A Simple Tactic to Save 75% on Sirius XM Radio Subscriptions

A little more than eleven years ago, we bought a brand new car (GASP! I know — how not frugal! But we are still driving it so there!).

We wanted a Toyota Venza and it was the first or second model year so no used cars were available. (see???)

If you’ve ever bought a new car within the last few years, you were gifted a trial subscription to Sirius XM radio. I think our trial subscription was for six months.

SiriusXM is pretty great. You get high-quality audio, a bazillion different channels so you’ll always be entertained, and it’s available practically everywhere except if you’re surrounded by mountains or in a tunnel. It’s a solid service.

I just didn’t want yet another subscription. We have multiple streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, etc.) and I didn’t want to pay for one in our car.

Their packages aren’t ridiculous. $12.99 for Music Showcase, $17.99 per month for Music and Entertainment, and $22.99 for Platinum still come out to less than a dollar a day. But why pay more when you don’t have to?

But… you should never pay full price for Sirius XM. Never. Ever.

SiriusXM is a prime case where negotiating your subscription rate will always save you money.

All you have to do is call in, threaten to cancel, and wait for them to offer you a “comeback offer.”

The Best Deal: To get the best deal, you have to call and threaten to cancel. They will try to keep you by offering you the best deal — if they don’t, hang up and call back.

Or, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of calling, you can take their current deal of 6 months of SiriusXM for $30. It is very close to the best deal I’ve seen and you don’t have to call to cancel. The “best” varies month to month but the best I’ve ever seen is 6 months for $25, which is only $5 less. I think SiriusXM got wise to what people were doing so they offered this deal publicly.

Table of Contents
  1. SiriusXM Standard Pricing: $4.99 per Month
  2. The Absolute Best Deal: 6 Months for $25
  3. What If You’ve Called Several Times?
  4. SiriusXM 25% Military Discount
  5. SiriusXM Promotions

🔃 Updated July 2023 with the latest plans and their associated pricing. The publicly offered deal is now the best one we’ve seen (it’s for a full year too). You can get it just by clicking on the link – no need to call and haggle with someone in their customer service department!

SiriusXM Standard Pricing: $4.99 per Month

SiriusXM has a few plans but the basic one for your car is $4.99 per month for 12 months (new subscriptions only).

The tiers are (all these are plus fees and taxes, see offer details):

There are a few offers going on at once, it can be a little confusing:

Plan NameTrial TermsRegular Price1-Year
Streaming Platinum6 months for $30$10.99 per month$95.94Get this offer
Streaming Platinum3 months for $1$10.99 per month$99.91Get this offer
🏆 Streaming Platinum12 months for $4.99 a month$10.99 per month$59.88Get this offer
SiriusXM In-Vehicle
Free Trial
3 months free trialTBDGet this offer
* 1-Year Price is the cost of the trial period plus the remaining months at the prevailing rate.

There are essentially two types of plans – ones that include your vehicle and ones that don’t. The first “Streaming Platinum” plans do not include streaming to your car’s radio. You can still stream to smartphones and Smart speakers, so you could use it in your car but through your phone.

The fourth plan listed in that table is for your car. It’s a 3-month free trial and they do not ask for your credit card. So it’s truly a free trial, just have your Radio ID or car’s VIN number ready (or they can search for your VIN based on your license plate).

After each promotion period, the Streaming Platinum will automatically renew at the regular price but there’s no contract so you can always cancel. The fourth in-vehicle plan does not automatically renew, it will just end (they don’t have your credit card offer).

The Absolute Best Deal: 6 Months for $25


For years, before they started pushing their streaming services so heavily, the best deal I’d ever heard of was getting 6 months for $25.

Today, that isn’t that much better than the promotional offer they’re offering everyone.

All you need to say is that “I love Sirius XM, I just can’t afford that price. Is there any way you can help me?” — and they will help try to get you on a plan.

If they don’t, and some representatives won’t, you need to hang up and call again. You may have to do this a few times.

You must take note of when your promotional period ends because they will start charging you full price immediately. There will be no warning, it’s automatic renewal at the full price, so mark it on a calendar somewhere and set up notifications.

When the time nears, call them up again. Sometimes they’ll cut right to the chase and offer to extend the deal. If you don’t, cancel it and you’ll get a “winback” offer in a month or two.

Get SiriusXM’s Best Offer Now

What If You’ve Called Several Times?

It could be a note in your account or just bad timing or luck, but if you’ve called a few times and they won’t budge – just cancel.

SiriusXM frequently will send a “winback” or “comeback” offer that is similar to the best price. They know that it costs them the same to run their service and each customer is just profit. They will attempt to win you back shortly after you cancel and you will just have to manage not having satellite radio for a little bit.

SiriusXM 25% Military Discount

If you are military personnel, which includes veterans, retirees, active duty, and reserves; you can get a 25% military discount. This is for the life of the subscription and you can call customer service at 1-866-635-2349 to learn more – or visit this page.

SiriusXM Promotions

If you only care about getting the very cheapest, then $4.17 per month is the cheapest.

If the price is less important (say, if you’re being reimbursed or it is a tax-deductible expense) and you want to take advantage of promotions, SiriusXM runs promotions periodically. We don’t know of any right now but will update this when we see one.

It’s really up to you.

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  1. Emily @ JohnJaneDoe says

    Ha, we just did this. (or rather, we actually cancelled and they kept sending this deal with free installation, so the hubby paid for it as an anniversary present.) We don’t have quite the same collection of channels, but I’m really enjoying having my satellite radio back.

    • Jim Wang says

      When we had it, we only ever listened to 5-6 channels. Since we both work primarily from home nowadays, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for it… even at such low prices. (tbh, I just don’t want to call back and play this game every 5-6 months!)

        • Robert MacMillan says

          I bought a new car that had a SiriusXm free trial so I sold my 2 portable SiriusXm radios, boom box and automobile install kit; removed the units from my account and added my new car radio to my account while it was still on the free trial. Then I noticed the adds for new subscribers for $60 per year and felt cheated. Had I cancelled my subscription and only kept the free trial then subscribed that radio I would have saved almost $200! So I called SiriusXm tonight to cancel and explained how I felt and they offered me the years subscription for $63.28. Am I glad I made that call. Thanks Jim for the advice.

      • Chris says

        HEAR ME OUT ON THIS ONE 🤨 lol.

        The best deal you will get (and I’ve done this about four times on my 2016 GMC sierra), is $25 for five months, or you can get six months for $29.95, And they will send letters continuously, asking you to resubscribe For this price, and on two occasions they offered me a six month subscription for $29.95, and this also included the app. This is very handy because if you have Apple CarPlay you can plug your iPhone in and on the CarPlay menu, you will see the serious XM icon on the screen and all you have to do is tap it, and it loads up the app and you do not have to touch your phone, You just control it from your Apple CarPlay menu. They usually do not offer both of them for the same price on every offer, but they have done it for me twice out of four times.

        The thing is, I have a prepaid card, and when I subscribe to Sirius, i use the prepaid card, and put just enough (which is about 36.95 due to taxes), THEN, it doesn’t matter how many times they try to charge my prepaid card, it doesn’t cost me one red cent. As a matter of fact, I cannot even see where they attempted to try and charge the card. It just declines them every time, And I have yet to talk to a person at sirius; not one time. I have never spoken with a representative because the promotion is there on the application for iPhone and I’m sure it’s the same for android. And you will see that you are once again offered the six month plan For $25.95. I have yet to talk to a person sales rep at Sirius; not one time. I have never spoken with a representative because the promotion is there on the application for iPhone and I’m sure it’s the same for android. And you will see that you are once again offered six months for $29.95. You can get a prepaid card like I have if you do not want to haggle with a sales rep.

        I hope this makes sense, but download the app, and you will see (if you are indeed without service, or you have let your service expire), and do not want to pay their rates every month. that all you have to do is click the button and it will offer you six months for $29.95.

        I would post a screenshot, but I think y’all get the point. Sorry for rambling on though 😁

        • JAJA says

          All subscriptions come with auto renewal. Even if there is no card on file. They will NOT cancel unless you notify them. If you don’t cancel when you renew they will bill you at full rate for time already used before you finally get your best deal.

          • Chris says

            I call every six months and get charged $59.88 for two cars which includes all fees and taxes. Never give them your credit card. I always pay by my online banking account. Also, never let them charge you a paper invoice fee. That way they cannot auto charge you after six months. I just renew every 6 months. I have done this for the last 4 years.

        • Bebe Enteo says

          Buy Sirius XM gift cards at Best Buy, then you don’t have to pay the fee associated with some pre-paid cards.

          Like others said, you can’t get around the automatic renewal. Even if you don’t have a card on file, they will bill you.

          Negotiate like you did about a month before renewal.

        • oceans says

          Awesome advice as i never wanna haggle with these birds again, the prepaid card is genius, thanks..!!

        • Josie says

          Five years ago , after my Sirius was expired for a while , they offered me Five years for $99.00 ! It has just expired and I will wait until I get a great deal again. I doubt I’ll get that deal again but I can wait.

          • Serjio C Gonzales says

            Dang!! That’s a super deal! I’ve seen this once before, called them to get it, and they wouldn’t honor it because they said it was for new customers. I was a little PO’d about that, but whatever. I should do the same cancel, and wait for this same offer in a mail or email format. Hmm?

          • brenda H says

            Wow I thought I was getting a good deal 3 years ago, $99 for 3 years. It took them about 3 to 4 years of having the car before they offered that deal.

      • Vicki says

        Thank you for the great advice. Threatened to cancel, said how much I enjoyed it but couldn’t pay the nonpromotional price. After third person I got the promo price renewed. Very happy. Worth the effort.

        • Bebe Enteo says

          You don’t have to threaten to cancel. As for the Customer Retention Department when you call, and they’ll forward you to a department that will give you the best rates without haggling. I’ve been doing it for seven years, and it always works

        • JB says

          Just received the $99 for 3 years offer (current monthly rate $16.99). Plus taxes and fees. Says service will not automatically renew. This is after 4 years of ignoring them.

      • Tucker says

        You can do it online now with the chat function and it takes five minutes and you dont have to wait. Super easy. Can get the top tier right now with an echo dot for 4.99 month.

      • Jim Kluber says

        We just threatened to cancell.1st offer was for $20/month. Worked it down to last years rate, $6/month including taxes and fees. We’re fine with that!

      • Gabe says

        I only pay $4/month for their all access package. And that is $4/month for one year. I just call back at the end of the year and they give me the same deal.

    • Stephen C Massey says

      I got my renewal bill for 294.00 and thought that was too much for All access and streaming. I called said I wanted to cancel. They came back with a 149.00 for the same. That included taxes and fees. Then just for the heck of it I said; “throw in an Echo Dot and you could have a deal”. She came back on the line and said, ” After some fancy work on my computer I was able to get you that Echo Dot”. I’m happy until April 2020.

      • Justin Thomas says

        They auto-renewed me for a 3-year all access subscription at $697.55. I had no idea until I looked at my credit card statement. I’m used to the 6-month calls and have plenty of time during my commutes to play their games. They came back with $58.27 (after tax and fees) for 6 months, all-access and threw in an echo dot 3.

        $697.55, though…are you kidding me?!?

    • Laura Houghton says

      Just bought a car from dealership says it has sirus but it unscription anyway my husband has an acct but only allowed to transfer it to three vehicle and well I sold my car which was third car and now I need to buy sirus what deals don’t have

    • Bob says

      My renewal notice for two cars was $422 per year. I just called and they reduced that to $228 per year for two cars. Still a premium price in my estimation, but acceptable.

    • Steven G says

      Just threaten to cancel and tell the you will simply cancel and reopen the account under a different name so you can get the same price. Works like a charm for the past 4 years in a row. Last year I forgot to call in on time and they billed me a full year at full price. I was able to get them to give me a refund of the difference directly back to my account within a few days and receive my old price with the same tactic. Took a bit of haggling for the direct deposit, they wanted to send me a check in 30 days and I told them no way, I want my refund put back from where you took it from.

  2. Jess says

    Wow, thanks so much for this advice! I have a free trial for Sirius XM in my car and had no idea you could get a comeback offer! I will definitely look into this soon!

      • Chad says

        haha glad i came by this site, i got mine with my new truck and it runs out in 2 weeks, so i called them, they offered me 70 bux for 6 months and i said no, 2 days later they called and offered me 30 for 6, so i said yes, took your advice jim, set myself a reminder in 5 months, will play the same game, worth saving 70 bux every 6 months

  3. Lazy Man and Money says

    I tried to do this and straight-up canceled for a month. They really didn’t try to win me back with any kind of deal. Well, they gave us a worse package at around a 40% discount.

    It’s my wife’s car and now she just listens to the free, ad-sponsored Google Play through Bluetooth. She’s happy with the selection and quality.

    • Donna Hiatt says

      I just cancelled because I was charged on my credit card and foolishly did not mark my calendar to cancel in advance. Lesson learned. They are refunding my money. I love Sirius and hope they will come back with a new offer. We shall see. Was paying $131.00 just to listen mostly to one or two news channels when we travel.

      • Jack says

        Typically they’ll offer you a deal when you cancel if you say it was too expensive…..sometimes you have to push back more than once to get the best deal……It’s a pain to have to talk to them ever 6-months to a year, but it saves a ton….

      • Susan ? says

        I just contacted Sirius XM because no way was I going to reup for 247.52 for listening to BBC World Service, CBC1 and NPR (and some rock on the side). I said I’d just plug in the iPhone. With that, I was offered $6.04/month. I asked, “So I just annoy you every November?” Yep

  4. Bebe Enteo says

    Don’t ever use a credit card. Buy a gift card from Best Buy and pay using that. Then negotiate for the best price. Currently, here is what I’ve gotten for the last 5 years:
    For Select: 6 months for $25.00
    For Full Access: 1 year for $119.00
    You have to pay tax and royalty fees on top of this. Just remember to call about a month before it expires, or they’ll charge you full price.

    • HTubblers says

      They did this to my Aunt. She had 4 up for renewal at the same time. XM Radio took over $900.00 out of her checking her account without warning. She forgot that they were all up for renewal and when they tried to negotiate they refused to offer her any deals for 4 cars. On top of that it was around Christmas. She eventually got her money back through the Attorney Generals office. You can buy XM radio gift cards at Best Buy. Never give them access to your bank account.

    • Johnny says

      Check out Privacy.com, there you can create virtual cards that you can limit the spending and create ‘one-time’ cards that only works once.

      That’s what I use for pretty much anything online.

    • Josh says

      I called 2 days before my renewal date and they offered to extend last year’s special offer for me which I agreed to ($120/year All Access). They then told me an amount higher than I paid last year (because of royalty fees) and I told them that was more than I paid last year and I want the same amount I paid last year. She cleared it with her manager and waived the fees. To boot, they tossed in two more echo dots! $10/month is fair for the service imo.

    • Steven Pokorski says

      What happens to the lifetime purchase program XM had in the past? I am really curious.

  5. Andy says

    Thanks for the tip, just tried it and worked perfectly – $25 per radio ($32.31 with taxes and junk) for 5 months. They even gave me a credit for the previous month since I pay quarterly.

    • Jim Wang says

      Set a reminder for yourself in five months to call them back, they won’t remind you that your contract is up.

  6. Dave V says

    They will also give you a 6 months for $30 deal which is the same as the 5 months for $25 but it extends the subscription out one more month. I just did this.

    • Gail says

      I got this offer as well. I haven’t started the subscription yet, but just FYI, you can get this same offer through Ebates and they (Ebates) will credit your account $5.00. (Ebates pays you a check once a year anytime you shop through their website). Which would be a great deal !!! Six months for $25.00 🙂 That’s the route I’m going to use . Hope this info. is worthwhile and beneficial. 🙂

  7. PaulS says

    Enjoy several talk stations, especially at home. Would miss Dr. Laura and sports talk shows. Music quality is terrible. My car HD radio stations blow it away. Considering using Google Play or IHeartRadio. Possibly Apple Music. Anyone do a cost analysis of data use when playing these services in the car?

      • Hannah says

        Why do you care why someone would miss a particular show? Sounds pretty judgemental to me and not nice! Enjoy your day and listen to whatever or whomever you wish!

    • Trent says

      You can always stream satellite through your phone and it’s high quality just make sure you have the streaming service with the package

    • Tito Joseph says

      I use Pandora a lot and really enjoy that music app through Bluetooth. Even with the free one I don’t get that many commercials. They sometimes will play a long commercial and then I won’t get any for over an hour

  8. Mr. Blue Sky says

    We use this method every six months to keep cost to a minimum on our two vehicles. We bought a 2010 Honda Accord for our soon-to-be teen daughter and college sis to drive. Daughter #1 goes to school in DC, so car at home after purchase. Enjoyed the two months free, then let lapse as car was just sitting in garage. Offers come in for 40-50% off…not interested…no one driving car. Then, low and behold, Dec 10th get an offer for 84% off…yes…$99 for 36 months. That was too good to pass up, go to website to accept, and there is a second offer associated with it…60 months for $149! With tax and royalty, came out to $179. I am VERY tempted to let my work vehicle lapse for a few months then see if they will give me this deal again!

    • Jim Wang says

      That’s a pretty good offer… I’d probably do that long term one because then you don’t have to call back every 9-12 months.

      • len says

        I asked for that deal, 36 months for $99, and was told that deal was for 2009 and earlier models.

  9. Yorky says

    I just got a new car and it has this Sirius radio in it. Free for 3 months. I only like listening to 95.1 FM and KFI on AM. Sure hope they do not charge me a renewal for Sirius. Sounds like a rip off to me. Cheaper putting a CD in to,listen to. Can they automatically renew me without my permission .I never asked for the service in the first place it came with the car.

    • Jim Wang says

      I’m not sure, I believe you have to opt in and give billing information to continue… but I don’t know for certain. You should call the dealership or Sirius to confirm.

      • Prewitt says

        I just got their 3 mo. trial for a new car. When I read the rules and regs they said you owe nothing unless you subscribe. I guess I’ll try it out for the next three months and see if it’s something I just can’t live without. I’m mostly interested in the music but I couldn’t find how much it said the mostly music plan cost.

    • Stacy says

      I bought a new car in May. When the trial is up, you’ll just get prompted to subscribe if you switch to the satellite radio. Mine’s been expired for 4 months now, no charges. They don’t have your credit card info.

      They keep sending me good offers, though.

      • HTubblers says

        They forgot about me. I bought a Car in June and I am still on my 3 month trial. My sister and daughter all bought new cars from the same dealership all new Nissan’s. And their trials have all ended except for mine.

        • Stu says

          That’s nothing, I was on a season plan. I called to turn off my service when my car was stored for the winter. They told me to call back when I wanted to turn it back on in April. Well they never turned the service off, I never called them back to turn it on either. Bottom line, I got 5 years of service for FREE! All the while they kept sending me offer saying they want my business back. They never figured it out.

  10. Yorky says

    I do not believe in paying to listen to music. I will definitely not renew. Most of it is music I do not like anyway. I will enjoy my free 3 months and then cancel . I only posted because I thought you would know the answer to my question seeing you had bought a new car as well and had Sirius in when you bought the car

    • Jim Wang says

      I don’t remember how the billing part went but I think I signed up after the trial – I wasn’t 100% sure so I didn’t want to steer you wrong!

  11. Bill says

    I currently have 2 cars each with a Sirius XM radio. Each radio is setup on it’s own account, one under my name and the other under my wifes. Do you think it would help or hurt to have them both on the same account when trying to negotiate these better rates?

    • Jim Wang says

      I’m afraid I don’t know if that’s better or worse, do they have two device discounts? I don’t think they do but I’m not 100% sure.

      • Deb says

        We have two cars under one billing account. It doesn’t seem to matter. We have to do the “I’m canceling” threat and negotiate for both cars. It is still more convenient to call just one time for both cars.

    • Elmer says

      Hey Bill, I’m currently trying to decide whether it’s worth merging my two car radio accounts, did you ever find anything out about the perks or disadvantages to it?

      • Deb says

        It is more convenient to have one a one-time argument with them. But, there is no difference in price. One of our cars has a contract that was up in May and one up in August. I negotiate and pre-pay for the August car. The credit then pays for the August car with no disruption in service and no extra call to Sirius.

    • Jim says

      I currently have two cars under the same account and they give you a family discount. I have had the service for over 5 years. Like most of you folks I call in and request for a better deal because I cannot do the payment. I have always received a good deal as other, but this last time they were unwilling to offer me anything so I did end up cancelling. It has been a month and of course they sent me a deal for each car of 6 months for 29 + their fees. but I got a great deal.

  12. Rob W says

    Got an offer of $99 for 3 years on my 2008 truck that I rarely drive. Called Sirius and asked for the same deal for my 2019 for which the trial period had just ended. No luck, they said that offer was applicable to older vehicles only. I use to get deals for $3 a month on the 2008. Best they would offer for the 2019 is $60 plus fees for a year. Told them no thanks. They’ll have to come off the nut and sweeten the deal for me to bite.

    • Jim Wang says

      I love how they pretend they won’t deal… the cost to them to add a new subscriber is ZERO! Collecting $99 from you for three years is $99 they wouldn’t otherwise get!

      • Jatin says

        That’s not correct. There’s a cost associated with every activation. Bandwidth, partnership with OEM, marketing cost, operating cost , content, events etc.

        • David Krump says

          It’s a satellite broadcast. Receiving that broadcast does not cost them any extra bandwidth. The satellite doesn’t know or care how many radios are receiving the signal. This isn’t cable. It’s no different than tuning into terrestrial radio. They turn you on to receive the signal. There is no extra marketing cost to add a subscriber. Marketing costs per subscriber goes down the more subscribers they have. They don’t increase their marketing cost to add someone. Same for operating cost, content, and events. These are costs that they incur regardless of subscribers. There really is no additional cost to activate my radio.

    • Cindy says

      Wow! I will do $99/ 3 years for my just purchased 2009 Aura. I have a Lifetime Select on my other 2009 Aura and they would not transfer it. I really only bought the Lifetime for the Broadway channel and Cinemagic. They made Cinemagic streaming only and that was disappointing. I have a 2 month trial that I just started, so I will call and ask about $99 for 3.

  13. Harley says

    Well I tried to take advantage of the 6 month 8.33 current deal when I tried to pay on line with a gift card visa debit it would not take so I called and the rep tried but would not go through I wanted this to be a surprise so I did not use a debit card from my account. ” I said I guess she can live without Sirius”

    Well I got a call back from Exec. services who was going to make it go through.
    No way 6 attempts and said is your car by you I said yes she said turn it on and go to Sirius and she sent the signal for 6 months free. not 4.50 8.33 10,00 0r even 15.00 free for 6 months. BEST PRICE EVER THEY WERE VERY NICE AND GOOD TO DEAL WITH…..THANKS FOR THE INFO. HARLEY

  14. Dave says

    I had one month left on my recent year of SiriusXM all access… we have been members for 5 years now…. I have always gotten the cheaper deal and this year since we still had a month left they gave me all access for 114. for a year plus an echo dot….. Life is good…… its too bad though that since my wife also has Sirius that we can’t bundle them both and get a REALLY GOOD price….

  15. Billy Bob says

    I listen to WDGY for free! Sorry SiriusXM. “Are you Serious? Sirius as satellite radio!” I don’t pay to watch T.V. either.

    • Mike says

      Terrestrial radio sucks compared to Sirius. Radio ads are obnoxious and way too long, plus they fade in and out when you’re on road trips. You get what you pay for.

  16. Connie says

    Sirius is such a joke. My husband wants the all access package and its. $25 a month. They wouldn’t give me any deal at all via the chat. I’m going to call now and see what they will offer. So disappointing to have to spend so much time on something they over charge for.

  17. Darrell says

    Oh no! I didn’t set a reminder two years ago when I renewed, and now I just realized they charged me $457.06 for 2 years without notifying me….ARRGGGG! Any chance they provide a refund if I threaten to cancel now?

    • Jim Wang says

      You can give it a try… I wasn’t able to do it with 4 months of charging full price. They let me cancel.

  18. Ross Caperton says

    I am trying to figure out how Sirius obtained my contact info; my name, address, phone, auto vin#. I feel kind of violated by this breach of my privacy. Sirius is no help as they refuse to tell me how this came to be.

    • Jim Wang says

      I suspect the dealership provides that as part of a marketing partnership if you ever got the trial.

  19. Lynn says

    I bought a new car and just started my 3 months trial. Do you think I would get a better deal if I stop listening to Sirius? It’s funny that they give better deals for older cars and not late model cars. If they think I really like it because I listen to it all the time, maybe won’t deal much on price? I am interest in the select package.

    • Jim Wang says

      I don’t think they have that level of usage detail. If you threaten to quit, or actually quit for a bit, they will deal.

    • Steve Schuster says

      I got a letter in the mail from them with a 3 year offer on their Select plan for $99 plus fees. I called in and they extended it to 5 years for $150 plus fees. Even if I didn’t have a radio I would pay that just to not have to call them again for 5 years. Ended up being $180.89 after it was all said and done. Can’t beat it.

      Now I’m trying to get a better deal on my wife’s plan, and that is where dealing with them sucks. Disconnected. Then called back. Couldn’t understand the lady. Then got disconnected. Called back. Got transfered. She needed all my information again. I asked to speak to the first person and I was told they don’t have the ability to transfer calls. I said really? You can push a button and activate my radio for 5000 miles away but you can’t transfer me to the person at the desk next to you? Wow. Anyhow. Roughly an hour later here we are. I really wish someone with some good customer support skills would start a competitive company and run these guys out of business.

      Oops. They just came back on the phone and offered me a year subscription on my wife’s vehicle for All Access for $99 plus fees. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

      • Jim Wang says

        Hahaha can’t transfer calls! That’s rich! I’m glad you were able to get through their games.


    Well, I am one of the “oldies” who bought their LIFETIME subscription at top price in 2008-October only to find that the company changed the meaning of “lifetime” to their own benefit. It is a shame, totally deceitful.

    • MaggieB says

      ABSOLUTELY AGREE! We bought our lifetime plan in 2005, taking a chance that they would even survive as most people at that time didn’t even know what satellite radio was… and now fast forward to 2019 and all I want to do is switch my service to my new car… and they think I should pay them a $75 transfer fee? Totally deceitful.

      • Henry says

        Do not transfer a lifetime into a vehicle! They will not transfer it to another device after! Lifetimes are limited to 3 transfers, then the subscription ends.

  21. Duffy says

    Don’t forget they offer a package called “Basic” for $6.99 a month that offers about 50 channels. Hard to find but if you search on SiriusXM Basic using Google, it will find it. There is also another hidden package called BasicPlus which has a few more channels and also Internet listening. Has some good channels and a good mix of music, news, sports and talk.

  22. Kate P says

    Thank you for the tip to use a prepaid card instead of my credit card. Brilliant. I just called and had $107 credited to my account. I have to call back in 6 months, but I saved a good chunk of money. Thanks!

  23. bill s says

    I just said I want 1 year for $60. they said okay, total will be $77.21 with fees and taxes. took less than 2 minutes.

  24. bill s says

    After you pay with a credit card, you can delete the credit card from the account. Then they will have to bill you if you forget to cancel. They can’t automatically charge your card. You can always add it back.

  25. BillR says

    I just signed up for the 12-month Sirius Select plan for $99.00 + fees, that equal a one-time debit of $120.19 from my credit card. I insisted that this “one-time” charge isn’t followed up with any recurring charges (at the full rate) in the future. I was assured that my credit card info would not be retained in their system for future use. I called back after 25 minutes to verify that my credit card info was not kept on file. I was told it was not, and that today’s transaction was a “paper invoice billing” transaction. (This is easier than buying a gift card.). Sirius said that I would be notified, by mail, some 54 to 60 days prior to the end of my subscription, so I could renegotiate for continued service. We’ll see if that happens as well….

  26. JerryM says

    I just renewed my All Access subscription at the $99.00 annual with Amazon Echo Dot. They say this rate is for new customers only: I said “so basically you screw the old customers?’. [I’ve subscribed since the early 2000’s.] They rolled over in 2 seconds. [Another thing – through Bank of America credit card – you can generate a one time use credit card number, with a maximum value, and as short as 2 month expiration. I use that for things that want to auto renew [like Sirius] and for purchases from shady organizations. ]

    • Jim Wang says

      Great tip, thanks Jerry!

      This is what I never understand about new customer promotions – you are screwing your loyal customers.

      You’re making them jump through hoops to get the same deals, which you give them anyway! Why not just give loyal customers a “loyalty plans” that’s the cheaper price, save everyone time, and make them feel happy in the process?

      • brenda swartz says

        Comcast Cable company does the same thing. They offer all the great deals to new customers and leave the 20 plus year
        loyal customers to pony up tons of money!

  27. Mary says

    Ok, so I received a card in the mail telling me my Sirius is up for renewal—200 bucks more thank I paid last year! I called this morning (i remember negotiating down last year to 120 for all access for I year) They told me I was getting a discounted rate and that all access is supposed to be $299 a year. I said I wouldn’t pay more than what I payed last year for same service. He put me on hold and quickly came back and said ok to the 120 bucks for All Access one year…I agreed… hung up and then started wondering if I could have gotten a better deal? Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Jim Wang says

      It depends on how many radios you are paying for service. The current promotion is 6 months for $50 so $120 for one year isn’t that far off (only $20 more).

  28. Robin says

    My free new car subscription is up in 2 days, I just got a text message on my phone I can have 3 months free then be charged the 4th month at whatever the current price will be. They state I can cancel at anytime. Can I cancel after the 3 months of free service? I guess I would have to cancel the last couple days of the free service, before the 4th month?? just wanted to know if anyone has done this?

    • Jim Wang says

      I’d check to see if the three months come with a contract. If there is no contract, I don’t see why you couldn’t take advantage of it?

    • Prewitt says

      I am in this situation except I just started my free trial but today I received an offer in the mail for an additional three months and then it would revert on the fourth month to their regular price. There was a place on the form to put your credit card number so I am assuming that if you take that extra three months free offer, or basically two dollars plus fees, that you are subscribing.

  29. Valerie says

    If I have Sirius in another vehicle, can I add my new car that’s expiring to that account? I fear that we’ve (stupidly) been paying ‘rack rate’ in that vehicle for a few years now.

    Fellow Tartan alum

    • Jim Wang says

      I’m not entirely sure, we never had it in two cars so I never had to deal with this. Customer service may know better – best of luck!

      • Joshua Taylor says

        I just threatened to cancel again and they offered 2 bucks for 3 months. Always take the second offer

  30. Maddernhell says

    Pushed a button in newly purchased used car. Got a line of blather about SIRIUS. Then lo and behold ,today got an email from them advising that I have a FREE subscription for three months. Having learned to look gift-horses in the mouth, I ran a search and wound up here. I’ve enjoyed reading how all you good folks have dealt with SIRIUS. I have not turned my car radio or CD player on for at least 100,000 miles. So, informed as I am, I’ll jost sit and wait for their offers. Thank you all. ARB

  31. Mister Gee says

    I am about to buy a Kia with free 90 days Siriusxm. From what i understand, at the end of this period I am then eligible for 12 months at $5, after which normal pricing begins. Is this true?

    After a first year discounted subscription, can one still barter a deal? If so, is it better to first cancel and then inquire?

    Thank you so much for this voluntary contribution!

    • Jim Wang says

      You should check your paperwork as that will explain it in detail.

      You can call before your renewal to see if they will keep you on a discount otherwise you may have to cancel and sign up again (it’s really easy and fast).

  32. al covey says

    i just cancelled mine after having xm for a year and a half.last time i tried to cancel they offered a great deal for one year.this time they never asked whyi was cancelling .so i asked why she told me i no longer have vehicle i was shocked i still have it and drive it daily ,i told her i never said that ,she replied you are now cancelled ,very dissapointed

  33. Jason Hare says

    They had me renewing AllAccess at a total of $305.78 (including taxes/fees) for the year. I called to cancel. Offers were (I had to decline each offer to get the next one):

    1) $160.08 for the year
    2) $145.53 for the year
    3) $99 for the Select package for the year (which I didn’t want)
    4) $60.69 for six months

    I took the $60.69 for six months. I hate that I have to call back in six months to do this crap again, but it seemed unlikely the price was going to go lower than that. And I don’t know why, but I think I started to feel bad that I just kept saying “no” to the offers!

    This post (and comments) were very helpful!

    • Jim Wang says

      Having to do this every six months can be tedious but it’s all part of the game, unfortunately.

  34. David Tegge says

    I had my basic subscription transferred to a new vehicle that I purchased. Essentially I was able to negotiate about a year and a half worth of service for $99, as long as i committed to their standard subscription price of right around $190 +/-. Well, when the time came due, they hit my account for $232.94. I’m not happy about it but I’m probably screwed aren’t I? Love my XM listening, but not happy at all about paying more than 100% more for what I’ve always listened to. Can’t say I wasn’t warned but any ideas you can give to get a little relief?

    • Jim Wang says

      I don’t know what you can do after the fact but they respond well to threats to cancel…

      • Gary Ludwick says

        I missed canceling before the renewal date, but when I saw it on my credit card, I called and cancelled my service and got a refund for everything but the few weeks used before I called. I just told’em I sold the car and there was no problem getting the refund.

        • Jim Wang says

          Thanks for sharing your experience, it’ll help a lot of folks who run into that same issue!

  35. Bobbyg says

    The fleet vehicles at my job have SiriusXM Radio, so I listen whenever I travel. But I don’t get how you can say it’s great, high quality audio. No matter what vehicle I’m in, the audio is always very digital sounding, sometimes hard to listen to. Pretty horrible to my ears.
    Does quality differ in various parts of the country? I’d love to get a subscription in my own vehicle, but can’t justify it with what I’m hearing.

    • Bebe Enteo says

      I have a built-in dash radio that came with the car, and the sound it great. I have read that the ones you buy and plug into the audio jack on the radio may have some audio issues

  36. Stefen says

    I was considering subscribing to this service after my free trial ended. I had no idea that after a promotional offering rate they woukd triple the price with no warning. Thanks for the heads up on that. Their tactic sounds much like a major TV cable company I used to subscribe to. You have to threaten to cancel so they give you a better rate for a year. Something about that sort of behavior just ferls deceptive and wrong. I have decided not to play their game at all. The music channels are convenient but not really the type of music I enjoy. Much of it is either very dated or all pop and new artists who have lots of recognition but do not offer my kind of music. They seem to offer nothing by international well known stars – just your typical American humdrum stuff that everyone goes for now…

    • Jim Wang says

      I know! Me neither! It was infuriating that it jumped with no warning, your only warning is the bill!

  37. Mary Elwood says

    You mentioned the Premier Streaming deal at the beginning
    of your article and did not include the car…..any reason you can’t listen to your iphone in the car? My car radio and an input jack and on the rare
    occasion I don’t have satellite reception I plug in iphone with Sirius
    app and works fine.

  38. Gone2TheDogs says

    I just tell them to send me an invoice and send in a check. Old school? maybe, but they can’t auto-renew either. Costs $2 extra for paper billing, but its worth it.

    • Bebe Enteo says

      Buy Sirius XM Gift Cards and load them into your online account, then call 10 months into the contract to re-negotiate a lower rate. It avoids the $2.00 charge, and you don’t have to write a check.

    • Michelle S. says

      In NY state it is illegal for ANY vendor to charge a $2 fee for paper billing (thinking of all the seniors or anyone else who doesn’t have a computer). Check your state. It shows as a charge but then a $2 credit on your invoice so it never hits your bill. Also, I never keep my credit card on file. I give it to them over the phone when I renew and tell them I do NOT want it saved in my account and they assure me they won’t (also by law they can’t). I have never had a problem in 10 years and it sure beats having to buy a gift card.

  39. Bebe Enteo says

    Some things I’ve done:
    1. I call the number and ask for the “Retention Department”, and I get a representative in North America (on previous times, I’ve gotten people in Canada, and Nebraska)
    2. Never, ever, pay with a credit or debit card. I have always used the Sirius XM Gift Cards you can get from Best Buy (online or in person). I load them into my Sirius XM online account, THEN I call to negotiate. Just like people who wrote, I always get the All-Access for about $145.00 for the year, including all state sales tax and Royalty fee. I make sure that I have at least $150 in the account. The remainder is used for the next time.
    3. About 10 months into the contract I call up and renegotiate.

    • Trent says

      This is probably what I’m going to do. I’m sure I can probably get a better rate doing a 6 month deal but I only want to do this once a year. And using the card the only thing they can do is turn off the service. Much better then billing the CC. This seems the most painless way to deal with XM.

  40. Lee says

    Why can’t Sirius make deal with Google so stations can be streamed thru Google home minis?

  41. mamaof3 says

    Thanks so much for the tip…I just called and got the one year for $60 (she asked me why I wanted that promotional rate and I said I couldn’t afford the $20/month). I then asked her for a credit for the month they just billed ($20.70) and she granted that as well, bringing my total for the year to $56.97! Couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you Jim!

  42. Giles says

    Current offer is $50 for 6 months with an Echo Dot, which retails for $50. If you forget to cancel and see the charge on your credit card, just call and they will apply it to your next negotiated rate.

  43. Billy Zane says

    easy and effortless. Called up saying I want to cancel. “too spendy for me”.
    They immediately responded with a 11.99+fees per month.
    Asked if that was the best they could do and if I paid ffor 6/12 months if they could make a better deal.
    They responded by saying some words I didn’t understand much, but came to the conclusion that they’ll offer 7.99+royalty fees(a combined total of 9.70$usd) per month for XM Select.
    I agreed to this fair price.

  44. Alfonso Solis says

    Great article! Just negotiated 6 months for $29 + fees ($36 combined) for Select with Streaming.

  45. Angela says

    Is it better to wait until subscription ends or before. Mine runs out on June 1. They can’t auto renew since the card on file is closed. Just wondering your thoughts? Through my work I can get a year subscription for $99 but not sure what package. Right now it says I am not eligible for it since I have an active subscription.

  46. Edd says

    The Sirius gift card payment is probably the best way to painlessly get service and end it. I always require them to send a paper invoice and send them a check. Occasionally, I let the service simply run out and then call to start it again when I find a good deal.

  47. Scott says

    Just renewed my ALL ACCESS for one year at $99.00. Taxes $18.91. Totall for one year is $117.91. Did this today, which is also my renewal date. Also I have never given my credit card. They asked me for a credit card and I said no. She put me on hold and came back and said they will bill me and send in mail. This will be my third time paying by check. Woman I spoke to was in the Philippines. She was very nice and spoke perfect english. FYI, I was very nice and respectful and never had to threaten to cancel.

    • Eric says

      Thanks. Was reading your note while on the phone declining each offer she was giving me. Finally I said, I’ll pay $120 (including tax’s and fees) for the All Access. She put me on hold, came back and approved it for 1-yr. I did give them my cc but have a reminder set to call back 3 days before my next renewal.
      The All Access give me 1-streaming line too so I use my phone in my car to stream. The wife’s car has the subscription (2018 Nissan).

  48. Miss K says

    Had Select for $99/yr and they wanted to charge $247 now. Called to cancel – too expensive and we only listen to a handful of channels. It’s a 2008 vehicle that we’re not in much – mostly in husband’s vehicle. Was offered $29.94 + fees totaling $38.89 for 6 months of All Access. Still not comfortable with it. She then offered $30 total for 6 months, no fees, basically $5/mo. No. She then offered $25 for 5 months. Really? Same thing. No thank you. She transferred me to someone that could offer a better deal. A guy came on and offered me what I was paying last year – $99. No. Then $60/yr. No. Then $30/yr. Been down this road already with her. No. He came back with $2 + fees for 3 mo. Ok. I hate to call back in 3 months, but will have to. Reminder set.

    • Joni says

      I got this deal 3 months ago and just called to cancel. She started going through the offers and I said if I could get the same deal I would do it, if not cancel. She put me on hold to see of the promotion was ‘still available ‘. Came back, gave for the $2 per month. I had a different renewal date on one vehicle so with taxes and fees I paid $2.06 for my husband’s car and $1.83 for mine. That price I don’t mind at all.

  49. Phillip Dampier says

    Beware of believing a Privacy.com card or an expired or one-use card will save you from a surprise renewal. Banks offer vendors courtesy approvals of these transactions for renewals with companies you have an established relationship with. You can still find charges reauthorized even on one-use cards. A prepaid debit card with a zero balance is safe, as are Sirius XM gift cards, but be aware they will mail you a bill if they can’t renew with a card and expect it to be paid, or face collections. You can call and negotiate down the charge, or possibly even waive it, but do not ignore those bills.

    Never believe them if they tell you they can’t do a deal for you. Just hang up and call back. I have been playing this game for over a decade. If you do cancel, you should start getting winback offers in 7-10 days in email, followed by a barrage of mail offers almost weekly.

    If you can’t live without, cancel you your existing account and then sign up for a new free trial for 30-60 days and then cancel that before it ends and retentions will play along.

    I dropped the satellite service several years ago and use streaming entirely because it is more versatile. You can easily stream the lineup through Bluetooth to your car speakers or use a basic patch cord from the phone to the audio-in jack on your radio. I can then use Waze for free GPS and traffic alerts while streaming XM at the same time and they co-exist well. Also, no dropouts if the satellite signal is blocked. The streaming has a negligible impact on data plans and you can adjust the bit rate/quality in the settings if you are worried about chewing up your data allowance.

    Keep in mind, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and others also offer premade playlists if you want to retire XM. But you may miss the news/sports/other channels. The best alternative if you want to save even more is exploring TuneIn, which has lots of news and sports options and is free.

  50. scott says

    can you still negotiate after you miss your 6-month date with autopay by 2 weeks or am i out of luck till november.

  51. KP says

    After reading all the advice, I called Sirius just a few minutes ago. I needed to upgrade from select to all access so I knew I was in for a runaround. I politely but firmly told the first gentleman what I wanted. When he refused to budge on the price, I said fine, cancel, I’ll go to iHeart radio. I was promptly sent to the retention team. They started with all sorts of prices at six month intervals and I interrupted and said nope, one year thank you. So they offered me 147.21 (includes fees and taxes. After a bit of back and forth I said I want even lower and I ended up with 130$ all in. Plus no VISA number–they bill me once a year.

    Could I have gotten a better deal? Perhaps. But this was a number I was comfortable with considering I paid 117 last year for select and they can’t do anything next year except bill me again. 🙂

  52. Susan Franklin says

    I’m so glad I read this. I have Sirius select, for some reason, and I rarely listen to any channel but 148, which has a lot of commercials. Very irritating. I decided to cancel, seriously, but of course they started slinging all these deals at me. I caved and renewed for a year, but instead of paying $232.94, I’m paying $46. Ha! Thank you all!

  53. Dave says

    I just called and got 12 months for 48 total. No taxes or fees. Tell them you have unlimited data on cell phone and sirius is just a convenient alternative to linking phone to vehicle.

  54. Jodie says

    i was just offered $ 72.72 ($6.06mo) for 1 yr including fees & taxes via chat. there’s no penalty to cancel. if you’re without your car you can call to have the service suspended. they’ll refund or issue credit for that time or from the date you cancel.

  55. Kate says

    I just called and they aren’t budging, all they are offering me is the Select plan 6 months for $30 or 1 year for $60…I can get that by just signing up online….ugh!

  56. Mel says

    I just called and got Select package for $99 for 12 months! I’ve been paying $27/mo for All-Access and only listening to 5 or so channels. Took 12 minutes on the phone and saved $242+ a year!

  57. Debbie says

    We have four cars with Sirius. We have the primo service on our C7 Corvette and then I told them the other cars need to be right around $100 a year for each of the other cars or it’s not worth it. They came back and I got the other cars for $107 a year. I used to work for AT&T and am a negotiation genius. I have a “method” I use for buying cars. It always works and I am in and out of any car dealership in around 30 minutes. Of course I know what I want, I know what I am willing to pay, and I know what they WILL give me for my trade in. So Sirius is a piece of cake and I have never had to cancel. Also, I NEVER EVER EVER use a credit card with them. I tell them email me the invoice and I will pay it immediately. That way they HAVE TO send me a bill before it expires. If you give them a credit card they almost never take it out of their system.

  58. Robert says

    I just purchased a 2016 Kia Sorento. I activated the free trial, today. I mostly listen to Howard on Sirius (love it or hate it). What package is that part of? What package should I order? What’s the best negotiated price for a year?

    Thanks, interesting reading. I did the same thing with cable and satellite tv, in the past.

  59. Linda Romano says

    WeE just lost our Sirius after the new car 3 month trial. We only listened 4 maybe 5 stations, 60’s, The Bridge (I think that’s what it’s called) Fox News maybe 70 and 80’s that’s it. We only listen to Sirius in the car. So what is the right package for us. What should it cost?

  60. Mike S. says

    I just got a reactivation offer for 3 years for $99 (yes, $2.75/mo). Can’t beat that! I haven’t had SiriusXM in at least 4-5 years (I have 5,300 songs on my iPhone) but for that rate I couldn’t resist and just signed back on. They also offered me a ‘free’ radio (just pay separate S&H! :-P) and 6 mo. free radio subscription but I passed on that.

  61. Liz says

    Just called and got the same deal I have been getting. $25 for 5 months. its the select plan with free streaming. with taxes etc its $32 and change for 5 months. I hate calling every 5 months but I am not sure you can get it much cheaper than that for streaming and select. They said it was a one time curtesy but I have been doing this for a few years. I just tell them I want to cancel unless they want to renew at the same. He tried to tell me his best rate was the 6m for $50 and I said no thank you just cancel it and he came back with old rate. Now I have to mark my calendar for 5 months to play this game again.

  62. John says

    Bought a new car with the free trial in 2015. I had Siriusxm before and loved it. I already knew the routine. Have always averaged less than $8 per month with little hassle, 5 or 6 month intervals. In August 2019, before my subscription period ended, they sent me a letter in the mail that if I want to keep my service at the same promotional rate I am receiving, do nothing, and it will automatically renew.

    Remember, the only thing they have to show the advertiser is numbers of subscribers. They can’t tell if or how you are using the service, except if you are streaming online you. So, losing customers memes they are losing advertising dollars, whereas adding a customer or keeping one costs them nothing. You pay for the equipment, the service is falling from the sky whether you use it or not. The signal doesn’t weekend if everyone uses it at the same time, and it costs the same to operate whether 3 people or 300 million people are using it, albeit, it would be easier to only bill three people. Sirius XM is an outstanding product, I love it. It may be the Last Vestige all of consumer power we have left. Seems like everything else we do is price fixed. So stand your ground, to lose the product if necessary because, if you don’t, then you are throwing away the ability for yourself and others to continue to negotiate fair pricing. I think if their pricing was fair, say $10 a month flat for everybody, I would gladly pay that and I know about a hundred people that don’t have Sirius radio that would be willing to pay that. This was a great article. Maybe someone at Sirius xm will read it.

  63. F says

    One of my colleagues told me to try this a few weeks ago. I just got around to it this evening and got a great deal: $60 for the year (I had a ~$10 credit) since I called a week or so before my automatic renewal. I cannot believe I’ve been paying full price 5+ years! Never again.

  64. Kathi says

    I’ve had Sirius for years with each car I buy. I love it even though I don’t use it every day. Its easy to become addicted and never listen to broadcast
    radio. When the 6 month free new car plan ended I was able to get it for $60 per year, but they fail to tell you there are royalties & taxes added and you don’t realize it until you see your cc statement! I cancelled it after the deal ended. When I cancelled they asked why & I told them I didn’t want to pay that much. After their negotiations I finally told them that I would pay $6.25 per month, including taxes & royalty fees. I got the deal for a whole year! They now send me a notice every month so I’ll remember when its time to play their game again! I wish they would just stop their game, since it costs them same no matter how many people are listening. Some revenue is always better than none at all.

  65. Ken says

    My renewal time is just about here. Many great recommendations about renegotiating. Through my research, I read that Sirius gives a 25% discount to military/veterans. Has anyone availed themselves of this deal? If so, after the renegotiation, or opening it? And then the final question is, I wonder if this is a real discount, or just taken into consideration during the process. Thanks.

  66. JBWA says

    With my newer car I was at first offered no discount but when I declined to renew, saying I would consider what to do, she checked and discovered a $60 rate for one year of XM Select. She said it would not include streaming but the account says it does (and I don’t care). With all fees and taxes $72.84. At the end of the year it will renew automatically to a monthly rate of $20.63 – but I was told I could call back before that and get the then available discount.

  67. Tony says

    LOL….and I still do that now, have been doing it since 2009, it still works…I’ve been getting $5. per month plus tax and royalties, equals $7.35…for years….it still works, threaten to cancel, and viola…its’ done.

  68. EBGwd says

    Just got SiriusXM and free Echo Dot for $78 (no extra fees) by paying for a full year at once. I got a promo email for my 2010 Prius but swapped the offer to my 2015 Lexus.
    ========= 12/12/2019========
    Thanks for subscribing to the SiriusXM Select package.
    Click the button below to go to Amazon.com, add the new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) to your cart, and enter the promotion code at checkout to get it for Free.
    See Offer Details below.

  69. No Name says

    I was able to talk them down to $6/month for the all access
    (ive also heard apparently if you cancel, keep the xm radio off for a year of something, and turn it back on you will probably still have the signal (possibly for life) as it hadn’t had the option to have the signtal disabled?)

  70. Marge says

    Another point to mention is when you call to cancel, don’t take the first offer they come back to you with! Continue to cancel, and that offer will get lower and lower until you’ve reached one of their better ones.

  71. Maggie says

    I just did this successfully for the second year. I explain that I have the renewal notice in front of me (due next week) and I am not listening to all the stations and not driving as much as I used to (all true) so the $247 amount is too much. I don’t expend the energy to act upset, I just inform them clearly. I ask if they can give me a better deal, or if not, I will cancel. For 2019, I got what they called Sirius Select for $117 (fees +tax incl.). This year their first offer was $119 (all incl.) plus the free Echo Dot via Amazon. I took it as that price is workable for me. I am sure it’s true that if I had haggled further or actually cancelled, the deal would have gotten even better. As earlier comments have said, everyone was happy so I called it a good deal and got on with my day. And I’ll do it again next year.

  72. Dan says

    117 for a year + an echo dot. As opposed to the $28 a month i was stupid enough to pay for for a few months without noticing. Easy call, two ‘hey no i don’t want to change plans and i’d hate to cancel’ statements. 2 minute manager hold and .. done.

  73. Cindy says

    Hello, I just bought a new Sirius XM radio that my Bfriend installed. I haven’t yet gotten a subscription because I want to first fine out what’s best financially. Should I do the free 3 month trial it comes with? But if I do, does that mean I can’t take advantage if the $30/every 6 months promotion for new customers I’m reading about? If I do the free 3 month trial, does that mean I’ll no longer be considered new customer when that ends? I’m reading a lot of great advice on this blog. I bought a $50 Sirius gift card as ppl suggest. Should I go online to enter the card or call them? Should I forego the 3 month free trial to do the 6 months $30 every 6 months? I won’t use a credit card as suggested. Thanks, Cindy

    • Jim Wang says

      You don’t have to be a new customer to get some of these really good deals. You can always cancel and then call up to ask for a better deal (or threaten to cancel to get a better deal). I don’t know how the gift card works though.

  74. Robin says

    Had the All Access plan. They wanted $320 to renew for a year. Called, got the Select plan for $60 a year plus the Echo Dot. I’m a long time customer and I would have cancelled had they not given me the deal. Also got the $2 for 3 months all access for my husband whose first 3 months free is expiring in the next few days. Will probably call in May to cancel or get him the delect deal too. $5 a month is okay – more than that is just completely outrageous. Thanks for the help here!

  75. Cherie says

    My subscription was renewing in 3 days. Followed your advice told them I loved the service (which I do) but did not wish to pay their renewal price. Got a new one year contract which allows me to listen on my computer, Alexa and in my car for $72.18 for all fees and taxes.

    Thanks so much for your advice Jim. It’s really appreciated.

  76. Dave says

    Thanks for the great article, Jim! It worked for me. I got my SiriusXM renewal notice in the mail for $320.00 for a year of All Access and I really didn’t want to pay that much. I called them up and told them I didn’t listen to it enough to justify $320.00 and I wanted to cancel. Right off the bat she offered a year of All Access for only $120.00 total ($99 subscription and $21 music royalty fee). The phone call took less than 10 minutes and I saved $200.00!

  77. Bebe Enteo says

    You don’t have to threaten to cancel.

    Call the toll free number ABOUT ONE MONTH BEFORE THE RENEWAL DATE, and ask for the “Retention Department”. You’ll get someone in North America. No haggling, no threatening to cancel, just tell them you want one of these deals:

    Select: 6 months for $30.00 (with fees and taxes, comes to about $40.00 – in NJ)
    All Access: 1 year for $119 (with fees and taxes, about $140.00)

    This happens every time. I’m on the phone for about 5 minutes.
    You have to agree to terms that say that unless you call to cancel you will pay full price on renewal, and without a credit card they will charge $2.00 fee. You eliminate both by calling one month before renewal.

    Then when you pay, use a Sirius XM gift card, NOT a credit card. Best Buy sells Sirius XM cards in $15, $30, and $50 increments. Then, I “load” them into my Sirius XM online account before I call. The CSR see’s the money and uses it, and anything left over is used for the next time.

    I’ve been doing this for 8 years, and I’ve NEVER paid full price, and I’ve never used a credit card.

  78. John Sirb says

    the best they offered was 799 for streaming. was doing 500 but they wouldnt budge, so I cancelled

  79. Berk7 says

    after staying on hold for 1:45, I just got through to Sirius and cancelled my subscription. They wanted me back, so I asked for 12 months for $60. The fellow said no problem ! Very good price for car, phone and computer ! ! !

  80. J says

    Cancelled all access as they wouldn’t budge on price I was willing to pay ($99/year for all access). Just got called Out of the blue today and they tried the 6 months of select only offer. Said no, all I was interested in was all access on an annual basis. He immediately offered what I had wanted all along – all access for $99.00 ($126.20 after all taxes and fees) and an amazon echo dot.

    Already refreshed the service in the car. Seems silly to have to go thru this game but every dime of my money is just that…my money. Love SiriusXM but not the silly game we must play.

  81. Sara says

    We just bought a used 2015 Ford Explorer from a dealership about 2weeks ago. I was reading through everything & seen in the SiriusXm pamphlet that it showed 5 years free service. Not sure if that was everything including the traffic gas prices & navigation or just the extra things I mentioned? It is 2020 and I am not sure when the vehicle was purchased when it was brand new. All I know is I got a letter today from SiriusXm saying the dealership notified them of our purchase and that my trial would be ending soon. So, I went online looking for deals and came across this blog. I seen they are offering a Google Nest with a 6month subscription to SiriusXm Select for $69. I’ve been wanting a Google Nest, but don’t want to pay what they’re going for. So this deal seems to be okay I guess? Does the select include the weather, traffic & gas prices in the service or is that something different? I’ve never had a vehicle that had those options available. And once the 6months end, if I choose to go with that plan, what is the best deal that folks have gotten for the radio & Navigation & weather options? I know I have those things available on my phone from like gas buddy, waze & weather/news app, but it just is a bit more convenient to be able to touch the screen vs picking up the phone & going to each individual app. I have lived without all this fancy jazz for the 41 I’ve been alive, so it’s not mandatory I have all the extras, it would just be nice.

  82. Bebe Enteo says

    I’ve had Sirius XM for well over 8 years now, and when it comes time to renew, this is what I do:
    1. Buy Sirius XM gift cards from Best Buy. How much depends on the package. The discounted price WITH TAXES AND FEES are approximatly:
    -Select: about $45.00 per year
    -All-Access: about $150.00 per year
    Note, any extra amount remains on your account until the next renewal.
    2. Enter these into your online account. If you don’t have an online account, set one up, and DON’T GIVE THEM your credit card info. Sign up for Invoice Billing. They say it will cost $2.00, but you will only pay that the first time. Subsequent times, you will call before it expires, and avoid this charge (see below)
    3. Call the 800 number and ask, and insist if necessary, to be transferred to the “Customer Retention Department”. If you get another foreign operator, insist on being transferred to customer retention in North America. They’ll switch you to someone in North America. My experiences have been to offices in Canada or Nebraska.
    4. Tell them you want the deal for the Select, which is about $30.00 for six months (before taxes and fees), or All-Access, which is about $120.00 for 12 months (before taxes and fees).
    5. In my experience, I have NEVER had a problem getting the discounted rate. When they see you have the money into the account, they deduct it right away, and they read the terms that state you’ll be automatically charged the current rate. To avoid this, you call about a month to a month-and-a-half before the term expires. Then, repeat is again.

    You don’t have to threaten to quit or play any games. Total time on the phone is less than 10 minutes. This is well worth it to not have a credit card that they can arbitrarily charge.

    Like I wrote, this works EVERY TIME.

  83. Mark Parker says

    Get an Apple Credit card. This card will let you instantly change the credit card number. Use the new number to subcribe to the deal. Then change the credit card number again. I use this technique for all trial offers that I might forget to cancel. Believe it or not – it actually gives you a little more leverage to get the trial again.

  84. Eddie says

    Our trial period just expired in our year old Ram 3500 truck.
    Call customer Service and renew at $4.99 per month with taxes and junk fees $72.84 per year for the SiriusXM Select and they included
    Complimentary 5-Year Trial – SiriusXM Traffic Plus
    Complimentary 5-Year Trial – SiriusXM Travel Link®

    Thanks so much for your advice Jim. It’s really appreciated.

  85. John says

    So here’s a question. Bought ab used truck with Sirius XM and it had the promo for 3 months. It expired and I signed up at siriusxm.com/go and put in my radio ID and email and got about 3 more months. Promo expired so went back to siriusxm.com/go, put in my radio Id and a new email address and it says congrats I’m eligible.

    I didn’t submit it yet but what is to keep me from doing this over and over if I just use a new email address? Or will they eventually block the radio ID?

  86. Josh says

    Just figured I would add that I had the trial account and then canceled it because we went overseas and the US radios do not work in Europe. When we came back and the Honda CR-V radio reconnected to the network, I started getting offers. After about a year of being back (7 years of not having an active radio), I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. 3 years for $120.19. That comes out to $3.33 per month. It was ONLY for that one radio ID. So if you are willing to wait a REALLY long time, you can get supper low rates. 🙂 Now I have a new car and the trial is about to run out, so I need to call and play the game.

  87. John says

    Thanks for your post. I just bought a car that is Sirius enabled, looked them up and saw a $99.00 All Access deal for 12mo. So I think I will buy a Sirius gift card and never let them have my credit card info. After 12 months, I’ll do the same thing!

  88. bap says

    My annual subscription ends next week. I just called to cancel because the renewal fee that I saw when I logged into my account is too expensive. I had XMSelect at $99 for the year. The rep asked me if I would stay if she gave me All Access at the same price. I accepted and she also subtracted the prorated amount for the final week of my current subscription. I always ask for an invoice because I don’t want them to have my credit card or banking information (in case I forget to call in before the subscription auto-renews). I’ve done this for years. I tell everybody to never pay full price for SiriusXM!

  89. Frank says

    Jim, I called on Jul 21, 2020 and the lines were busy. I got an automated recording that offered a $99/yr renewal for All Access. With taxes and fees, $128. The offer would be good if I went through the renewal steps on the phone. It took 3 minutes to go through the whole routine.
    Other info:
    They identified me by my phone #.
    The credit card used was the same as last year.
    I checked online to see if they changed the amount from the $345 renewal rate (mailed to me) to $128 and it was done immediately. Last year was $142 with taxes & fees.
    Customer since 2004.

  90. Amy says

    I did the online chat option instead of calling. I didn’t realize I had auto-renewed for 6 months at $135!! I called to cancel and right off the bat I was offered $30 for 6 months or $60/year for Select. $5/month? Yes, please! Great deal, and I put it on my calendar so I can do it again in 2021.

  91. CrustySOB says

    Just got a renewal notice for AutoBill at $232.59. Got one Chat and told them to can as the rate was absurd. Just renewed for $72.84 (including all fees and taxes) less $15.76 credit for remaining contract service…Net $57.08!

  92. Howie says

    Just asked Sirius to renew my subscription at the starter rate of $60/year. They agreed without a problem. With tax it is $71 and includes streaming to my cell phone in addition to reception in my car. Very simple request these days.

  93. MG says

    I just did the annual call to cancel/get a better rate dance. I got an automated system offer of $99 for all access. It was $50 better than last year. I jumped. Took a minute total.

  94. RS says

    I just re-uped yesterday..I had been paying $60 plus fees for the 6 month All Access deal but let the renewal slip for a couple of months so I was hit for $25ish for the last couple of months..I’d checked out google for the lowest negotiated prices..saw one guy saying he’d negotiated like $2.50/month ?!? for a 2 yr agreement but more talking about $4.99 a month..so I did the chat window and said I wanted to cancel (seriously, I would have, I only listen to less than 10 channels and my 2010 car has only the XM radio so if theres ANYTHING higher than 10 feet on the south side of me it cuts out). The agent offered the $5.99/month for a year for select instantly and I said ‘great price but I’d do that for what I have now (All Access) and after a couple of back and forths (..thats not available..ok cancel..but heres this..ok cancel..well theres this..ok cancel) and then amazingly ‘heres this’..exactly what I asked for..copy and paste here..
    XM All Access (1 Year – Promo) 08/03/2020 – 08/03/2021 $60.00
    plus royalty fees and $1.72 from credit before the 8/5 renewal date the 12 month price for All Access is $71.12

  95. charlie says

    All access for my car and my wife’s, for 6.50 month after tax and fees for 12-months. Plus Echo dots.

    Online chat, just kept on saying cancel.

  96. Ori says

    I was able to renew my initial $60 for 12 months service for an additional 12 months via the auto-chat on their website. It was easy.

  97. Joe says

    I bought a 2020 Tucson and it came with the 3 months all access free. towards the end of that they offered me an additional 3 months for $2.99. Of course I took it. that ran out tody, and beginning tomorrow, they were going to charge me $28.99 a month. No radio is worth $347.88 a year. so I called to cancel it, knowing full well, they would offer me deal. I did nto have to go through several people or call back, or even ask. They immediately offered me the all access plan I have, for $46 for 6 months (plus taxes and fees of course). so I took it. I will call them back in March 2021 and do it again, and I will do it every 6 months if I have to. they clearly do not require you to pay full price, but they should at least price it enough that you are comfortable with it and will allow it to auto renew. Oh well, we will talk again in 6 months 🙂

  98. Warren Norgaard says

    I was just up for renewal. My renewal rate was going to be $320.35. Making this phone call brought that price down to $125.37 after taxes and fees! Thank you!

  99. Val says

    Bought my new car in 2019, and activated an All Access subscription for $145 including taxes and fees. Don’t know if you’re like me, but I absolutely HATE talking on the phone with customer service and haggling for a lower price. I logged in to my SiriusXM account and initiated a chat today with one of the online agents. I explained that I was due to renew my subscription in a month but could not afford the renewal amount listed on my account ($320 for 12-month All Access renewal), and asked what discount she could offer me. What I really wanted was the $99 offer for All Access (plus taxes and fees), but was afraid that I would have to go back and forth with her to get to that offer. The agent offered me the $99 12-month All Access plan right off the bat, and even gave me a credit for what was left on my current plan. All told, I ended up paying $111 total for another 12 months of All Access, and the chat lasted less than 10 minutes. In the end, I got the deal I wanted and paid less than I did the previous year for the same service. Win-win for me! Thank you for this website, Jim!

  100. John C says

    Received the below in an email today, September 19, 2020. $99.00 for 3 years of select with no activation fee. We don’t use that Acura MDX anymore, but I bought a used 2013 Expedition at the end of July from a Ford dealership and SiriusXM gave a free three month all access trial when I called to transfer our trade in subscription to the Expedition. That also left a credit of $30.81 from our previous car subscription. Will be using the online chat in October to get some type of deal.


    Here’s the deal: we want you back. So we’re giving you this incredible offer on our Select package,
    which now includes more than ever before!

    You’ll get uninterrupted service for 3 full years, at $2.75 per month, exclusively for your vehicle listed below.

    New for the Select package:
    • Listen in the car, on your phone, online and at home.
    • Enjoy an additional 100+ ad-free Xtra channels filled with music for any mood.
    • Watch your favorite shows and performances with SiriusXM video.
    We’ve waived the reactivation fee (normally $15). There’s no automatic renewal. And you can cancel at any time.

  101. G.G. Bones says

    I have had Sirius since 2001, the plan has changed a lot over the years. It used to be around 8-9 a month and now it’s 20+ for the best plan. I started doing the yearly rate about 10 years ago and have never paid more then $100 (plus fees) for the ALL ACCESS package. (that’s everything they offer) Even after they give you the “best rate” there is another, especially for people that have been with them for a long time (like me) I also have one radio that has a lifetime sub on it. I put that on the Stilletto 2 and have never moved it to another radio. That radio is almost useless now as they took the WIFI away on it so you have to have a clear shot of the sky in order for it to connect to the moving satellites.
    As a example, not only do I have the lifetime, I have my radio and we got a car that has it. I pay more for the car, which we put just the music in as it’s her car and having all the channels in it while she only listens to 5 or 6 didn’t make sense. The car’s mostly music runs $150, and I pay less for the all access on mine.

    You just have to work them over like a rented mule to get the best deal. It works for me every year.

  102. Jaymie says

    I usually call to haggle a better price and wind up with $129 for the year plus this and that fee, but your article gave me the info do even better! I just secured the Select plan which includes listening in the car, home and on the app with all of the channels except for Howard Stern, Nascar and another sport channel I don’t listen to, for $72.84 for 12 months, ALL IN! Jim and everyone else, thank you for the advice! Good luck to you!

  103. John M says

    I’ve been doing this every 6 months since around 2011. But I always check the blogs to see if anyone else is getting a better deal before calling Sirius. New this year, if you call by phone, is an automated offer “to save time because the representatives are busy”. I skipped the automated offer since I usually have to get special approval for waiving the invoice fee. I just now (10/27/20) signed up for the $29.94 deal for another 6 months (which works out to about $38 with taxes and royalty fees for me) for “Sirius Select” which includes the car radio and streaming. I never give them a credit card, just request an invoice be sent and request that the $2 invoice fee be waived. They always agree. Never have to call back (but do have to wait on hold for them to get approval on the invoice fee waiver). Occasionally, I miss the renewal deadline by a few days and get a huge invoice. But it’s no big deal. Once you negotiate the new deal, you only have to pay full price for the few days up to that day. So it only ends up costing about an extra 50 cents per day that I’m late. I hope those details help others going through this.

  104. Mark Goldstein says

    May I add that the most important part is to use a Sirius gift card that can be purchased on Amazon. Im negotiationg right now caus after my $6 per month plane expired on October 24 they are now charging me $21.39 but since they do not have my CC info they must contact me. Im talking to the rep and getting $5 per month for a year and lowering the current bill to $5.

  105. Marian says

    Thanks for the great information. I was ready to start haggling like I did last year but today (11-12-20) I called and was offered the same price I had last year (12 months for $60 plus tax for SiriusXM Select) without ever having to talk to anyone. Call was completed in under 3 minutes.

  106. Stéphane says

    Thanks for the article. My wife car trial ended and I followed your instruction to call directly and they offered me the 20$ per month (tx in) for the SiriusXM Select. I said it should be 6$ per month (tx in) for 1 year and she replied yes I can offer you this promotion. Also added the free Smart Speaker you can choose between a Google Mini or Amazon Echo Dot.

  107. Natalie M says

    I tried, I tried very hard and spoke with various people. However 90% of what I listen to is Howard Stern and its seems that it’s a premium channel… Makes sense, someone has to pay that $300 million/year contract. Have any of you gotten a good deal including Howard? My $5/month 12 month trial ran out and now the cheapest including Howard is $26/month which is too much, especially during these times!

  108. Robert says

    You don’t have to remember to cancel. Just call them up any time and tell them that you don’t authorize automatic renewal. (it’s part of the “cancel at any time” language. I always do this; renew according to terms after I’ve negotiated my best deal, then call back about a week later to cancel automatic renewals.

  109. Anthony says

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time now. Best think they EVER did years back was offer a lifetime subscription so I paid once and never have to renew…they have allowed me to transfer my subscription to a new vehicle already once. Trouble is now I have a new car and am keeping the older one so I need a second subscription. The battle is on with this one… already told me they are not offering the lifetime anymore (even though I already have it) so we will see how this goes when I call. Still have 2 months free to go so I have nothing but time right now.

  110. Elizabeth says

    I have been renewing this way since 2013. This time, just today, 1/5/21, I called and got an automated message that offered me one full year of Select for $75, including all the extra taxes and charges. This is the cheapest for me so far. I wish I had read to the bottom of this thread to ask for the $6 per month. Still, this is not a bad deal. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  111. Janie says

    This is great info and so glad I searched for the Sirius “if you don’t call we will charge you what we want”topic. I am now retired and all those days of rockin in the morning and evening are gone. Local channels sound so much sweeter than $200 a year!

  112. Stuart says

    We have had SiriusXM since 2014. When we replaced one of our vehicles last September, we received a credit on our account because the new car came with 3 free months of all access, which was then extended for another 3 months for only 2 bucks ! Although all access is nice, the select plan works for our needs. When I called today to renew both vehicles, they offered me the select plan for $5.00/ month plus taxes and fees – a savings of over $12.00 per month on each car without having to bargain with the rep. I will never allow it to auto-renew again.

  113. Lawrence Frank says

    Current SiriusXM web deal is $5/month Select + Streaming just by navigating to the website. When I called to renew or transfer a vehicle, of course they quote 15+ per month, the new car “keep after All Access trial deal” is about $100/year – – OK if you want all access, but when I talked to a rep and mentioned the website quoting $5/month, she just said “oh great, all you have to do is mention and ask and I can give that to you now.” Total with tax/fees is $6.06 per month (I think is what she said).

  114. Thom says

    Just renewed my select plan. First offer about $108, asked to match my current offer of 5$ a month. They said they could do it at about $8 a month, came to $119 and change. I told them that was more than there first offer and they agreed to give me my current offer again. $72.65 with fees and taxes!

  115. April Angel says

    This was so helpful I had to chime in with my story from today.
    We bought 2 new cars – husband called Sirius today when my trial expired to get me onto the family package. They wanted something like $250+$175 for the 2 vehicles. I about passed out when my husband told me. I got into a live chat with Sirius and told them there was NO WAY I was paying that. Without even having to try, he offered me $60 per vehicle per year. Easy peasy. They even refunded the balance on the account. Use the live chat!

  116. Jay Kelly says

    Thanks for the article. I have a month left on my trial and was wondering if they still had off-the-menu prices. Over a decade ago, I could get $20 for 5 months regularly which is pretty much what you said today’s best offer is. I might be able to get that best possible deal, if I tell them I used to get it. Being able to stream Pandora and YouTube with Android Auto, I don’t really need SXM except in the summer months when I travel in areas without cell service, so a 6 mo subscription is perfect. Thanks!!

  117. LINDA S says

    The best deal you can get is one that involves unsubscribing for a year or more. When you express interest in coming back you may be offered 3 years for $99.plus tax and royalty fees. Be sure to tell them you don’t want to pay an activation fee(Save $15)

  118. Angelika says

    I play the ‘song and dance’ every 6 months (for years) once I see the regular monthly charge show in my credit card statement. SiriusXM should really consider lowering down their monthly charge to be competitive with the other streaming services like Spotify which comes built-in with Android Auto. It’s an outdated concept (I feel) and I rarely listen to SiriusXM while driving the car. The only reason I pay the fee (as silly as this sounds) is that I don’t like the empty void in my car’s menu. I’m fine paying 6-month fee to maintain some usability.

  119. Roy Schechter says

    Called and threatened to cancel saying get other streaming services free. Was immediately offered $5 per month for 12 months, or $60 a year, on both of my vehicles. $78.67 with music fees. No muss no fuss. I have done this for last 5 years and never had a problem or had to call back.

  120. Henry says

    Who knew, just call and save hundreds. Mine went from $26.27/month -> $14.46 -> $8.45. I said that’s still too high and I mentioned $5 per month and rep said ok we can do that for 12 months and streaming is included free. bam!

    • Storm says

      18 months ago I purchased a supposed lifetime subscription boom box on Ebay for $200. Today it stopped playing, with a screen display of “sub updated press any button”. I knew it was risky when I bought it, just glad I got 18 months out of it! I would like to reactivate it and maybe also have a functional app on my phone as I really do like the service!

  121. Larry McKinney says

    Good stuff here, but I must share my brother’s experience. After a visit he enjoyed my service and called when he returned home to sign up. He negotiated a rate of $115 for THREE YEARS for an upgraded service – all the music and sports channels. Enjoyed it. Until he bought a new vehicle and sought to transfer his service. Sirius would not honor the old rate. They offered a new deal at a mere 9 times the cost of his old deal. He is no longer a SiriusXM customer.

  122. Graig Moore says

    I just canceled….the last offer I got was $72 for a year of car and internet. I’m playing hardball, I’ll wait for a better deal. I willing to do $99 for 3 years of all excess

  123. Dena says

    Thanks for the info! My new customer subscription ($60 year + taxes/fees) expires in October 2021. My new rate would be around $20/month. I called in – agents were busy – told computer system “cancel”. The computer system offered me a special promo at $72 year + taxes/fees. I’m now getting the same service for a little over $7.50/month for the next year. Thanks again for the advice. Well worth the 3-4 minutes I spent!

  124. Doug Goss says

    Long time customer – have been with them since 2006 and played the renewal game repeatedly.
    Somehow I let my last renewal end on 10/23 and called today, 11/2 to renew.
    I had previously had the “promo” rate of 29.94 for 6 months which ended up being 36.35 with fees.
    After badgering me for an extended period over what I listen to I made it clear I was fine with the current plan, select. I was offered 36 for 6 months. I may have considered that but when he added in the fees it would have been 52.50 for 6 months.

    On the last billing of 36.35 the fees were 21.4% of the 29.94 promo rate.
    Now they are asking 45.8% in fees on top of the 36 promo rate
    Told him to cancel and he said if I reactivated I would have another 50 fee for that (though the website shows it as 15). Told him if that was the way they treated a 15 year customer they would never see me again. He then canceled and said they would send a bill for the 8.80 in fees accrued since the last contract ended on 10/23.

    I’ll see what happens if they decide they want me back bad enough but today left a very rank taste in my mouth with this company.

  125. N. Alex says

    I waited to long to call in so I was charged $21 for this next month. I used the ‘chat’ option on their website and asked for the $4.99 per mo I had been paying and could they apply the $21 to that yearly subscription. They first told me I was eligible for $7.99 per mo! I said that was too much and that I saw a $5.99 offer on the website. He then said $6.99 per mo! I told him I was a loyal customer and it was just too much $. So then he offered $5.99 per mo! Since that was the main offer on the website, I went ahead and did the $5.99 per mo. They will credit me back the diff of $14 for this month, which I am happy about. It was too long of a ‘chat’ to barter for the best price. SiriusXM needs to just give their customers the best price up front.

  126. Mary says

    Been with them for over 10 years, at least. Always get to the cancellation department to get the best deal. November of last year, got good deal for All Access for $60 plus fees for a year, so $70 something total, what I usually pay. Called today, a day before renewal, chickypoo offered me the ‘deal’ for a year, with TT&L, came out to about $184. I said nope, thanks, need to cancel. Bluff was called, I waited for cancellation department to come, but she herself did the cancelling. Have to say I was a little deflated, but $200 a year when I paid $70 last year, not gonna happen. I’ll get a ‘please come back’ letter in the mail for the cheap deal. I can wait. I wonder if they’re getting wise or that gal just had the power to do the cancelling when all the others had to send it to the ‘Department’.

  127. Trent says

    Last couple years they offered me the 99 dollars (plus fees) for 12 months platinum package with all the extra channels. I did not have to haggle to get that rate. But this year they decided to play games like they did in the old days. The best they could do was 150 dollars for 12 months plus fees. As I did not want to play I just told the rep to turn it off. He tried playing more games and I cut him off abruptly and said TURN IT OFF NOW. Life is too short to quibble with Sirius reps. They are just so annoying. But I knew they would start sending offers in the mail. Surprisingly they still called me which I would just hang up. Already decided I would not add service back through a phone call. Was not going to happen. It actually took longer then I thought it would before they would finally send me the 99/year offer again. They sent a new crappy offer every month. I cancelled three months ago. On the third month they caved and finally offered my old plan. I really did not miss it but for 99 dollars it offers enough value for me. So my advice is don’t cave in to these guys. You should not pay more then 5/month plus fees or 8/month plus fees for the platinum package. If they don’t offer it threaten to cancel. If they still won’t offer it after that actually have them shut the signal down. I guarantee they will come crawling back. 99 dollars is better then nothing. Also make sure you right down the date when the offer will expire in a year. Because the service will automatically triple in price. Make sure you call a month before it expires to re-negotiate the deal. If they don’t, just tell them to shut service off after the last month on the plan which they can do.

  128. CA Green says

    I clicked on your link for the SiriusXM deal for $4.99. I filled out information and then got an offer to extend it for an additional 6 months, for an additional 3.49 or so per month, which I accepted. After I filled out my credit card information, the proposed charge was around $229.00. I freaked out and closed the web page before I could screen shot it. I contacted SiriusXM to make sure I wasn’t going to be charged and was told the best offer I could get right now is $5.99 a month for six months. Then it goes up to almost $25 a month. What a racket.

  129. Monica Blons says

    Thank you!
    I got a Sirius renewal bill for $264
    I called to try to cancel–they dropped it to
    you were spot on!

  130. Steve Herbert says

    Last year I renewed the “Music and Entertainment” package for $60 for the year. I’m a week away from that ending and returning to a high month to month rate, and used their chat feature cancel. Once I got through the bot, I got a live rep.

    They offered several packages starting at $17.99 a month. After I said hell no, she came back with $5.99/month and tried a few times to sell me on this (it’s only a $1 a month more, 3 cents a day). I say no, but if they could get it to $60 for the year I’d renew.

    She then offered the “Music Showcase” package for $60/year. I said yes and am now renewed for another year.

  131. Diver86 says

    I’ve played the renewal game for the last 20 years !!! I had a SatWeather too! EVERY YEAR, I had to call and quibble. BUT, for the last 3 years, they did not make me call or threaten. I told them 3 years ago I was tired of calling and playing the game. They must’ve tagged my account, because now I only do it through the chat. Bing bang bong renewed at same rate ($99 + tax/fees).

  132. John C Richards says

    appreciate your input on sirius/xm pricing, but what about multi vehicle discounts? I did not see that addressed

    • Andie says

      I quit my SiriusXM a couple of weeks ago. I got an offer 2hours ago for the platinum plan for $6 for 12 Months. I’m gonna hold out a bit more to what else they will offer.

  133. John says

    I just called and the $29.94 / 6 month deal was last year. No way they would give it to me. The new price is $36 and with taxes and fees it comes to $43.70. She first offered me a 1 year upgrade to platinum for $99 which is only $28 per year more and don’t have to call in 6 months, but I wouldn’t use platinum.

  134. Jaxx says

    Thanks for sharing Jim. My Sirius trial just ended and been trying to decide if I wanted to subscribe but the price, eek. With the six month deal, I’m sold!

  135. Legger says

    Hi Jim, Great article. I only wish I had seen this earlier this year (before my renewal) cuz I’m paying an outrageous amount yearly for my one vehicle. It just renewed on March 4, so just less than 2 months ago. I don’t suppose that it will do me any good now since they already billed me. Have you heard of anyone that got a refund?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Jim Wang says

      I haven’t heard of anyone getting a refund after the billing but it never hurts to ask!

      • Wendy says

        I haven’t heard of a refund either, but I have heard of them extending the credit on the new rate so you go longer without paying again.

  136. Erika says

    I learned that one when I bought by 2012 Camaro. Then I decided to try it with other bills. I called Verizon wireless complaining that my bill is way too high and I want to cancel my 5 lines. I was put through to the retention department and boom they decreased my bill for that month down from around $600 to less than 200. But that was only for that month. However they found every way possible to cut all kinds of fees here and there and my monthly bill dropped by half. I shit you not. It isn’t always going to work but it’s worth a shot with any bills you have.

  137. KP says

    I do believe Sirius has caught onto the game. Today when I contacted them for my annual renegotiate-the-fee conversation (two days before my auto-renewal) I had an automated option give me an offer of $129.54 for a year of platinum. Last year that exact same plan cost me $174.49. I’m happy plus I never had to speak with a customer service agent.

  138. Wendy says

    I just used the chat feature on the SiriusXM website and it was the easiest negation I’ve had with them in the 12 years I’ve been using the service. I told them I couldn’t afford the service, and they came back with $5/month for 12 months + fees and taxes for a total of $6.06/month. My calendar is already marked for 50 weeks out to try again. Thank you!

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