Best DIRECTV Promotions for 2023

I recently went through the process of canceling my cable package.

It’s one of those things where you don’t really think about how often you use it. I’ve written about how you should use a time journal to track how often you use something but sometime during the pandemic, I was just in survival mode. The cable package wasn’t expensive but it wasn’t cheap either.

It was just there. I rarely watched live TV too and I knew this.

So this past weekend, I spent a few minutes with a chat representative to cancel my package. I was surprised how much I could save without it. I was wasting all that money!

One of the a la carte options I’ve been considering a streaming service like is DIRECTV.

If you’re like me and thinking about DIRECTV, here are some promotions to help you save a little bit more on your package.

Table of Contents
  1. DIRECTV Packages
  2. Active DIRECTV Promotions (May 2023)
    1. NFL Sunday Ticket
    2. $10/mo Off + $100 Visa Reward Card
    3. 3 months of premium channels

DIRECTV Packages

First, before we get into the promotions and deals, let’s review the four packages that DIRECTV offers.

$69.99 / mo + tax$89.99 / mo + tax$104.99 / mo + tax$149.99 / mo + tax
75+ channels of live TV105+ channels of live TV140+ channels of live TV150+ channels of live TV
Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage included*Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage included*Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage included*Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage included*
On Demand titles
On Demand titles
On Demand titles
On Demand titles
Regional sports networks includedRegional sports networks includedRegional sports networks included
SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, and Cinemax® included for first 3 months. (then charged monthly)HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, and Cinemax® included for first 3 months. (then charged monthly)HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, and Cinemax® included for first 3 months. (then charged monthly)HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and Cinemax® included.
EPIX® included for first 3 months. (then charged monthly)

You can also add premium channels (if not included):

  • HBO Max – $14.99 / mo
  • Cinemax – $11.00 / mo
  • Starz – $11.00 / mo
  • Showtime – $11.00 / mo
  • EPIX – $6.00 / mo

These all include a free trial for five days.

DIRECTV Packages as of July 2022

Active DIRECTV Promotions (May 2023)

Here are the best DIRECTV promotions we know about:

NFL Sunday Ticket

If you purchase a ChoiceTM package or above, you also get NFL Sunday Ticket for FREE. No extra charge. You will get local games through CBS, FOX or NBC (on those respective channels) and then you get NFL Sunday Ticket for out of market games.

$10/mo Off + $100 Visa Reward Card

With a 24 month agreement, you can get a $100 reward card if you sign up with the link below. The 24-month agreement comes with an early termination fee of $20 per month if you cancel before the 24-month period.

The deal also includes $10 per month off the regular price for the first year. So the offer is actually “worth” $220 – $120 in discounts on the service plus the $100 reward card.

Get this offer
(Offer expires 8/20/22)

3 months of premium channels

If you sign up for a DIRECTV Stream Choice package, you can get 3 months of premium channel included with your regular monthly subscription payment

Get this offer

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