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When we gave birth to our littlest one, we did it during the midst of Covid-19 pandemic when many states were experiencing lockdowns. The rules at our hospital were that I could only leave the floor once a day (or I couldn’t return without a negative PCR test) and the hospital cafeteria was closed. Also, there were no restaurants within a two mile walk so if I did leave, I’d have to get into the car, pay for parking, drive to get food, drive back, park, etc. It was going to be a huge headache.

The hospital accounted for this by offering me a meal from the kitchen. The food wasn’t bad but we were on the rear end of the delivery route and so the food was lukewarm by the time it made it to us.

Fortunately, we had a solution. DoorDash could deliver from several nearby locations and we were able to get a few takeout meals that really improved our stay.

One of the nice features of DoorDash is that you can get DashPass, a $9.99 per month fee, to avoid the delivery on orders over $12 (for eligible restaurants). What’s even nicer is that now a lot of credit cards offer this as a free benefit.

Want to know which ones? You’re in the right place!

Table of Contents
  1. Chase Credit Cards
    1. Summer of DashPass (7/20-9/6)
    2. Chase Cards with DoorDash Perks
  2. MasterCard World & World Elite

Chase Credit Cards

Summer of DashPass (7/20-9/6)

Summer of DashPass is a summer promotion that DoorDash is running and part of that is a co-brand with Chase. This means that regardless of existing benefits, all Chase Cards are now eligible for:

  • $10 off your next order as a DashPass member when using an eligible Chase card until 9/30/21.
  • One free year of DashPass. After that, auto-renew at full price, currently $9.99/mo. No commitment, cancel anytime.

Just add your Chase credit card to your DoorDash account and get the benefit.

Here are some no annual fee Chase cards that you can use for this:

Chase Cards with DoorDash Perks

Otherwise, this is the typical offer – the following Chase cards have a free year of DashPass (also $10 off your next order as a DashPass member when using an eligible Chase card until 9/30/21) as part of their membership benefits:

After the complimentary period, you are renewed at the prevailing rate (currently $9.99 per month) so be aware and set a reminder.

MasterCard World & World Elite

If your card is a MasterCard World or World Elite credit card, you will get a free three month membership. You also get a $5 discount on your first two orders. See details here.

We will keep this page updated with other credit cards that offer a DoorDash benefit as they come available.

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