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RealtyShares $100 Refer a Friend Promotion Code

RealtyShares is one of the best crowdfunding real estate investing sites. They are a marketplace that lets you invest in short-term loans and equity investments in real estate property, it's like a LendingClub for real estate.

Unlike many other similar marketplaces, the minimum with RealtyShares is just $1,000 per investment (compared to many places where it's $10,000 or more), depending on the investment.

Remember that to invest in crowd funded real estate on the RealtyShares platform you need to be an accredited investor and resident of the United States.

For a limited time, use the promo code Partner100 to get a $100 bonus when you make your first investment. The $100 will appear in your linked bank account within 30 days of processing your investment.

This is a great promotion that represents an instant return of 2% on a minimum investment.

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