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Triple Your Cashback Dining Out at Restaurants

We don't eat out very often but when we do, I make sure we maximize our passive cashback rewards.

I call them passive because they're rewards where I don't have to do anything and I get it.

I don't have to check in on an app, I don't have to print out a coupon, and I don't need to photograph a receipt or jump through hoops.

Now, I see nothing wrong with taking photos, checking in, and all that (I do it frequently whenever we use grocery store apps); I just really like it when I can set something up once and get paid forever.

Fortunately, there's a whole new world of offers that do just that — they're called “card linked offers.”

How Do They Work?

You sign up with a program and “link” your credit cards. When the restaurant reports a transaction with your credit card, you earn rewards. (You won't earn rewards if you pay cash, since there's no way to link that transaction to you)

The companies that link the transactions together are called card-linked offers platforms. There aren't too many of these but the most well known is called Empyr, owned by Mogl.

The ones we use are:

Can You Double Dip?

And yes, you can double dip. In fact, we're triple dipping when you consider the credit card cash back rewards we're getting.

The trick is knowing the card linked partner reviewing the transactions and issuing cash back. If they are different, you can get cashback from multiple sources.

For example, here is an email from Yelp where we got cashback from picking up takeout from Maiwand Kabob. We also picked up 15 Rapid Reward points from Southwest Dining.

On a roughly $30 bill, we're earning $3 in cash back on our credit card, $3 from Yelp Cash Back, and then 15 RR points (worth about a quarter).

Not bad for registering for two programs!

You can't double dip when the partner behind the scenes is the same. In this case, Yelp and Swagbucks Local have partnered with Empyr so you can't link the same card to both platforms. Empyr powers a bunch of programs (listed below).

Southwest Dining's program is powered by Rewards Network Establishment Services Inc., so you if a place is giving cashback to both networks then you can double dip!

Step 1. Get a Good Credit Card

All of these reward programs require you to link your credit card to an account. I use just two or three cards so I link all of them up.

None of my cards give an especially higher cashback rate for restaurants but there are some, like Chase Sapphire Preferred, that will give you 2x points at restaurants. The Discover it card gives you 2% cash back at restaurants too.

To really juice up your rewards, obviously you'll want to get one of those higher rate cards. Otherwise, any will do.

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Step 2. Sign Up For All The Programs!

Actually, don't. You can double dip across different card linked reward providers.

In my research, the reward structure is identical across all partners affiliated with the same card linked offer provider. So the cashback you earn on Mogl, Yelp, and Swagbucks will be the same. Pick the one that's easiest for you.


Rewards Network:

If you're willing to do some extra work, there are some credit card issuers that will also have restaurant-related offers you have to activate. In the case of American Express, you log into your account and look under Amex Offers and Benefits:

I have to activate the offer and then spend $75+ a China Chilcano by Jose Andres to get a $25 statement credit. It's not passive and I usually don't remember to do this (or find a match) — but it's another way to get even more off your purchase if the offers overlap.

Finally, if you do go out to eat, and you have kids, remember many restaurants have programs where kids eat free with your paid entree!