and make a spending plan. Here is a closer look at how this method can help improve your finances without complicated spreadsheets or expensive apps.

LegalShield Review: Access a Lawyer for a Low Monthly Fee

For a low monthly membership fee LegalShield will give you access to a lawyer for all kinds of free services including writing letters, reviewing documents, and even estate planning. It also has business plans that offer services such as sending collection notices, help with the IRS, and help with copyright or trademarks.

RebatesMe Review: Get Your $30 Sign Up Bonus

RebatesMe is an online shopping portal where you can earn cash back at some of your favorite stores. There is also a sign up bonus when you earn your first $10 in rewards. You can redeem your rewards for cash or gift cards.

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build a House?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median sale price of existing homes is $295,300. That price point is nearly $34,000 less than the cost of a new house. Because these numbers reflect all homes across the U.S., though, they only tell a partial story about whether it is cheaper to buy or build a house.

Leasing Vs Buying a Car: What You Should Consider Before You Decide

It can be tempting to lease a car. For the same monthly payment you can often get a much nicer vehicle, or a lower payment on the car you were going to buy anyways. If that sounds too good to be true, you'd be right. Leasing a car isn't that simple and financially doesn't usually come out ahead when comparing it to buying the car outright.

How to Move Across the Country

Moving can be stressful. Making sure your breakables are packed so they don’t actually break, deciding on a DIY move or hiring professional movers, managing security deposits or down payments on both ends of the move - moving cross country could stress even the most relaxed people.

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