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MintVine Review: A+ BBB-rated, $10 cash payout minimum

MintVine is a market research community, not unlike many of the ones on our list of the 5 most popular survey companies, run by Branded Research, Inc, with offices in San Diego and London. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Mintvine changed their name to Branded Surveys. It's the same company, just a different name. We refer to them as Mintvine in this post because that's what they were called when we signed up, but don't be thrown off by the name change!

Registration takes about a minute with their Facebook integration. This is the screen you'll see after registration.

1,000 points is worth $10 so the math is simple, no games there. A point is worth a penny.

How can you earn points? There are a few one time offers, like 50 points for completing your profile and 200 points just for registering. There is also a daily poll worth 5 points.

How can you get paid? You can get paid via PayPal, Dwolla, or by gift card (Amazon, Target, ebay, Bestbuy and iTunes) when you hit 1,000 points ($10). Once you reach the threshold, a Redeem button will appear on the payments page. The only exception is payment by Dwolla, which is automatic.


Ultimately though, it's about the surveys. When I registered, I had 18 available surveys – many of which were profile related.

The nice thing about MintVine is that they tell you how long the survey is, and how much it's worth, before you start it. On some other survey sites, I always hated starting a survey only to learn it was a 50 question, 30 minute survey that will pay you $2. I don't like to do those unless I have no choice because I'm at the DMV.

The point values vary but you can usually get 4-5 points per minute on these surveys. It's not a whole lot of money because they're profile related but when you're waiting in line, getting a little bit just to fill out a survey is kind of nice.

After you've entered the profile surveys, you start getting real surveys. Real surveys pay better, much better. I just saw an 80 point survey that would take 5 minutes. If it does take five minutes, that's effectively 960 points per hour, or a little shy of $10 an hour in five minute chunks. Not a bad use of time.

And about those time estimates – they are just estimates. I finished a 5 minute profile survey in about a minute. You are told that there are minimum survey times (to prevent people from filling out random answers) but that minimum is not the estimate they provide.

Finally, sometimes you don't qualify for surveys. I just went through one that had me answer about a dozen demographic questions (took about 15 seconds), and I was declined. I still got five points. Not a great result but better than places that pay you nothing if you don't qualify.

Getting Paid

Getting payout is easy – if you pick Dwolla, it's automatic. I chose Amazon because I wanted to go through the process for a gift card at least once.

I requested my payout when I hit 1116 points, which is worth $11.16. It took about 36 hours but I was sent an email with my code.

Easy peasy!

Deals, Offers, Other Bonuses

Surveys are the main way to earn points but you can so earn them, as sort of cashback, when you buy Local Deals (powered by Groupon) or take advantage of Offers (powered by AdGateRewards). These aren't as interesting as surveys.

There are other bonuses too. You get entries into giveaways for every survey you fill out. There's a daily 100 point giveaway, a weekly 500 point giveaway, and a monthly 2500 point giveaway. You also get streak bonuses when you answer the poll, 25 points when you complete 10 in a row.


The site is beautiful, well designed and easy to navigate. Ways to earn are clearly identified and the pay seems reasonable. Again, you won't get rich but surveys are short so you can do them while you're waiting somewhere — beats earning nothing while in line.

The low payout threshold of 1000 ($10) is nice. So many places require you to earn $20 or $25 before you can cash out. This, coupled with automatic payouts via Dwolla and Paypal, and you have a solid combo.


There is about a 14-day hold on points for their partner to verify the results, but I haven't had any problems with that.

No iPhone app. 🙁 The mobile website is great but a native app would be sweeter.

There aren't a lot of surveys. I pop in every day to do the 5 point 1-question poll but I usually only do surveys every few days. I suspect as they grow bigger they'll get more. Until then I'll take my nickel.

If you like to earn a little extra cash doing surveys, MintVine is a good place to monetize that waiting in line time. If you have even more time, this is our master list of websites that will pay you for work.

MintVine Review





  • Quick payouts (24-36 hrs)
  • Low payout threshold ($10)
  • Surveys are short


  • No native iPhone app
  • Not enough surveys