Netspend $40 Referral Promotion: Deposit $40, Get $40 Cash

NetSpend is a prepaid debit card that will give you a $40 referral bonus when you sign up with a referral code and add $40 to your new account. The prepaid debit card market is very competitive and $40 is a great bonus to sign up for a card.

Are you looking for a Netspend new account referral code or link? If so, you’re in the right place.

📝 Netspend Referral Code3036538070
💲 Netspend Referral Bonus$40
How to Get PaidAdd $40 to your account

Short version: You can click this NetSpend $40 referral promotion link and get your card using referral code 3036538070 to get your $40 bonus after you add $40 to your account.

Table of Contents
  1. How to get $40 from Netspend
  2. Is Netspend Worth It?

How to get $40 from Netspend

1. Sign up with this link and if they ask, make sure to use the referral code 3036538070. Without the code, you won’t get your $40 bonus. The signup process took just a few minutes.

Click here to get $40 from Netspend

2. Wait for the card. They recommend you Activate your Card before you do anything else, just in case there’s a problem. I applied on July 6th (several years ago), got my card about 10 days later (not sure if weekend days count), and activated it.

3. Transfer $40 into your account. There are several ways to transfer funds but you have to do an in cash or direct deposit to qualify for the bonus. Within a couple of days (mine was there the next day), you’ll see the bonus appear.

4. Spend your money. It’s a pre-paid card so there are fees. There’s no monthly fee on the “Pay As You Go Plan” but you will pay $1.50 per Signature Purchase Transaction or a PIN Purchase Transaction. You can also make an ATM withdrawal but that costs $2.50 per withdrawal. I reloaded my Amazon credits.

💡 You can also use Amazon’s Reload feature which will give you some bonuses. The standard bonus is 2% on the transfer, which can offset some of Netspend’s fee (on the reloads it’s still a Signature Purchase Transaction), but you can get more on the first reload. It’s also faster than buying a gift card and loading it into your account.

When spending the money, you have to remember your spendable balance is $1.50 less than your total because of the fee. So, I have $80 on the card but any transaction above $78.50 will be rejected.

5. Keep the account or close it. Up to you, personally, I would close it if you aren’t ever going to use it. To close your account, log in and look under “Help & Support” for “Close Account.”

You can also refer your friends and family too. They get $40 when they do exactly what you did and you’ll get $40 for referring them. By that same token, we’re getting $40 for referring you. It’s one big referral party!

Is Netspend Worth It?

If you are looking for a pre-paid card, Netspend is a decent offer but it’s a little more expensive than alternatives. You can pay a monthly fee of $9.95 each month for free transactions or pay $1-$2 each time you use the card. If you get $500 in direct deposits to the card each month, the monthly fee is just $5. There’s also an inactivity fee of $5.95 if you don’t use the card for 90 days. There’s really no way to avoid these fees, which is one of the reasons why they are more expensive than some others.

For reloads, there are a ton of locations to reload plus you can transfer from a bank account, PayPal, or deposit checks (10-day hold, or pay a fee for same-day processing). If you wish to reload with cash, that’s also a $3.95 fee. As you can see, the fees add up.

But for just getting a quick jolt of cash, it’s not too bad!

Enjoy your brand new $40!

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  1. Scot Van says

    Just got my $20.00 today. Am going to refer EVERYONE I KNOW in hopes of getting a lil something something. Interestingly when I used their referral link for me it sent out a totally different link saying “Get your %5.00!” and nowhere on it was my referral code on it. So I sent the first person your link and had them copy and paste my referral code (sorry pal). So I need to write them about that. The link you had was way better!

    • Jim Wang says

      Ha no need to apologize, your friend, your referral, your money!

      I found my referral link in my account under the menu item Features -> Refer a Friend.

  2. The Financial Panther says

    I actually use these Netspend accounts to store part of my emergency fund. You can open up five different accounts, with each one earning five percent interest in an FDIC insured savings account.

    It used to be that you could put away $5000 in each account for a total of $25,000 earning 5% (5k in each account), but unfortunately, Netspend recently reduced the limit to $1000 for each account earning 5% interest. This means you can now only put away $5000 total earning 5% (1k in each account).

    If you automate a $1 transfer into your Netspend account every 2 months, only initiate ACH pulls and pushes from your outside bank, and never use the debit card itself, you’ll never pay any fees and you’ll have $5000 earning 5% interest in an FDIC insured savings account. A great spot to store your emergency savings in my opinion.

    When you could put away $25K I highly recommended everyone go out of there way to open up five Netspend accounts. However, since the change, I’m not quite sure. You’ll have to consider whether managing additional accounts is worth it to you. From my own experience, once you spend an hour automating everything, the accounts run themselves.

    • Scot says

      YES! When I saw that Savings Account part of the program and looked at the rate I was stunned…5%! Beats my BofA Savings Account! Money Be Movin!

    • Stephonee says

      Hey The Financial Panther! Thanks for posting this comment – it pushed me over the edge to get the debit card, to also try to get the 5% on savings.

      One question for you: how do you open up to 5 savings accounts? I figured out how to open 1… but even with a little Googling I couldn’t figure out how to open more than one, so I thought I’d come back and ask. πŸ™‚

  3. Vic @ Dad is Cheap says

    So. If you have a spouse (and multiple accounts to connect) you can easily score $60 by opening two accounts? Sounds like a win win Jim!

    Eat a fancy steak dinner w/ that $20 from me that’s coming your way. πŸ˜‰

    • Jim Wang says

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah πŸ™‚

      We have family coming into town this weekend and I picked up four ribeyes from Costco to sous vide.

      • Vic @ Dad is Cheap says

        Got my $20! I did something lame and prepaid my internet bill with it. Probably one of the easiest ways to get a few bucks! I did try to refer my wife so I could try to get the referral on both sides, but alas, it didn’t work.

        You get a decent amount of referrals? I’m finding that the people I’ve tried to refer haven’t done it yet! It literally takes minutes!

        • Jim Wang says

          What happened when you tried to refer your wife?

          It’s gotten a few referrals, hopefully more soon! πŸ™‚

          • Vic @ Dad is Cheap says

            She got an email that says she was ineligible because she was already a cardholder? Must be something to do with the same last name and/or address. We promptly cancelled her card.

            I’ve told about 8 people about it and no one has done it! It’s super easy money. I don’ t get it. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I’ll probably close the account soon if i get nothing.

          • Stephonee says

            @ Vic – did your wife try calling the customer service number in the email she got? I also got a similar email saying I was ineligible for already being a cardholder (which I wasn’t), so I called the number to verify. They said “The referral wasn’t approved, but now it is approved, so you just need to make the $40 transfer.” and when I asked about the previous account, they said I had no previous account with them.

            Even with terrible phone menus and such, it was only a 5 minute (and 13 second) call, so maybe worth it to have your wife check? Worst that can happen is that they confirm that she’s not eligible because of the reasons you suspected. And I’d love it if you came back and shared the result… so I can know whether to sign my husband up or not! πŸ˜‰

  4. Lindsey says

    I just tried the link and it gives me a System Error message. Something about not using a standard browser. I tried accessing the link with Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox and received the same message. Any ideas?

    • Jim Wang says

      That’s weird… but I just tried it without any problems. I’d give it another try?

      What is giving you the System Error?

      • Lindsey says

        Just tried again in Chrome and here’s what it’s saying:

        “If you are reading this message, you are not using a standard browser. Pages in this site may not be displayed correctly on non-standard browsers. If you want to download a standard browser, please refer to Web Standard Project site (WaSP) for more information.

        System Error

        We’re sorry, a system error has occurred. Please try your request again later.”

  5. Wendy says

    I didn’t get my 20 dollar bonus πŸ™ I don’t know why because I followed all the instructions perfectly. I’m so disappointed.

      • Wendy says

        I had sent a message on the online inbox asking, and they said to call and provide the referral code. So, I just called and was advised the bonus will be there within 24 hours…I guess I’ll wait and see.

  6. Mom Loves Netspend says

    Netspend has been a true financial blessing for me and my family. Well worth checking out.

  7. lizbeth lopez says

    Hi i gave then your referral code and they don’t give me the 20 what can i do?

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