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Your Take: How do you mix work/business and personal on social media?

Credit: melenita

When I graduated college (2003), Facebook and Twitter didn't exist (thankfully).

I got so much more work done. 🙂

Social media wasn't a term people were throwing around and so I entered the workforce without ever having to worry about oversharing or having recruiters find about my bad decisions through Facebook!

That also meant I didn't have bosses or colleagues ask to be my friend. I'm not sure what I'd do if a boss asked me to be their friend on Facebook.

So my question for you today is – how do you mix your work/business life with your personal life on social media?

For me, they mix completely… and I'm pretty sure that not the best thing to do. I spent some time going through and marking folks as Acquiantances, putting them on lists, but when I share things I usually just do so to Public, rather than to specific lists. It's a lot of work to maintain that and keep it straight, something I don't really like doing.

It reminds me of the old Seinfeld “worlds colliding” bit (it's from Season 7, Episode 8). They don't necessarily meet per se, but when I share something, it goes to everything. So sometimes I talk to folks in the “business” world and they catch me off guard because they saw something I didn't realize I sent out on Facebook.

On the other hand, it helps me self-censor on Facebook knowing that there are folks who are work-related getting the updates.

I have some friends who have two profiles, one for personal life and one for work. By setting it up that way, they don't need to manage lists. Log into the work account, do work stuff. Log into the personal account, do completely unproductive stuff. 🙂

How do you mix work/business and personal on sites like Facebook?