Costco Coupon Book (June 19 – July 21, 2024): Full Color Ad Scans

I’m a huge fan of Costco and we the vast majority of our shopping there.

In fact, I’d argue that close to 50% of our food budget is spent at Costco. Most of what we buy there is fruit, meat, and other produce because the daily prices are simply unbeatable. We have a large family (four kids!) so what may be a bulk purchase for someone else is a daily need for us!

The monthly Costco coupon book tends to be on other staples that we need (toilet paper, tissues) or frozen foods we indulge in, like the chicken wings or those fantastic dino nuggets our kids seem to devour like actual dinosaurs.

Each month, Costco sends out a coupon book for all the member-only savings you can get in the warehouse as well on online at

If you’d like to see what in it for this month, look below:

Remember, this is not a traditional coupon book. You don’t have to cut anything out or bring anything to the register. It’s just a list of savings, though everyone calls it a “coupon book,” us included!

Costco Coupon Book: Valid June 19th – July 21st, 2024

The June/July Costco Coupon Book is here – doesn’t start until the 19th of June but will go through July 21st.

I’ve never used Costco Same Day but it’s powered by Instacart and we use that fairly frequently for shopping trips, it seems like a pretty good offer though prices on Same-Day are higher than going to the store.

I guess 4th of July Savings means appliance sales!!! Yaay!

A lot of good sales this month on things we use… and with four kids, we go through tissues like they’re… tissues!

Remember, this next blue section is for products you order online:

OK, who needs to buy 64 ounces of mayo? That’s a lot of mayo!

Get your vitamins!

That’s it for June/July!

Costco Coupon Book: Valid May 15th – June 9th, 2024

Any pool owners out there? I’ve found that the Chlorine tabs are well priced (the individual packages of shock are generally more expensive than what you can find online though, but that’s because they’re individually wrapped).

It’s not on sale this month but we just got a Ninja Creami and it’s woooooonderful.

We’ve had the Pyrex glass storage set for ages and it’s served us well.

Tires sales are back!

Below you’ll see the online deals for the month:

Ha! Reynolds Aluminum Foil is on sale… I just bought it. Maybe I’ll sync up with the sale in three years. 😂

We’ve recently been loving the Chosen Avocado Oil Spray but we find that once you near the end of the can, it comes out more like a stream and less like a spray.

Costco Coupon Book: Valid April 10th – May 5th, 2024

The April Costco Coupon Book is here – doesn’t start until the 10th of April but will go through May 5th.

More protein discounts and diapers for all those spring babies!

Need some clothes? Pants, shorts and skorts are on sale:

Below you’ll see the online deals:

I don’t usually see Babybel cheeses on sale and our kids LOVE them, so this is a nice sale for us!

And as usual on the last few pages, tons of vitamins, eye care, and other stuff is on sale. The NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit is a godsend by the way… really weird to use at first but you’ll love it for flushing out your sinuses.

Costco Coupon Book: Valid March 5th – 31st, 2024

The March coupon book is here! It starts on the 5th but goes through the end of the month.

Looks like Costco buyers are taking cues from Punxsutawney Phil – all the spring outdoors stuff is on sale!

Below you’ll see the online deals:

Ling Ling dumplings are back!!!

Once again, lots of vitamins, eye care, and other stuff is on sale. Note the allergy relief stuff!

Costco Coupon Book: Valid January 31st – February 25th, 2024

The January through February coupon book is here. It’s two pages shorter than the last coupon book, which makes sense given all the holiday goodies packed in the last one.

This coupon book didn’t take into effect until January 31st.

Looks like this month’s big spender is Shark and their vacuums.

If you need a set of new Michelin tires, seems like that deal is still around for another month.

Totally unrelated to the sale but Bachan’s BBQ sauce is awesome. Also it’ll be a good time to stock up on Annie’s Mac & Cheese!

Got the sniffles? Kleenex seems to be in our cart every week.

As always, time to stock up on the vitamins, pain meds, and more.

Costco Big Game Savings: Valid January 21st – February 11th, 2024

In anticipation of the Super Bowl being played on February 11th, Costco is running a “Big Game Savings” event (I bet they can’t say “Super Bowl” without paying a big licensing fee!) with lots of sales.

You can see these sales directly only their website. Many of the deals are available in-warehouse as well as online. It features many of the things you’d expect – lots of electronics, snacks, and even furniture.

Costco Coupon Book: Valid December 27th, 2023 – January 21, 2024

The December to January coupon book has arrived!

As you’d expect, it features a lot of good stuff for the start of the year (ok ok, tax stuff isn’t “good” per se but it’s fitting!)

Kohler seems to have shelled out the big bucks for a little corner ad for their new kitchen faucet! Also, some nice electronics deals as always.

If you need a set of new Michelin tires, seems like that deal is back.

The pages don’t seem to have a lot of rhyme or reason to their organization this month.

The Costco online only deals seem to run the gamut – need some laundry soda, saffron, or perhaps a hot tub? 😂

A lot of good staples are on sale. Pasta sauce, coffee, cereal… even gummie vitamins.

As always, time to stock up on the vitamins, pain meds, and more.

Costco Coupon Book: Valid November 20 – December 24, 2023

Usually, every month’s coupon book has roughly the same number of pages. This month, we’re added a page compared to last month.

Here are the pages in the November 20th to December 24th, 2023 edition of the Costco Coupon book:

I’m a sucker for Ghirardelli squares, just the right size of chocolate where you don’t feel terrible after eating one (or four) but also enough to satiate the cravings.

Duracell batteries are on sale for the second month in a row – they know all those Christmas gadgets are going to need batteries!

The holiday language is starting to creep in… Merry & Bright teeth! 🤣

OK so the LED string lights below seem to get cheaper and cheaper each year!

The offerings are always fun to see. I’ve seen the hot tubs (ok, “spas”) hanging in the store and am always tempted… until I realize we have no space for something like that. Also, not sure what I’d do in the summer months.

This coupon book only had one page devoted to vitamins and pills and whatnot, probably a record low in recent memory!

Helpful Costco Shopping Tips

A few last minute tips for your next trip to Costco – these are on top of the Costco hacks we shared in a previous post.

Redeem Reward Certificate by Direct Deposit

If your Costco reward certificate, from the credit card, is over $300, you can get it directly deposited into your bank account! Here are instructions on how to deposit your Costco reward certificate.

I know it can be very satisfying to get the certificate converted into cash but it’s kind of a pain to do it at the register, especially if the check is large.

Not Sure About A New Food Item?

Ask Reddit! Just go to the Costco subreddit and search for the food item. If it’s new, chances are someone will have shared their thoughts on it (including photos of the cooked item).

It’s a good way to see “inside” the package at the real product, not just what the perfect marketing photo shows. The last thing you want to do is have a 20 count of something you hate.

You Can Ask for a Price Adjustment

Costco sends the coupon book about a week or so before the discounts are “active” (we post them as soon as I get them in the mail) and sometimes you may want to purchase something ahead of the price discount. If you purchase something within 30 days of a price change, you can always bring your receipt to Customer Service and ask for a price adjustment.

This is great if you aren’t paying attention and discover that you bought something that would’ve been on sale in the next coupon book! The only downside is you have to wait in the line, which can take a long time during high traffic times!

The Gas Station Has Expanded Hours

The Costco gas station offers gas at really good prices but if you go during the day when the warehouse is open, the lines can be very long. I don’t like waiting 15-20 minutes to fuel up (especially if I have to go into the warehouse), so you try to go before the warehouse opens or after it closes.

Most of their gas stations open at 6 AM and close at 9:30 PM. The warehouse doesn’t open until 10 AM and closes at 8:30 PM, so you have a ton of time before the shopping crowd gets there.

Also, you can check how much Costco gas costs before you go.

Use the Right Credit Card

The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi is a great credit card because of the various cash back categories – 4% on gas purchases, 3% at restaurants, and 2% at Costco itself. But you can use any Visa card at Costco so while the Costco Anywhere Card gives you 2% at Costco, you may want to use another one if you want to take advantage of a big credit card bonus or something similar.

These are the best credit cards to use at Costco.

Costco Offers Sales in Cycles

One thing you’ll notice with the coupons is that the same products will tend to appear over and over again, often with a little break in between. There are some products that tend to always be in the coupon book, like vitamins and other supplements. Then there are those that make infrequent appearances, like specific brands of electronics or prepared foods.

If you’re careful, you can avoid bulk buying too much if you pay attention to the cycles.

And don’t shop hungry!

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