30 Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

It’s fun to give gifts to those you love. But let’s face it, we all have those people in our lives that seem to have everything. So what do you get for someone who doesn’t seem to need anything?

In this post, I’m sharing unique gift ideas that will be a hit for anyone on your list. Some items are fun and affordable, others are more expensive, so feel free to choose the gifts that fit your budget and that special person in your life.

There’s something here for everyone, no matter what their age is or interests are.

Table of Contents
  1. Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything
    1. 1. Custom Map Drinkware
    2. 2. A Home Cleaning Service
    3. 3. Virtual Assistant Services
    4. 4. Babysitting Services
    5. 5. An Experience
    6. 6. A Gift Certificate for a Massage
    7. 7. A Weighted Blanket
    8. 8. An Acupressure Mat Set
    9. 9. A Pocket Blanket
    10. 10. A Dog Care Kit
    11. 11. Bath Salts
    12. 12. Memberships/Subscriptions
    13. 13. A Night Out
    14. 14. Photography Session
    15. 15. Meal Kit Delivery Service
    16. 16. Travel Accommodations
    17. 17. Airline Tickets
    18. 18. A Kitchen Herb Garden
    19. 19. A Themed Basket
    20. 20. An Ice Cream Maker
    21. 21. Personalized Dog Treat Jar
    22. 22. Pet Services 
    23. 23. Lawn Mowing Services
    24. 24. Spa Gift Certificate
    25. 25. Community Education Classes
    26. 26. Online Course Subscription
    27. 27. Food Gifts
    28. 28. Gifts That Hold Memories
    29. 29. Words of Encouragement 
    30. 30. A Wallet Filled With Gift Cards
    31. 31. An Annual Parks Pass
  2. Final Thoughts

Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

What do you buy for your parents who don’t want any more “stuff?” Or for your kids who have more toys than they’ll ever need? Or for that friend who deserves a gift they’ll remember forever? 

Check out these ideas!

1. Custom Map Drinkware

For someone who has everything, the one thing they probably don’t have is a custom map gift like the ones from Well Told. I recently got a rocks glass, insulated bottle, and the insulated wine tumbler with our home city on it and it’s pretty amazing.

For glassware, it’s etched on so it feels great in your hand. For the tumblers, they’re power-coated and then the map is engraved. I’m not worried it’ll ever rub off or get damaged, which can happen with customized drinkware.

2. A Home Cleaning Service

I know many people, yet I don’t know one who wouldn’t, at some point, appreciate having someone help them clean their house. 

Life is busy, and even if you can keep up with the clutter, sometimes it’s tough to find time to dust or deep clean. 

A gift certificate for a cleaning service is the perfect solution. Whether it’s to do a one-time basic house cleaning or to help declutter and organize a basement, most cleaning services have something for everyone. 

3. Virtual Assistant Services

A Virtual Assistant can provide any range of services, from doing your online shopping to making appointments to cleaning out your email inbox.

You can cover virtual assistant services for a day, a week, a month, or a year – you decide! This is a good gift for a small business owner, a busy mom, or anyone who needs a little help in their day. 

4. Babysitting Services

Parents of younger children are often searching for quality babysitters. But childcare can be expensive, often making parents abandon the idea of a sitter altogether.

When giving babysitting services as a gift, you can offer to be the babysitter, pay for a sitter you know, or find a vetted babysitter on a website such as Care.com.

Whichever way you choose, hiring a sitter for busy parents is a highly valued gift. 

5. An Experience

I have a friend that gives her kids an “experience” gift every year at Christmas instead of traditional gifts. 

Her “experience” gift ideas have included vacations, trips to theme parks, tickets to a play, etc. 

The cool thing about experience gifts is that your options are almost limitless. 

You can go as big as you’d like (think: a trip to Italy) or as small as possible (think: tickets to a local community theater production).  

6. A Gift Certificate for a Massage

A massage is one of those much-needed stress reducers that most people don’t take the time to go and get. 

Why not give your loved one a gift certificate to a local spa specifically for a massage? There are many different types of massage, including the following: 

  • Swedish massage (relax and release tension)
  • Hot stone massage (relieve muscle and joint pain)
  • Deep tissue massage (more intense workout)

Contact local spas or massage centers near you for cost and availability. 

7. A Weighted Blanket

If you haven’t experienced the comfort of a weighted blanket, you’re missing out!  Weighted blankets weigh anywhere from 10 pounds and up. 

Some are filled with sand, some with beads, and others are made with heavy materials to provide the weight.

The benefit of a weighted blanket is that the weight on the body provides comfort and relaxation. 

Weighted blankets can be great gifts for those who need stress or anxiety reduction. You can find them at all price points, but the highly rated Bearaby weighted blanket may be worth the higher price. 

8. An Acupressure Mat Set

An acupressure mat can relieve tension and stress and make your sleep more restful. The mats also reduce muscle tension, back pain, and headaches. 

Lay on the mat for 10 to 30 minutes each day to mimic a trip to your local acupuncturist. 

This highly rated acupressure mat set from ProSource comes with a pillow and a storage bag and sells for under $100.

Give the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of relaxation. 

9. A Pocket Blanket

Have you ever used a pocket blanket? Pocket blankets are warm and cozy, yet they fold up to fit in a bag not much bigger than the palm of your hand. 

Pocket blankets can be great for camping, seeing your favorite game at a stadium, going to the movies, or having a picnic. 

The Matador pocket blanket is waterproof and folds to an expansive 44 x 28 inches. It also includes four ground stakes to help keep it put in windy conditions.  

10. A Dog Care Kit

Is your gift recipient a dog parent? Why not give them a dog care kit so they can heap extra love on their furbaby? 

You can buy a premade dog care kit such as this kit from Wild One, which includes treats, your choice of supplements, dog shampoo, doo-doo pick-up bags, and more. 

Get a premade kit or make your own, and include dog toys and grooming supplies. Be sure to consider any doggy food allergies as you include treats and other edibles in your kit. 

11. Bath Salts

There’s nothing like a warm bath with Epsom salts to help you relax. Epsom salts have been shown to help reduce stress, relieve joint and muscle pain, and soothe skin irritation and inflammation. 

You can give plain Epsom salts as a gift or buy premade Epsom salts with fragrance. In our family, we buy plain salts, add a few drops of lavender essential oil (you can use other oils, too), and mix thoroughly.

Then we put the salts in a large 32-ounce canning jar, screw the lid on and add a ribbon that fits the gift recipient. 

Adding at least half a cup of the salts to your bath can help you reap the benefits of this amazing natural remedy. 

12. Memberships/Subscriptions

Pre-paid memberships and subscriptions are other examples of unique gift ideas for someone who has everything.

For instance, you could pay for a membership or subscription for a year to:

  • A local gym
  • Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime
  • A gas station monthly or annual car wash pass
  • Your gift recipient’s favorite magazine or newspaper
  • A book, basket, or food of the month club – perhaps a Flaviar whisky subscription?

These are just a few ideas. Search your gift recipient’s list of interests to find a subscription that fits their wants and/or needs.

13. A Night Out

A night on the town is the perfect gift for a person or couple with everything. If you have someone on your list who doesn’t often take the time or can’t spend the money to do something fun for themselves, allow them to do that. 

Some ideas for fun nights out can include tickets to a theater production, the opera, or an upcoming concert.

Or you can get a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or restaurant you know they love. How about a gift certificate to an escape room or an entertainment venue such as Whirlyball

Hint: If your gift recipient has young kids, include extra cash to pay a babysitter or offer to watch the kids for them. 

14. Photography Session

Another gift option for that hard-to-shop-for gift recipient is to get them a photography session with a local photographer.

This gift can be especially valuable to couples and families. Check with local photographers for pricing and packaging, and find references for photographers on social media sites. 

15. Meal Kit Delivery Service

A meal kit delivery service can be another great unique gift idea. Services such as Blue Apron  or Home Chef will let your gift recipient choose meal ideas from a menu.

The service then ships everything needed to make the meal, including instructions for preparing and cooking. 

You can choose meals for almost any family size. And you can customize meals according to specific eating preferences such as low carb, vegan or vegetarian.  

Bonus: Some meal kit delivery companies will send fully prepared, pop-in-the-oven meals as well. 

16. Travel Accommodations

How about giving the gift of travel accommodations? This gift can take many forms. 

You can give your friend or family member a certificate to a hotel chain. Or an Airbnb gift card. Many of these types of gift cards, including Airbnb, never expire. 

Whether they were already planning a vacation or wouldn’t spend the money on one themselves, a gift of travel accommodations will help them find some time to chill. 

17. Airline Tickets

Airline tickets are another unique gift idea for someone who has everything. You can give them a gift voucher to a particular airline or surprise them with specific tickets to a dream destination. 

I have a friend who gives her husband the gift of travel every year for Christmas. 

One of the gifts is airline tickets for a pre-planned out trip. She’s the planner in the family, and she loves blessing him in this way (he equally loves the trips he takes with his wife and family.)

Hint: If you’re giving to someone who is not your partner, be sure to purchase the tickets far enough in advance that your gift recipient can rearrange their schedule to go.  

18. A Kitchen Herb Garden

Does your gift recipient love to cook? How about buying them a kitchen herb garden? 

Kitchen herb gardens come in all shapes and sizes. They can contain a variety of herbs, either already grown or in a kit with seeds. You can find kits with cilantro, basil, dill, parsley, etc. 

Your gift recipient can set the herbs on the counter and have fresh herbs for cooking anytime they want. 

19. A Themed Basket

This gift idea can take many forms. Be creative and choose themed baskets that fit your gift recipient. Some ideas for themed baskets can include:

  • Snowy day baskets with hot cocoa, a blanket, sugar cookie mix, and cookie cutters
  • Ice cream baskets with cones, fudge and caramel toppings, and sprinkles
  • Self-care baskets such as facial baskets, mani/pedi baskets, or baskets with bath goodies
  • Car care baskets with polish, tire cleaner, shammy rags, ice scrapers
  • Coffee baskets for the coffee enthusiast that loves trying out different coffees
  • A movie night basket with movies, popcorn, and theater candy
  • BBQ baskets with a variety of sauces, BBQ tools, and a gift certificate to a local meat shop

The list goes on and on. Personalize the basket to the recipient and watch their eyes light up with joy. 

20. An Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream maker can be a great gift, especially for families with kids. Today’s ice cream makers often make hand-cranked ice cream a thing of the past.

Some ice cream makers today don’t even need rock salt or ice to function. With the right ingredients, you can make any kind of ice cream, sorbet, or sherbet you want. 

Get the old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream maker to keep the kids busy and give them a blast from the past. 

21. Personalized Dog Treat Jar

A great gift for the dog lovers in your life is a personalized dog treat jar. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. 

Check out this Etsy link for some of your options. And if you’re looking to spice up the gift, including a package or two of dog treats will do the trick. 

Hint: Keep food allergies in mind when including dog treats with your gift – dogs can have allergies, too. 

22. Pet Services 

Another great gift idea for pet parents is to give them dog services, like dog walking, dog training, or grooming. Cat owners might like pet sitting services as a gift. 

If you don’t want to perform the services yourself or know someone else who might want the job, check out Rover.com or Care.com for pet service providers near your gift recipient. 

Recommended caregivers on sites like these have references, ratings, and full profiles, so you can choose a pet caregiver with confidence. 

23. Lawn Mowing Services

Does your gift recipient need help to keep their lawn in good shape? Busy schedules often make mowing the lawn and trimming hedges an overwhelming responsibility. 

Giving your loved one the gift of lawn mowing services can greatly help. You can hire a local company or neighbor kid to do the work.

Or you can check out a site such as TaskRabbit to hire someone to perform the lawn mowing work for your gift recipient. 

24. Spa Gift Certificate

There’s nothing like a trip to a spa for relaxation and self-care. Why not give your loved one a facial, massage, half-day, or whole-day spa trip gift certificate? 

You can choose the dollar amount that fits your budget while allowing your gift recipient to choose the spa services of their choice.

And if they decide they don’t want spa services, they can use the gift certificate on products such as shampoo and conditioner or spa swag like t-shirts and hoodies. 

Check online ratings and reviews before choosing the spa you’ll get the gift certificate from. 

25. Community Education Classes

How about giving the gift of community education? Browse the community ed catalog where your gift recipient lives, and find a course that fits their style.

Maybe they’ve always wanted to learn to play pickleball. Or maybe they want to brush up on their computer skills or learn to knit.

Community education courses run the gamut, from salsa dancing to woodworking to computer skills. Check your local catalog and give the gift of learning to your loved ones!

26. Online Course Subscription

Another way to give the gift of learning is to buy an online course subscription for your loved one. 

The best online learning resources can teach your gift recipient anything from Economics to a foreign language. 

You can give them a subscription to Babel so they can learn 

27. Food Gifts

Food gifts can be another unique gift idea for someone who has everything. When choosing a food gift, there is no end to the ideas you can choose from. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Brownie/cookie/cake in a jar gifts
  • Food baskets with a specific theme (i.e., Italian, movie night foods, game day foods)
  • Spice baskets
  • Pantry baskets
  • Oil baskets
  • Party food baskets
  • Cheese and sausage baskets
  • Chocolate and wine baskets

And the like. Scour the internet for more ideas, or simply put together a basket of food items you know your gift recipient loves. 

28. Gifts That Hold Memories

How about giving your gift recipient a gift that holds memories? You can give them a photo album filled with photos, a personalized scrapbook, a digital photo book, or other items.

Your memorabilia gifts don’t even have to include photos. How about a book you’ve written with stories about your favorite memories with that person?

Or a gift similar to a favorite item they’ve given you in the past. Use your creativity and think of memories that can show clearly how much the special person in your life means to you. 

29. Words of Encouragement 

Last but not least, there’s almost no gift as precious as a gift of positive words. You can give this gift in many forms. 

For instance, you can give a devotional book of encouraging bible verses. You can print out a list of “100 Reasons Why I Love You” and have it framed. 

Or you can write “Open When” letters. Although Open When letters were originally designed for long-distance couples, you can give them to anyone you love to brighten their day.

Some ideas for letters can include:

  • Open when you’re having a rough day
  • Open when you need a laugh
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you’re not feeling well
  • Open when you want to reminisce

You can also customize the letters you send. For instance, if you’re giving them to your mom, you could include subjects such as:

  • Open when you want to read a funny story from when I was little
  • Open when you need to be reminded of how great of a mom you are
  • Open when you want to know what I love most about having you as a mom

You get the idea. And one of the great things about giving the gift of words is that it’s a gift that lasts forever. 

30. A Wallet Filled With Gift Cards

And this last gift idea is a catch-all that will fit any gift recipient. Simply buy them a cute wallet that contains a variety of gift cards.

You could include gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. 

You can customize the price of the gift too. Include several $10 gift cards or add a few larger value cards, depending on your budget. 

Gift cards can be a great gift idea because they allow the gift recipient to buy whatever they want or need. 

31. An Annual Parks Pass

If you’ve got a loved one that likes to travel, an Annual Parks Pass might be the perfect unique gift. 

At a cost of under $100 ($80 as of this writing), the National Park Services’ Annual Pass grants you access to over 2,000 recreational National Park Service sites. 

The list of included recreational sites is so expansive that an annual pass could be beneficial even if your gift recipient doesn’t want to leave their own state. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone has those hard-to-shop-for people on their gift-giving lists. But, as you can see, there are plenty of unique gift ideas for someone who has everything. If you’re feeling stuck, use this list here to give fun and creative gifts to everyone on your gift list. If you have your own unique gift ideas, please share them in the comments below!

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