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11+ Hacks Every Netflix Every Pro Binger Needs to Know!

Last year, Netflix increased prices of each of their plans by a dollar or two.

This year, Netflix is doing the same. On January 15th, 2019, they announced an increase of a dollar or two on each of their plans.

New subscribers will pay $12.99 each month for high-definition streaming on two screens (it's live right now, existing subscribers will see an increase shortly). The basic version, for $8.99 a month, gives you only 1 screen in standard definition. Premium will cost you $15.99 but comes with Ultra HD and 4 screens at the same time.

Now, more than ever, you'll need some of these Netflix hacks to save money and get the most out of your Netflix account! (especially if you're cutting your cable and supplementing with them and services like DirecTV)

This post begins with a few suggestions on how to save money on your account and then goes into all the different undocumented “features” Netflix offers, from adjusting your streaming to seeing who is watching what (and you might be surprised!).

If you've been considering cutting your cable because all you really need in life is Netflix and a few other channels, you should look at our guide to cutting that cable bill out of your life and all the awesome streaming options now.

Share an Account

The simplest way to save money is to share your account with family and friends. The Basic Plan gives you the right to watch two screens simultaneously, so you could easily split an account with someone and end up paying just $4.99 a month instead of the full $9.99.

Each Netflix account can have up to five profiles so five people can have their own queues, personalization, recommendations, and Netlix experience. Each Netflix account can be registered to six devices too. Netflix makes it quite easy to share an account.

If you're concerned about the ethical implications, CEO Reed Hastings has said account sharing is perfectly OK.

Buy Netflix Gift Cards

Buy a gift card, apply to account, profit!

Gift card marketplaces like Raise will have Netflix gift cards on a huge discount. Buy a card and then apply it to your account for instant savings!

Raise has them for only 3.5% off right now (March 2018) but you can visit a marketplace aggregator like GiftCardGranny to compare across multiple marketplaces. These rates change all the time, based on what people are trying to sell soso shop around.

To apply your gift card to your account, go to My Account and enter the code into the form at the bottom of that screen.

Right where the big ole green arrow is! 🙂

When Raise had Egift cards for 10% off – you could get a $60 gift card for just $54:

Instant savings on Netflix!

The code arrives via email, copy and paste into your account, keep watching for less!

Put your membership on “Hold.”

In the past, you could pause your Netflix membership for any reason for a short period of time. Billing would stop and reactivate once the hold period ended. Netflix did away with that feature but you can still put a hold, it just requires a few more steps.

To pause your Netflix membership, you'll need to cancel it and reactivate it. To cancel, go to My Account and click the Cancel Membership button underneath Membership & Billing. To reactivate, log back in within 10 months and update your payment information.

As long as you come back within 10 months, your account information (profiles, history, etc.) will be saved. If you dilly dally, it'll be erased.

Check Who Is Watching

Do all those recent account accesses look familiar?

Your Netflix account is valuable and people's accounts are being hacked all the time and traded in the darker portions of the internet, according to a McAfee report. (the report is kind of scary!)

But let's face it, House of Cards is just that good!

Check your Recent Account Access page for any suspicious behavior or strange logins. If you do, sign out of all devices and change your account password immediately.

What's New on Netflix?

There are a lot of browsing tools to help you find the latest and greatest on Netflix. My favorite is Instant Watcher, which will give you all sorts of ratings from Rotten Tomatoes to IMDB. They also show you what's new and noteworthy, what will be gone soon, etc.

They have lists for Amazon too.

Manually Adjust Netflix Streaming Settings

If you want to adjust your data usage, you can set Playback Settings, under My Profile, in your Account.

It will play back video at whatever setting you put, regardless of your data capabilities.

If you want to adjust things on a video by video basis, hold Shift+Alt+Ctrl+S when the video is playing to reveal a menu that lets you adjust Audio Bitrate, Video Bitrate, and CDN. The Bitrate for audio and video manage the quality, the higher the bitrate the better the quality. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and refers to the servers sending you the data. Switching them could improve, or hurt, performance.

On a Mac the key combination is Control+Shift+Option+S.

Review & Delete Your History

Hey, sometimes you want to know what you watched… and someone you don't want someone to know you watched something. Or sometimes you don't want a movie you half-watched messing up your recommendations. Right… the last one. 🙂

Go to netflix.com/viewingactivity to see your viewing history and click on the X to delete it.

How to Clear Your “Continue Watching” List

I never watch the credits of a movie, documentary or TV show and so my “Continue Watching” queue is an endless list of shows with 5 minutes left.

How do you clear or edit this Continue Watching list? The best way is to delete the fact that you ever watched it in the first place. You can always turn the show back on and let it run itself out, but who has time for that? Just delete it from your history and you'll be rid of it. Instructions are above.

Browse Hidden Genres

Netflix has a whole slew of genres they don't show to everyone, to see them you just need to load this URL:


Then go to this list of Netflix Genre IDs to find the one for you. (here's an even longer list)

For example, if you want Animal Tales (5507), go to http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/5507

Simple enough right?

Want some keyboard hot-key shortcuts?

Did you know you can control Netflix with just your keyboard?

If you like seeing technical stuff, hold Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D – you'll see an overlay with a ton of information about your browser, the movie, the playback (bitrate, buffering, framerate) and other, mostly useless, information.

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-L will show you the log file.

Netflix Doesn't Have It?

Because Frozen is really hard to find. 🙂

We have several streaming services so sometimes a show that isn't available on Netflix might be available on Amazon Video.

The best place to search is Where To Watch, it'll search all the other services to find out where you can get it. You can even set alerts for yourself. I found a few services I'd never heard of before too, many of which can be accessed through your cable services (for example, See.it is a service available to Charter and Comcast xfinity)

Need a Fireplace?

A fireplace… for your home!

If you need your TV to look like a fire place but don't want to chop any wood, load this baby up. Now you have an hour of fire with no messy clean up, it even comes with Christmas-y/Holiday music, but you can mute that if you aren't a fan. It even crackles!

Go forth and binge!