How to Earn Free Google Play Codes in Your Spare Time

The Google Play Store is full of some of the best new movies, shows, games, and books. For Android users, it may even be the first place you go to try to find new stuff to watch or download.

However, many of those these products require payment – they just don’t come free. Sometimes the most popular stuff, the thing you’re looking for, will cost you a little bit.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can get free Google Play codes to reduce your digital entertainment expenses. One side bonus is that you can also have fun earning these credits too.

Let’s see what you can do to earn or get free Google Play codes:

Table of Contents
  1. Best Places to Get Free Google Play Codes
    1. Swagbucks
    2. Survey Junkie
    3. Fetch Rewards
    4. Mistplay
    5. MyPoints
    6. LifePoints
    7. Evidation
    8. InstaGC
    9. Google Opinion Rewards
    10. Register Your New Electronics
    11. Costco
  2. Avoid Google Play Gift Card Scams
    1. Google Play Free Code Generators
    2. Gift Card Marketplaces
    3. Purchasing Cards for Others
    4. Sharing Play Card Numbers
  3. Free Google Play Codes: Final Thoughts

Best Places to Get Free Google Play Codes

You can get complimentary Google Play gift card codes by taking surveys, scanning receipts, and doing other online activities.


Swagbucks is a paid survey site that offers many ways to earn rewards points:

  • Surveys
  • Downloading apps and games
  • Online shopping
  • Product trials
  • Scanning in-store receipts

Some activities require an upfront purchase, but these offers tend to award more points. In other instances, you will need to cancel the free trial period to earn points for free. New members can get a $5 signup bonus by making 2,500 points in the first 60 days. Google Play digital gift card redemptions start at $10 (1,000 points). Other gift cards and cash redemptions only require a $1-$5 minimum balance. Check out our Swagbucks review for full details.

Learn more about Swagbucks

Survey Junkie

Online surveys can be an easy way to find free Google Play codes as you can take several surveys per day. Survey Junkie provides two income streams:

  • Online surveys: You can attempt several surveys per day.
  • SJ Pulse: Share your internet browsing activity from your mobile devices and computers.

When you’re not answering surveys, you can still earn points if you opt for the SJ Pulse feature. Pulse can view your search terms, shopping activity, the websites you visit, and the ads you view. It’s also possible to qualify for exclusive surveys. Prize redemptions start at $10 for all gift card brands. Read our Survey Junkie review to see how you can maximize your rewards.

Learn more about Survey Junkie

Fetch Rewards

You can scan grocery store receipts or get medical prescriptions and earn rewards points with Fetch Rewards. Name brand groceries earn the most points, but you can scan merchandise and gas station receipts to earn 25 points per scan too. The app lets you link your Amazon and email accounts to receive credit for online purchases.

Payouts start at $5 (5,000 points), lower than most apps with Google Play codes. Unlike most receipt scanning apps, you don’t have to spend time activating offers, scanning product barcodes, or watching ads to receive credit. Instead, you only have to buy participating brands and scan the receipt to earn your bonus points automatically. Get all of the details in our Fetch Rewards review.

You can also get free points when you sign up with a Fetch referral code (which is already included in all the links on this page).

Learn more about Fetch Rewards


Mistplay lets gamers enjoy the newest mobile games while earning reward points by completing specific in-game achievements. You can start redeeming your units with a $10 balance for future Google Play purchases and other gift cards.

In addition to Mistplay, here are 26 games that pay real money when you play. Not all of these will give you Google Play codes but some pay cash, which you can use to pay for the purchases anyway.

Learn more about Mistplay


MyPoints also offers many ways to reward you for various tasks like:

  • Online shopping
  • Coupons
  • Product offers
  • Online surveys
  • Watching videos and ads
  • Playing games
  • Booking travel

Google Play ecard rewards start at $10, competitive with other platforms. This app is ideal if you want several ways to earn rewards points to avoid burning out on one specific task. You get a $10 signup bonus after your first $20+ purchase with the online shopping portal.

Learn more about MyPoints


LifePoints lets you attempt multiple surveys each day, with most taking less than 20 minutes. You can redeem your rewards for Google Play credits with a $10 balance (1,100 points), and Amazon and PayPal rewards start at $5, giving you flexible redemption options. Surveys are available from the online website and mobile apps. Read our LifePoints review to find out if LifePoints is right for you.

Learn more about LifePoints


Using Evidation, formerly known as Achievement, to track your exercise activity and earn points makes for a win-win. You can earn points by linking your fitness apps and exercising each day. It’s also possible to earn points for performing the following activities:

  • Logging food
  • Sleep tracking
  • Weighing yourself
  • Meditation
  • Social media shares
  • Health programs
  • Surveys
  • Market research studies
  • Product offers

In most cases, you will earn the most points with physical activity. You can redeem your points for gift cards, PayPal, and charity donations with a $10 balance.


InstaGC is a get-paid-to site that rewards you for finishing short online tasks. Some of the possibilities include:

Amazon gift card redemptions start at $1, but Google Play rewards require at least $5.

Google Opinion Rewards

If you like taking surveys, Google Opinion Rewards can be one of your best options. You can take short surveys and earn up to $1 in Google Play credits per survey. PayPal awards are also available. After downloading the mobile app, you receive notifications when new surveys are available.

The topics can range from consumer brand opinions, sharing your upcoming travel plans and product reviews. Unlike some of the best survey sites that let you attempt several panels daily, you must wait to receive invitations. Some Google Play user reviews indicate only getting 1-2 invitations each month.

Register Your New Electronics

When you buy a new phone, tablet, or TV streaming device and register it with Google Home, you might receive up to $25 in free Google Play credits. The offers can vary depending on the current manufacturer promotions and the number of Android-friendly devices you already own. Samsung devices may also offer Google Play rewards when registering a qualifying product.


There are many ways to save money at Costco, including discounted gift cards. This warehouse club may sell cards for below face value. For example, a $100 gift card may only cost $80. Depending on the weekly promotions, you may also get complimentary gift cards to buy participating items.

While you need to spend money to get these rewards, this hack can be less time-consuming than other services on this list. If you’re going to spend the money on Google Play regardless, being proactive can maximize your purchasing power.

Avoid Google Play Gift Card Scams

While there are many legit ways to get free Google Play codes, you could waste time and money if you’re not careful. Make sure you avoid the following scams:

Google Play Free Code Generators

Several websites are claiming to generate free codes just by providing your device details and your country of residence. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and legit apps will always require you to invest some time, even if the app is free. There isn’t a way to get free codes with an instant win-style game.

Gift Card Marketplaces

There are several online marketplaces to buy discounted gift cards. Several of these, like Raise, Gift Card Granny, and CardCash, are legit as they have risk-free buyer protection if the seller sells you a fraudulent code or you have trouble redeeming the balance. Other marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace may not protect your purchase, and you could easily be out the purchase price.

Purchasing Cards for Others

Another longstanding gift card scam is when a scammer impersonates a government agency or family member and insists on receiving gift cards instead of cash. They may promise to pay you back and potentially get more than the original amount you send.

Sharing Play Card Numbers

Scammers may also ask you to share the codes for your current Google Play cards. Never do this, as they may likely steal your codes and exhaust the balance before purchasing. Also, the gift card terms and conditions state that codes are non-transferable. So if you give your codes to another person, only do it when you’re selling a gift card or giving it as a gift.

Free Google Play Codes: Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of apps that reward you with free Google Play codes, letting you save money on your next online purchase, and have fun doing it. The more platforms you sign up for, the quicker you can earn. Just remember to avoid the scams that will rob you of your time and your money.

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