How to Get a Free Stock Referral from Robinhood – up to $225!

Robinhood is a popular stock trading app that charges absolutely no commissions. You can read our full review of Robinhood to get a better idea of what they do.

They recently went public and so they’re under even more pressure to increase accounts and revenue for their shareholders.

The most exciting of which is a free share of stock for new accounts when you have a referral. (and once you have an account, then you can refer your friends!)

Want even more free stock? Webull will give up to 6 free stocks. They have no account minimums and fees, so enjoy your free stock!

  • Get 2 free stock ($3 - $300) when you open an account,
  • Make an initial deposit of any amount (even a penny), get 4 free stocks each worth $7 - $ 3,000

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The two brokers are similar, here is a comparison between the two!

Table of Contents
  1. Open Account, Get Free Stock
  2. How Robinhood Promotions Work

Open Account, Get Free Stock

The most exciting of the referral promotions is the free stock promotion. When you refer a friend, they get a chance of getting a share of stock valued between $2.5 and $225. The stock is awarded when they fund their account.

When you refer a friend, you also get a share of stock too – you can receive up to $500 in free stocks per year.

The stock is not automatically deposited into your account. You will get a notification (or look in your history/past invites screen) and you have 60 days to claim the stock.

You can sell the stock after 2 trading days but you have to keep the cash value of the stock in your account for 30 days. That value will be reported on a 1099-MISC.

Get Your Free Stock from Robinhood

According to Robinhood, here are the probabilities (based on when they acquired the shares, the market fluctuates so award could be different):

  • 100% chance of getting a free share of stock
  • ~98% chance the stock has a value of $2.50-$10;
  • ~1% chance the stock has a value of $10-$50;
  • ~1% chance the stock has a value of $50-$225.

Once they open an account and transfer, you’ll see a notification on your phone. Click through to the person and claim your stock:

(if you look carefully, the list of invites will tell you the stock ticker of what you won – I realized this on the second referral, which you see above)

Then you get to a screen where you “pick” three stocks (part of Robinhood’s gamification):

Oooohhh the suspense!

There’s some intermediate “scratcher” screen but then you see this:

Stock Won - SWN

Fun! Now I can sell in 2 business days (how long it probably takes to settle).

Here are a few high stock amounts I’ve seen:

How Robinhood Promotions Work

A great part about Robinhood promotions is that your referral link never changes. It’s the same invite link you’ve always been using.

The only difference is the incentive you get, the incentive your friend gets, and the rules regarding withdrawals. So what you will see above is a listing of all the different promotions they’re actively running. As a startup, they mix it up all the time so what you see will vary based on your account.

No commission trades, referral sign-up money, this is what disruption looks like — if you get a free share of stock through this, let us know what you got! 🙂

Get your free stock today!

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    • Jim Wang says

      Whaaaaat??? T and AAPL!? Nice. ~$150 for AAPL is great but ~$38 for AT&T is a solid get too.

      So far I’ve only gotten the $3-10 stocks (usually around $7-8).

      • Chris Loftus says

        The first one I got was brk-b (Berkshire b) and I’ve also gotten 2 groupons, 2 zegna, 1 sunpower, and another I can’t think of. I love this app. I started with 0 dollars and have already made over 300 in a month. Thank you for reading.

  1. Frugal Price says

    Does Robinhood allow accounts for minors yet? I really want to get nieces and nephews to learn about investing using this, but I can’t until they allow some sort of custodial accounts.

  2. Fred says

    Hey Jim, it sounded like a great deal so I signed up as soon as you posted this. However, I am still waiting. It keeps saying Pending Application Approval. Should it take more than a couple weeks for the account to set up?

    • Chris Loftus says

      You need to go to email and verify your email. Then go to your home page of robinhood and there will be a notification saying claim your free stock.

  3. Mike says

    I am already signed up with Robinhood. I don’t see the option for me to get stock for referring people. Did you have to do something special?

    • Chris Loftus says

      Go to personal info on robinhood. Then friend invites. As soon as your friends sign up properly, you’ll get a notification saying claim your free stock.

  4. Joseph Rather says

    I already signed up for Robinhood. Is there a way I can still get the free stock that you would get for signing up?

  5. Andrew says

    Does the person being referred need to deposit any money into their account before I can receive the free stock?

    • Leslie says

      Hi Eric.
      Perhaps Sprint’s interest in merging with T-mobile in order to provide meaningful competition against AT&T & Verizon will give it a boost in its Interest or ‘X’ Factor?

      I hope so for both of us & others. I received Sprint as well.

      Best wishes,

  6. Patricia Carhart says

    I signed up for Robinhood….however I did not receive a free share of stock, nor did the person that invited me. What needs to happen for us to receive the free stock share?

  7. David says

    I got a Sprint stock when I signed up for $5.77 which was cool. Just today signed up my first friend and got Apple at $211!!!! That was super cool. Created a pretty big buzz around the office and now have several people jumping on board. Great advertising by Robinhood. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed the App. Very simple and user friendly. Can’t beat free trades. Will enjoy this while it lasts. Free is hard to maintain.

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