Sproutt Life Insurance Review: Quick Online Life Insurance

The life insurance industry is rapidly moving toward the online, automated application process, sometimes referred to as fintech insurance. That not only makes the application process quicker but also often results in a lower premium. Sproutt is a relatively new competitor in the online insurance marketplace space, enabling you to get quotes on life insurance policies from multiple companies at the same time.

By filling out an online application, that can be completed in a matter of minutes, you can get quotes for policies that best meet your needs and preferences. And in what might be the benefit that most distinguishes Sproutt from the competition, it may be possible to get life insurance even if you are not younger and in excellent health.

Sproutt also has live agents standing by to take your phone call if you prefer direct contact at any time during the application process.

Table of Contents
  1. About Sproutt
  2. How Does Sproutt Work?
  3. What Policies Does Sproutt Offer?
  4. Sproutt Features and Benefits
  5. How to Apply With Sproutt
  6. What if You’re Not in Perfect Health?
  7. Sproutt Pros and Cons
  8. Should You Buy Life Insurance with Sproutt?

About Sproutt

Sproutt is a life insurance broker providing an online life insurance marketplace, and not a direct life insurance provider. The company lists its official headquarters as Hartford, Connecticut, but their business operations are based in New York City, and the research and development arm is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Though the company was launched only in February 2019, it’s already making an impact in the life insurance world.

Sproutt works using data and cognitive computing to match you with the best life insurance provider and policy. The company is backed by a combination of State of Mind Ventures, Moneta VC, FinTLV, Guardian Life and MS&AD Ventures.

Sproutt has a Better Business Bureau rating of “A-“, which is the second-highest rating given by the agency, which ranks organizations on a scale of A+ to F.

How Does Sproutt Work?

Sproutt works based on a “Quality of Life Index” that’s designed to assess your lifestyle and provide personalized recommendations to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s based on an in-house developed Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment Platform (GAIA), that measures the five following “pillars”:

Beyond matching you with the best life insurance recommendation, the mission of the platform is also to inspire consumers to live a better life through the five pillars of the Quality of Life Index.

It will take about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire that will form the basis of your personalized “QL Index score”. You’ll be provided with advice to help you improve your score, which will also improve your overall quality of life, as well as save you money on life insurance.

The Index is based on five components:

Movement: As the name implies, this category refers to exercise. They rate it as the single most important thing for your health and recommend 150 minutes of weekly moderate physical activity each week. This includes walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming, among other activities.

Sleep: There’s a growing body of evidence that the amount of sleep you get plays an important role in your overall health. An estimated 35% of adults in the US are classified as sleep-deprived. Sproutt recommends increasing bright light exposure by day and reducing blue light exposure by night, as well as sleeping at consistent times.

Emotional health: Strong relationships have been found to reduce the risk of premature death. Sproutt recommends strengthening relationships with family and friends, and even adopting a pet.

Nutrition: This pillar stresses eating “real food”, which is homemade, instead of processed foods. The obvious connection here is avoiding obesity, an affliction that along with being overweight affects about half the US population.

Balance: This is at the core of the quality of life. It includes all of the above pillars, in addition to having a sense of purpose in your life.

Based on your own QL Index, Sproutt will attempt to match you with the best insurance provider for your profile the first time around. This will not only ensure the greatest likelihood of policy approval, but also of getting the premium rate initially quoted.

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What Policies Does Sproutt Offer?

To put it plainly, Sproutt offers term life insurance. Under the “Insurance” tab, Sproutt describes the many different types of life insurance. This includes term, whole life, universal life, variable universal life, simplified issue life, and guaranteed issue life insurance. However, the only life insurance product available directly on the platform seems to be term life insurance. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between term and whole life insurance, here’s an explanation.

This is consistent with other online life insurance aggregators since term is the easiest type of life insurance to automate, as well as the variety that offers the lowest insurance premiums.

Term life insurance policies are available on Sproutt in terms ranging from 10 to 30 years. That means you’ll purchase a specific amount of coverage and enjoy the benefit of a fixed premium throughout the term.

At the end of the term, you may have the option to renew the policy in specific increments, like five years. However, your premium will be based on your age at the time of renewal. But in many cases, you’ll have the benefit of guaranteed renewability. That means a negative change in the condition of your health won’t impact your ability to exercise the renewal option.

No exam life insurance is available on the platform. That’s a type of policy where you can get life insurance without a medical exam. It allows for faster approval and issuance of your policy since the insurance company will get your medical information primarily from publicly available sources, like your state Department of Motor Vehicles, the MIB, and other repositories.
But you should know that no exam policies are typically more expensive than standard policies that require an exam. That’s because the insurance company is taking additional risks by providing coverage without conducting an exam. But be advised that this type of policy is designed for those who are in excellent health.

Sproutt doesn’t represent that it can get you discounts on life insurance coverage. They only claim they can match you with the right life insurance company at the time of application.

Sproutt Features and Benefits

Life insurance products available: Term life policies, but whole life may be available with a more involved process.

Other insurance products: None offered at this time.

Policy terms available: 10 years to 30 years, in five-year increments.

Maximum coverage: $2 million indicated.

Availability: All 50 states and the District of Columbia. The service is not available outside the US.

Participating insurance companies: Guardian, Allianz, Protective, Prudential, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group, Penn Mutual, Nationwide, Pacific Life, and TransAmerica are among the companies listed on the website.

Customer service: Available by phone, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Eastern time.

Mobile app: Not offered.

Security: Sproutt does not share your information with third parties, other than with participating insurance companies on the platform. Policies are implemented to protect your information, including encryption, access and authentication to guard against unauthorized access to personal data in company systems.

Sproutt pricing & fees: Since Sproutt is a life insurance marketplace, and not a direct life insurance provider, there is no fee for their services. You can shop for life insurance on the platform at no cost. Premiums will be charged by the life insurance company you accept a policy with. Sproutt is compensated by the participating life insurance companies as users of the platform purchase policies. However, this compensation is between the insurance carrier and Sproutt, and does not represent an added cost to you as the consumer.

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How to Apply With Sproutt

When you begin the application process, you’re immediately notified that the insurance provided does cover pandemics, including the coronavirus. However, to receive benefits, you’ll need to be completely honest about any potential exposure you might have to the virus, as well as recent travel plans.

The application itself is a 12-step process, asking the following questions:

  1. Who can we help you protect today? Options are my kids, my spouse, or other – you’ll need to check “other” to get a policy for yourself.
  2. Where do you live? You’ll need to enter your ZIP Code.
  3. What is your gender? Female, male, or other.
  4. When were you born? You’ll enter your date of birth.
  5. Are you a smoker or nicotine user? Yes, no, not anymore.
  6. How would you describe yourself? Very healthy, pretty healthy, or average – note that there is no option for below average or poor. More on that in a bit.
  7. Tell us about your build, so we can choose the right plan. You’ll be asked to enter your height and weight.
  8. We need to know your income so we can get you the right coverage. You’ll be presented with several choices, ranging from less than $25,000 per year, to more than $300,000.
  9. How is your credit rating? The choices are excellent, good, fair, poor, or don’t know.
  10. What is more important to you? The options are a monthly payment amount or insurance coverage amount.
  11. Have you been taking prescription drugs in the last two years? Yes or no.
  12. Will you be willing to take a medical exam to apply for life insurance? Yes or no.

I ran through the application entering information for a non-smoking, 35-year-old male in excellent health, living in Atlanta, and with the maximum annual income of greater than $300,000 per year.

Here are the results I received:

Notice that the results returned were only for a term policy for 30 years, and maximum coverage of $2 million. I specifically included information that would result in the maximum coverage amount possible, even stating that the insurance coverage amount was more important to me than the monthly payments.

Still, as you can see from the screenshot above, the premiums are quite aggressive based on the amount of coverage offered on all three plans.

Once you get to the point where you receive a quote – similar to the one above – you’ll then be taken to another screen introducing you to a series of 11 additional questions. That will start with providing your name, email address, mobile phone, and acknowledgment you’ve reviewed all required disclosures. This is the part that will connect you with the company that will be providing the coverage offered. However, up to this point exactly who that company will be isn’t provided.

What if You’re Not in Perfect Health?

To dive a little bit deeper into exactly what Sproutt has to offer, I entered the information for the profile of a less-than-ideal life insurance candidate.

I submitted information for a 55-year-old overweight male, who smokes a pack of cigarettes per week, is on medication for high blood pressure, and has fair credit. To my surprise, Sproutt actually had policies to offer:

There are significant differences from the policies offered for the moderately unhealthy 55-year-old compared to the very healthy 35-year-old.

Obviously, the premiums are much higher, and the term is reduced to just 20 years. But we would reasonably expect the premiums to be higher, based on both age and health. And it’s likely the 20-year term is offered because at 55 either a 30-year policy is not available or the premium would be prohibitive.

Whether or not any of these three options would actually be approved is not known. But it’s encouraging to know that Sproutt will even entertain providing offers for an older applicant who is in less than optimal health.

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Sproutt Pros and Cons


  • The platform provides quotes for older applicants who are not in perfect health. This is a departure from the typical online life insurance marketplace.
  • You can get quotes on the platform in as little as a few minutes.
  • The insurance companies participating on the platform represent some of the best names in the industry.
  • Live customer support. This is another departure from typical online life insurance marketplaces, that may offer an automated-only process.
  • Both medical exam and no medical exam policies are available.


  • Though the website discusses various life insurance options, term appears to be the primary policy type available.
  • If whole life insurance policies are available, it seems they require making a phone call. This would not be unexpected, given that the underwriting standards for whole life – which is permanent coverage – are necessarily higher than they are for term.
  • The platform is young, being in operation for only about 1.5 years.
  • Though it is easy to get basic insurance quotes, the process of securing life insurance coverage will be more involved. This again is typical of online insurance marketplaces.

Should You Buy Life Insurance with Sproutt?

If you’re looking to buy life insurance, Sproutt is definitely worth checking out. I was truly impressed that I was able to get quotes for the applicant in less-than-perfect health, and with high death benefits at that. There are many companies competing in the insurance fintech space, but they specialize in younger, healthier applicants. It seems possible to get a policy through Sproutt even if you don’t fit either category.

In fairness to reality, the Quality of Life Index seems to come under the “bells and whistles” classification, providing no obvious real benefit. It is possible the result of the index figure into the algorithm used by Sproutt in coming up with insurance company matches, but that fact is not obvious from the results you receive.

Be that as it may, Sproutt looks like an insurance platform well worth getting a quote on if you’re in the market for life insurance. If Sproutt isn’t for you, check out our full list of online life insurance companies.



Product Rating



  • Quotes for older, less healthy, applicants
  • Quotes in just a few minutes
  • Quotes from top insurance companies
  • Live customer support.
  • Both medical exam and no medical exam policies are available.


  • More difficult to get quotes for whole life policies
  • The platform is new and unproven
  • Quotes are provided quickly, but actually securing the policy takes longer

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