Get the 20-30-50 Pay Yourself First Worksheet

One of money's most important ratios is the 20-30-50 rule - save 20% and pay yourself first. Use our free simple worksheet to help you adjust your savings up or down based on your life's particulars.

If you dislike budgeting as much as I do but still want to save for the future, learn to pay yourself first.

I like to use this simple money ratio – 20-30-50.

  • 20% to savings (first!)
  • 30% (or less) to housing
  • 50% (or less) to personal spending

When you first start off, you might not know whether you can handle 20% into savings. To help you, I created a worksheet printable where you can guesstimate your spending and calculate the amount you can afford to save each month.

The worksheet lets you play with your spending and see where you can cut (and how much you may need to cut) to achieve your target savings rate.

👉 Get the 20-30-50 Pay Yourself First Worksheet

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