21 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the most popular online shopping site in the world. They do several hundred billion dollars in revenue each year, and it’s likely that you shop there. So wouldn’t it be cool to get free Amazon gift cards?

You can!

You can earn free Amazon gift cards through shopping online, playing games, and taking surveys.

Table of Contents
  1. Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Taking Surveys
    1. 1. Survey Junkie
    2. 2. LifePoints
    3. 3. Opinion Outpost
    4. 4. Toluna
    5. 5. Pinecone Research
    6. 6. Branded Surveys
  2. Earn Amazon Gift Cards on “Get Paid To” Sites
    1. 7. Swagbucks
    2. 8. InboxDollars
    3. 9. PrizeRebel
    4. 10. MyPoints
    5. 11. InstaGC
  3. Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Shopping
    1. 12. TopCashBack
    2. 13. Ibotta
    3. 14. Honey
    4. 15. Fetch Rewards
    5. 16. Drop
    6. 17. Shopkick
    7. 18. Receipt Hog
  4. Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Playing Games
    1. 20. Bananatic
    2. 21. Mistplay
  5. Conclusion

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Taking Surveys

These survey sites are reputable sites that reward you with cash and gift cards for taking surveys. Surveys vary in length; some can be done in as little as a few minutes. 

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the higher-rated surveys sites you’ll find. When you sign up to become an Influencer, you get paid in the form of virtual points to give your opinions on products and services. 

Survey Junkie also has a partner called SJ Pulse. Whereas Survey Junkie will pay you for what it calls attitudinal market research, SJ Pulse focuses on behavioral research. 

With Survey Junkie you take surveys and occasionally participate in focus groups. With SJ Pulse, you agree to let the company monitor your browsing activity for market research purposes. 

No matter which way you participate, you can earn points that can get you a free Amazon gift card or other rewards. You can get gift cards to other retailers, PayPal cash, or a direct transfer to your bank account. 

Check out our full review of Survey Junkie.

Get started with Survey Junkie

2. LifePoints

LifePoints is a community of influencers looking to help shape future products and services. The community does this primarily through surveys and product testing. 

With LifePoints, there is a chance you could be mailed products to test out, but their primary mode of research is via online surveys. The company also sometimes does behavioral research where you would be asked to keep a diary of habits. 

You’ll earn points for every activity or survey you complete. Then you can use your points to get free gift cards to Amazon and other retailers. 

Note that the number of surveys you get depends largely on LifePoints’ client requirements for surveys. The more thoroughly you complete your profile, the easier it is for the company to match you to surveys. 

This is typically the case with most survey companies, so don’t skip the important step of completing your profile. 

Check out our full review of LifePoints.

Get started with LifePoints

3. Opinion Outpost

As with the other survey companies mentioned here, Opinion Outpost gathers opinions for clients who want to improve their products and services. 

Along with surveys, Opinion Outpost also has product testing offers on occasion. Each time you test a product or complete a survey you’ll earn points. 

Use your points to get your Amazon gift card or other reward. Bonus: Opinion Outpost will give you points for taking part in what they call “real world missions”.

A real world mission might be visiting a specific store or taking a photo of an item at a store. And as with the surveys, you get to choose which missions you take part in. 

Opinion Outpost has levels including Platinum and Diamond that you can reach after completing a certain amount of activity/surveys. When you reach these levels you can earn additional points or other benefits. 

Get started with Opinion Outpost

4. Toluna

When you sign up to be a Toluna Influencer, you can influence the way products and services are designed. You’ll earn points for each completed survey, and surveys typically take about 15-20 minutes. 

This company also provides other ways to earn points such as sponsored polls. Or you can earn by inviting friends, creating content, completing your profile, or participating in games Toluna offers. 

Created content you can post on the site can include making your own polls or sharing your opinions on products, and other valuable content that relates to the site. 

Toluna also promotes its Toluna Millionaire Sweepstakes. This is a daily sweepstakes contest in which the winner gets 1,000,000 points from Toluna. 

You can gain entries into the daily sweepstakes by completing surveys. Or you can buy entries for 500 points each. 

The Toluna website also says it will reward members for referring friends. However, at this time the site doesn’t indicate how many points are rewarded for referrals. 

(here is our full review of Toluna)

Get started with Toluna

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research promotes surveys that let you have some influence on how, when, and what products come on the market. They send out surveys that ask your opinion on products that companies are considering producing. 

Along with other influencers, you have a say in which products hit stores every time you complete a survey. Note that surveys might include opinion questions about social issues too. 

Pinecone Research also participates in product testing, so you might be asked to test out a product that is mailed to your home. You’ll earn points for every activity you complete, and you can use your points to get your Amazon gift card.

One thing that’s different about Pinecone Research is that along with free Amazon and other gift cards, they offer physical prizes you can choose from. For instance, you might be able to redeem your points for movie tickets, health and beauty items, or recreational products. Our review of Pinecone Research goes into greater detail about how it works.

One final note, Pinecone Research is one of the few survey companies that doesn’t accept friend referrals. 

Get started with Pinecone Research

6. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys works pretty much the same as the other survey sites mentioned here. You fill out your profile, give your opinion via surveys, and earn points to get free Amazon gift cards. 

One cool feature of Branded Surveys is their loyalty program, Branded Elite. When you spend consistent time giving quality participation on completed surveys, you can earn Elite badges. 

Quality participation includes taking your time to think about your answers and not speeding through surveys. If there are open-ended questions, it’s important that you answer them thoughtfully and with correct grammar. 

You’ll earn badges for professionalism in your surveys and can move up in status level. You start out as a Bronze member, and then can move up to Silver or Gold levels. You’re rewarded additional points as you earn badges and level up in your membership.

Get started with Branded Surveys

Earn Amazon Gift Cards on “Get Paid To” Sites

“Get paid to” sites (or GPT sites) are sites and apps where you can earn rewards by doing a variety of things such as playing games, watching videos, doing surveys, and shopping.

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably one of the most popular GPT sites. They’ve paid out over $500 million in rewards to date. With Swagbucks you can earn points by:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping online

And other tasks. You’ll earn SB (i.e. points) for each activity you complete or qualifying purchase you make. Then you can use your SB to get your free Amazon gift card or other reward.

One cool thing about Swagbucks is that a lot of the activities they reward you for are pretty quick and easy. That means you can earn SB while waiting at the dentist, watching TV, and any other place where you have a few spare minutes of time. 

Check out our full review of Swagbucks.

Get started with Swagbucks

8. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a GPT site too, but one nice thing about InboxDollars is that it has a few more opportunities for you to earn points. 

You can earn points the usual ways with InboxDollars such as completing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and surfing the web. 

You can also earn when you redeem coupons the site shares with you. And you can get paid for reading emails sent by InboxDollars.

When you shop online through the site, they’ll give you cash back rewards of up to 15% of your total purchase. 

InboxDollars is a bit different in that it rewards you with cash and not with points. However, you can still use the cash you’ve earned to get a free Amazon gift card. 

Check our our full review of InboxDollars.

Get started with InboxDollars

9. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a lot like Swagbucks; They’ll pay you in points for completing a variety of activities. 

One cool thing about PrizeRebel is that it has increasing account levels. When you move up a level you can earn access to better rewards, more points, and so on. 

Some of the ways you can earn points with PrizeRebel include:

  • Watching videos
  • Completing offers
  • Taking surveys
  • Following PrizeRebel on social media

There are other miscellaneous ways you can earn points as well. You can use your points to get your free Amazon gift card. 

Or you can use it to get PayPal cash or other store rewards. Note that there are other prizes available with PrizeRebel as well, such as electronics, apparel, and more. 

Get started with PrizeRebel

10. MyPoints

With MyPoints you can earn points by taking surveys or for shopping online. When you shop online through the MyPoints portal they’ll show you the latest deals on items you’re considering purchasing.

MyPints partners with over 2,000 stores so there’s a lot of purchases to choose from. 

Then you’ll earn points on every purchase. You’ll earn points for taking surveys as well. And you can use your points to get your Amazon gift card or you can choose other rewards. 

Note that MyPoints, like some of the other GPT sites, has occasional bonuses for signing up. You can sometimes earn $10 or more just for creating a new account with MyPoints. 

Get started with MyPoints

11. InstaGC

InstaGC is another GPT site. There’s not much different here than there is with the other sites we’ve mentioned. 

As with the others, you can earn points for doing things like taking surveys and watching videos.

With InstaGC you can earn for shopping online and searching the web too. You get a specified number of points for every activity you complete. 

This company partners with Amazon to get you free Amazon gift cards with the points you earn. Or you can choose from over 300 other retailer gift cards as well.  

InstaGC has delivered over 1 million e-gift cards to members since its inception. 

Get started with InstaGC

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Shopping

One way to get free Amazon gift cards is to earn rewards while shopping online and in-store. There are several rewards websites that will pay you either in gift cards or cash when you shop using their apps.

12. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is a rewards shopping portal that gives you $15 when you sign-up and you can cash it out once you earn at least $10 in cash back. Much like other cashback portals, you just need to set up an account and use one of their links when you buy – the cash back is automatically calculated and deposited to your account after the transaction has time to go through.

You can cash out in a variety of ways but you get a 2% bonus if you cash out using Amazon (5% if you opt for a Virtual Visa Prepaid Card).

Get started with TopCashBack

13. Ibotta

When I first started using Ibotta, I earned over $30 in cash back the first month alone. To date, I’ve earned hundreds of dollars using Ibotta. 

Ibotta is very easy to use. Once you download the app, you can use the browser or mobile app to find cash back deals while shopping online.

You can earn by shopping in-store too; just browse deals by store, then link Ibotta to each store’s loyalty card or snap a picture of your receipt.

Ibotta will browse the receipt and find your deals or get notification of them through your loyalty card. Use your earnings to get free Amazon gift cards, other retailer gift cards, or PayPal cash. 

They are offering a $20 bonus for new users who install the app and complete the welcome bonus.

Get started with Ibotta

14. Honey

Honey offers an almost effortless way to save money when you shop and earn points for free gift cards. It works via a browser extension and a mobile app that automatically finds you the best deal when you’re shopping online. As you shop online using Honey, the app will search the web for the lowest available price. 

If you activate the Honey Gold feature while you shop, you can earn Honey Gold (i.e. points) when you make purchases at one of the app’s over 5,500 partner stores. 

You can earn up to 20% of your online purchases in the form of Honey Gold. Then you can use your points to get your free Amazon gift card or you can choose other rewards as well. 

Check out our full review of Honey.

Get started with Honey

15. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another receipt rewards program. Fetch partners with thousands of brand name products to reward customers for their purchases. 

After you shop, you can use your phone to snap a picture of your store receipts. Or you can upload receipts from online purchases you make. 

When you send the copies of your receipts to Fetch Rewards, they’ll give you points. The company will also give you points for buying participating products, completing offers, and referring others to use Fetch Rewards. 

You can use the points you earn to get your free Amazon gift cards or other rewards.  

Check out our full review of Fetch Rewards.

Get started with Fetch

16. Drop

When you shop via the Drop app or Chrome Browser extension shopping portals, you earn points for every purchase you make. You can earn points for travel purchases, food and restaurant purchases, regular shopping purchases, and more. 

The Drop app has in-app shopping offers to help get you better deals too. Or you can just earn points without taking advantage of offers. 

Use your Drop points to get free amazon gift cards or other rewards. There are other ways to earn Drop points too, such as referring friends, taking surveys, or playing games. 

Get started with Drop

17. Shopkick

Shopkick is a free app that lets you earn points, or “kicks”, in a number of ways. You can earn in-store by making purchases, by scanning suggested products, or sometimes simply for walking into a store. 

When you’re shopping online, you can earn kicks by viewing offers or making purchases. Then use the kicks you’ve earned to get your free Amazon gift card. 

As with Ibotta, you can get other store gift cards or get a PayPal reward with your kicks as well. Bonus: You can earn additional kicks when you refer friends who sign up to use the app.

Get started with Shopkick

18. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that will reward you with prizes just for snapping pictures of your receipts. Receipt Hog then uses those receipts for market research purposes. 

For every qualifying receipt you submit a picture of, you’ll earn coins or spins. 

When you earn spins, you’ll be able to use them to try and win more coins. You can earn entries into Receipt Hog’s monthly sweepstakes drawings too. 

After you’ve earned enough coins you can use them to get a free Amazon gift card, PayPal cash, or other prizes. Note that due to its popularity Receipt Hog does have a waitlist at times. 

Get started with Receipt Hog

Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Playing Games

These game sites reward you with cash and gift cards when you play games. Here’s a quick summary of each site. 

20. Bananatic

When you sign up to be a member of Bananatic, you can earn points (called bananas) for playing and testing out games, and then writing a short review about each game. 

Banantic has other ways you can earn bananas too, such as downloading apps, shopping at partner stores, or completing tasks from sponsors. 

You can use the bananas you earn to get your free Amazon gift card or other reward. Note that Bananatic also has special events you can join to win prizes such as gaming consoles. 

It’s free to join Bananatic and it’s free to play many of the games on the site. However some games are pay-to-play.

Get started with Bananatic

21. Mistplay

Mistplay calls itself a loyalty rewards program for gamers. When you sign up for Mistplay (it’s free), Mistplay will create a special Mixlist of games for you based on your personal preferences. 

You browse your Mixlist and find games to play. The longer you play each game, the more units you earn from Mistplay. Then you can use your units to get free Amazon gift cards or other prizes. 

Mistplay also has weekly and monthly contests. When you participate in the contests you can win prizes. The site also rewards you with badges when you complete missions, and every badge you earn rewards you with more units. 

With Mistplay you can compete with others in games as well. That might be a good reason to invite your friends to join. 

Get started with Mistplay


With so many ways to get free Amazon gift cards, you’re bound to find a few that work for you. Why not try them out and get some of your Amazon purchases for free? 

Have you ever tried any of these ideas for getting free gift cards? If so, which is your favorite? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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