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How to Earn $200+ a Month Watching Movie Previews, Cat Videos & More

Do you like the movies? Would it surprise you that not everyone had to pay for their movie ticket?

When I was younger, I always wanted to work at the movie theater. You had the snazzy vests, all the popcorn you could eat, plus sneak in movies from time to time when things were slow.

My friends and I spent so much time there anyway, I thought it'd be great! Especially since movies would cost us $7, $8, and eventually $10+ a show! (to be fair, we would sometimes see two movies on one ticket… shhhhh!)

Unfortunately, I never got a job there but I always held onto the dream. 🙂

Much like any other store, movie theaters and movie studios will hire mystery shoppers to scope out the theater. Mystery shoppers are used to check on a variety of things in the theater – from whether the promotional material is being displayed properly to watching previews to make sure the right ones are being shown.

If this sounds like fun, sign up to become a Theatre Checker with MarketForce Information.

The potential roles include:

The application process is pretty quick. Once you're approved, you can be assigned tasks or you can check the list online and pick the ones you want. The pay ends up being $10-$20 an hour, which is pretty solid to hang around in a movie theater.

There are other mystery shopping companies that also offer in-theater checks but according to online forums, some don't pay nearly as well as MarketForce. For example, GfK Mystery Shopping pays $9 for the first screening and $2.50 for each additional screening, which is a paltry sum compared to MarketForce. Another popular company is VeriTES, a PSB Company.

This is just one of the random jobs we've listed on our massive list of near 300 websites to make extra money, which includes a laundry list of mystery shopping companies.

Watch Videos from Home

If you don't want to get paid to watch movie previews or count patrons, you can always sign up for InboxDollars or Swagbucks and get paid to watch movie previews, commercials, and other videos. (read our Swagbucks review)

Of the two, I prefer InboxDollars because you get paid a few pennies each time you watch a thirty-second preview, commercial, or video. Swagbucks pays you with their points but their videos have more variety, though the points per minute rate are lower. On Swagbucks you could be watching movie previews or gossip videos from TMZ, it really varies.

Both have a seemingly near limitless supply of videos and money earning opportunities and both are offering a bonus if you sign up — and you can always sign up for both!