The 8 Best Debt Snowball Spreadsheets

While even the best debt snowball spreadsheets may seem archaic in nature, they really are a great tool for helping you make a plan for getting out of debt. 

Whether you’ve got a serious debt problem or you’re just ready to clean up your financial situation by working toward being debt free, snowball spreadsheets can help you do that in an organized and motivating manner. 

We’ve all heard that the debt snowball method for getting out of debt is highly motivating. That’s why we’re sharing links to some of the best snowball spreadsheets around and showing you how you can get them for yourself.  

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Tiller Money
  2. 2. Life And My Finances
  3. 3. Debt Free Happens
  4. 4. Vertex42
  5. 5. Squawkfox
  6. 6. MoneySmartGuides
  7. 7. Perfection Hangover
  8. 8. Easy Budget
  9. Summary

1. Tiller Money

Tiller Money is a budgeting tool that can help you manage your money and pay off your debt.

Tiller Money offers several types of spreadsheets including a debt snowball spreadsheet. With this spreadsheet you can customize the amount you want to pay on each debt to work with your personal budget.

It then securely and automatically updates your personal Tiller Google or Excel spreadsheets with your up-to-date financial information on a daily basis.

The Tiller debt snowball sheet shows you your debt freedom date and it works in tandem with your budgeting and other Tiller spreadsheets to help you stay on track. 

Access to all Tiller Money features, including the debt snowball spreadsheet, is $79 per year. That’s $6.58 per month. The plan includes a 30-day free trial.  

Check out our full review of Tiller here.

Get Started with Tiller

2. Life And My Finances

Life And My Finances is a blog about a regular guy who paid off all his debt in a bit over a year. Now he’s living a great debt free life with his wife and family and teaching others to do the same. 

Along with several other free money management tools, Derek’s blog has a great Debt Snowball calculator spreadsheet and a chart to go along with it.

This spreadsheet is free and very simple to use. Just enter the following information about each debt you have:

  • Debt name
  • Amount
  • Minimum payment 
  • Interest rate

Once you enter this information, the debt snowball worksheet will show you exactly how long it will take you to be debt free. And it will show you which months you’ll have each debt paid off in. 

You can input different scenarios based on how much extra you want to pay each month. Using this feature will help you create different payoff dates based on how much extra you can or want to pay on your debt each month. 

Get the Life And My Finances debt snowball spreadsheet

3. Debt Free Happens

Debt Free Happens is another debt freedom blog that shares the story of a couple (Kevin and Erin) that paid off over $100k in debt in just under three years. 

Kevin shares the debt snowball spreadsheet he used to pay off the debt, along with a host of other useful debt payoff tools. The site even has a printable debt thermometer template. All for free.

As with other spreadsheets, your job is to enter the names, amounts, minimum payments, and interest rates of your debts. You can enter various numbers as additional principal payments to create your own debt payoff date.

This spreadsheet includes columns for total interest paid and the percentage of each debt you’ve paid off as well. 

Get the Debt Free Happens debt snowball spreadsheet

4. Vertex42

Vertex42 is a site that specializes in spreadsheets of all kinds. If you’re a spreadsheet aficionado like I am, you will LOVE this site.

It has spreadsheets for managing finances, savings goals, budgeting, debt payoff, and more. 

The Vertex42 debt snowball spreadsheet includes a snowball calculator and a payment schedule feature so you can design several debt payoff scenarios. 

There’s a basic spreadsheet that lets you list up to ten debts you can get for free. There’s also an extended version that lets you list up to 40 creditors which costs $9.95.   

Bonus: This spreadsheet will let you calculate results for doing the avalanche as well as the snowball. 

Get the Vertex42 debt snowball spreadsheet

5. Squawkfox

Squawkfox is a blog focused on helping you rewire your brain for better money management. Using her debt snowball spreadsheet, founder Kerry Taylor paid off $17,000 in debt in just six months.

Squawkfox has an original spreadsheet that’s super basic and a new spreadsheet that has colorful charts and graphics. Both are free and easy to use. 

Enter your debt information, then update that debt information as you pay down your debts. Compare with your budget to see how much extra money you can put toward debt each month. 

This spreadsheet shows you how much extra you have – or don’t have – to put toward debt as well. 

Get the Squawkfox debt snowball spreadsheet

6. MoneySmartGuides

MoneySmartGuides blog owner Jon shares his fascinating story of going from struggling with debt to building wealth and working toward early retirement. His story is one that many readers will identify with. 

The MoneySmartGuides debt snowball spreadsheet is well-organized and gives you a one-page snapshot of what you need to do and how to get there. 

In just one glance you can see when each debt will be paid off and how you can adjust your payoff dates by making additional payments. 

After entering each debt, you can input a start date and play around with your extra snowball amount to create your personal plan. 

You can grab this spreadsheet for free when you input your email to sign up for the blog’s mailing list.

Get the MoneySmartGuides debt snowball spreadsheet

7. Perfection Hangover

Melissa at Perfection Hangover talks about managing money and working your side hustles. She shares a lot of great information for those wanting to get out of debt and those who really want to make side hustles into serious income.

This fre spreadsheet works a lot like the Life And My Finances Spreadsheet. You input your debt information on the top, along with your extra monthly amount. There’s room for a one-time start-up payment too. 

From there you can adjust the numbers to work with your budget. As with other blogs, Melissa talks about the debt avalanche too. However, the spreadsheet is set up to use the debt snowball. 

Get the Perfection Hangover debt snowball spreadsheet

8. Easy Budget

The Easy Budget blog shares tips on money management, debt payoff, frugal living, and more. Merilee and her husband paid off $71,000 in debt in just over two years using their debt snowball spreadsheet. 

This spreadsheet has all of the technical information you need to get your snowball rolling and pay off your debt and it looks great. 

You can input your debts, include a start date, add in extra payments, and more. It’s got space for up to 35 debts and can accommodate varying calculations depending on how you want to work your plan. 

Most of the spreadsheets on this list are free, but I wanted to include this one because I wanted to give you an idea of what you get when you pay for a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet costs $16.99, but sometimes she offers specials.

Get the Easy Budget debt snowball spreadsheet


Debt snowball spreadsheets are extremely helpful in planning your debt freedom strategy. It’s fun to play with the numbers and calculate exactly when you’ll be debt free and how small choices make a big impact over time.

Have you ever worked the debt snowball to get out of debt? If so, did you use a spreadsheet like the ones mentioned here? Feel free to share your story in the comments section.

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