Money Mindset

How you think about money influences how you behave with it.

And how you behave with it has a big impact on the quality of your life.

This archive collects all of our writing on the nebulous subject of how you think about your money, how you manage it, and how you should adjust that thinking as you age.

Money Mindset:

The Boring Middle is Bullshit

The Boring Middle is that part of any journey where things are on auto-pilot and you're simply "waiting." Don't! This time is better spent doing something else!

How to Avoid Type 2 Money Mistakes

Not all mistakes are the same. learn the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 mistakes as well as how to identify the more dangerous ones, Type 2, and avoid them at all costs.

Avoid Status Games

Status games are expensive and you may not even consciously realize you're playing them. Here's how to stop and reclaim your life.

How to Make Life-Changing Decisions

Making a decision can be difficult, especially one that you consider a life-changing decision. Here is how I approached these points in my life.

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