7 Men’s Wearhouse Money Saving Tips

When I got married nearly a decade ago, my groomsmen were scattered across the country. There was only one store that had locations in all of these places and that store was Men's Wearhouse.

I visited a local Men's Wearhouse in Maryland and learned they were rotating out their existing tuxedo lineup and replacing them with something else. I managed to score a tuxedo rental for just $50 a piece (plus tax) since they were “older” models. It didn't matter to me that they were older. The shoes were patent leather, had no scuffs and looked pristine. The tuxedos themselves were good too, not that I'd know the difference about fabrics, cuts, and styles.

Honestly though, no one cares about what the guys look like. Everyone is looking at the bride and her dress. The guys just need to look presentable, preferably matching, and have suits that fit. And I'm pretty sure my groomsmen were thrilled to learn the tuxedos were only fifty bucks.

Get a Coupon

Men's Wearhouse has a $20 off $100 coupon on their website. You don't even need to give them your email first!

You can print out the coupon and bring it with you to the store or you can have them email it to you. There are exclusions on the coupon, like you can't use it for tuxedo rentals or alterations, but it's otherwise a straightforward discount.

Scan the Online Sale Rack

Like many apparel companies, their online site has a ton of sales and you can find some great deals if you're patient. There is everything from full suits to tuxedos to ties to tie bars. The discounts can be significant too, I've seen $70 button down shirts for $10. Merino sweaters once retailing for $95 on sale for $20.

Heck, here's a Calvin Klein Blue Postman Extreme Slim Fit Blazer that's regularly $430 now available for $100. The $400 to $100 drop on jackets is not uncommon.

If you have kids, there are all kinds of discounts on shirts and ties for the little guys too.

Join Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit is Men's Wearhouse's loyalty program. You get $30 off select tuxedo and suit rentals, a $50 reward for every $500 you spend, a birthday offer plus free ground shipping on every order no matter the total.

The $50 reward is a Perfect Fit Rewards Certificate that expires six months after issue.

Buy Gift Cards Online

Like a lot of other retailers, Men's Wearhouse gift cards are popular on gift card marketplaces like Raise.

You can often find Men's Wearhouse gift cards discounted over 10%, which is a 10% savings in your pocket immediately.

Check Purchase Price vs. Rental Price

If you are looking at a tux or suit rental, it might make more sense to buy rather than rent. Renting isn't always cheaper, especially if there are sales and clearance items that have been drastically marked down. You could purchase the outfits and then have them tailored to fit each person.

If you aren't considering buying the suit, you could skip renting accessories and buy them outright. These include ties, cuff links, and other accessories. It may be cheaper to buy them and you can often use accessories for other occasions.

Negotiate a Rental Package

Renting tuxedos is big business and when we rented at Men's Wearhouse they gave my dad's tuxedo rental for free. On their website, they're promoting a $400 shopping spree when you rent 5 tuxedos. Compare this special offer with other tuxedo rental places because these can vary widely.

Here are the terms of that spree:

$400 Shopping Spree: Offer valid on new wedding bookings. With 5 paid Tuxedo Rental Packages (which at a minimum must include coat, pants, shirt, rental or retail tie, cummerbund and rental jewelry) or Suit Rental Packages (which at a minimum must include coat, pants, shirt and vest), choose between (1) retail offer of a $400 shopping credit toward the regular price of items in a single retail purchase except shoes, Tommy John undergarments and custom items; OR (2) rental offer of one free Rental Package with a maximum value of $239.99. With 10 paid Rental Packages, select an additional free Rental Package. Fees, taxes and additional/upgraded and/or retail items cost extra on Rental Packages. The couple must select retail or rental offer at time of new booking, which selection is final. Any unused portion of the credit shall be forfeited and may not be redeemed for cash or credit or on alterations, rental products, engraved gifts or gift cards. If returning items purchased with the retail offer, you will forfeit the amount of the coupon applied to those items; the Men’s Wearhouse return policy will apply to the remainder of the purchase. Offer is subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Joseph & Feiss boys' suit rentals do not qualify as part of the 5 paid. Offer may not be combined with other discounts or offers, may not be redeemed for cash or credit; and is not redeemable online. For complete details, see store or menswearhouse.com/tuxrentalterms. Other restrictions apply.

Finally, like anything else you buy, remember to shop around! Men's Wearhouse has a big geographic footprint but they may not be the best option for you. If they are, use some of these tips to save on your next trip!

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  1. DNN says

    Hey Jim,

    Little did I know a while back and had not a clue and still assume today that Jos A. Bank secretly owns Mens Warehouse. I bought stuff online from both of them before. I purchased 2 men’s sweaters from MH MSRP $119.99 and knocked down at the time to $9.99 each. I still have them brand new in the plastic size XXL. I may post them online for sale soon and consider starting up a “side side hustle,” consisting of buying and selling men’s clothing.

    When I do buy stuff online either from Mens Warehouse or other online stores, I use the RMN (Retail Me Not) app which is the only thing I know besides eBates. I may take another look soon on MH to see if I can get further discounts and possibly double back to your blog here for the $20 off link. I am in the market to purchase a blue pinstriped suit for a special event coming up in beginning of 2019.

    Thanks for discussing this Jim. 🙂

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