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Learn how keeping a simple time journal can help you save hundreds of dollars each year. You are probably paying for services you don't use as much as you think you do, a journal can identify those services you can downgrade or cut to save big bucks!

Every month, we pay for services we love but don't always use. Netflix, Spotify, cable TV, etc.

I love Netflix and when they release full seasons of House of Cards, we watch it voraciously. And I'm not going to lie… I love a little Kimmy Schmidt too.

When I'm watching those shows, I'm not watching cable TV. And I'm definitely not using every single cable box we have. We recently sent back one of our cable boxes (which actually wasn't even working… for who knows how long) and saved ourselves $15 a month. I was pretty sure we weren't using it but until I started keeping a time journal, I had no idea. (that's when I learned it didn't work!)

Use our Time Journal Log Worksheet to keep track of your services, how often you use it, and whether it's worth keeping around.

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