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Free $20 Bucks: Turn $40 into $60 in Thirty Seconds – NetSpend $20 Referral

It might take a few more seconds than that but it's completely possible.

NetSpend is a pre-paid debit card that has been in business since 1999. The prepaid debit cards is extremely competitive so it's not uncommon for a company to offer incentives to pick them. This $20 referral bonus is that incentive.

How do you get the $20? It's easy.

This is only available if you have not been a Netspend customer currently or in the past.

1. Sign up with this link and if they ask, make sure to use the referral code 3036538070. Without the code, you won't get your $20 bonus. The signup process took just a few minutes.

Click here to sign up

2. Wait for the card. They recommend you Activate your Card before you do anything else, just in case there's a problem. I applied on July 6th, got my card about 10 days later (not sure if weekend days count), and activated it.

3. Transfer $40 into your account. There are several ways to transfer funds but PayPal or a bank transfer do not have a transfer fee. I went with PayPal. Within a couple days (mine was there the next day), you'll see the bonus appear.

4. Spend the money. It's a pre-paid card so there are fees. There's no monthly fee on the “Pay As You Go Plan” but you will pay $1 per Signature Purchase Transaction or $2 for a PIN Purchase Transaction. You can also make an ATM withdrawal but that costs $2.50 per withdrawal. I bought an Amazon gift card ($59) and come out ahead by $19.

When spending the money, you have to remember your spendable balance is $1 less than your total. So I have $60 on the card but any transaction above $59 will be rejected.

I tried $60 first and the transaction was rejected. $59 did the charm.

5. Keep the account or close it. Up to you, personally I would close it if you aren't ever going to use it. To close your account, log in and look under “Help & Support” for “Close Account.”

You can also refer your friends and family too. They get $20 when they do exactly what you did and you'll get $20 for referring them. By that same token, we're getting $20 for referring you. It's one big referral party!

Enjoy your brand new $20!

(full disclosure, we also make a referral fee too and it helps pay for the cookies!)