Best Bingo Games to Play for Free

Bingo is a quick and easy game to play, and it makes for a fun hobby. You can play it online to occupy your free time or enjoy some friendly competition. It can also be worth playing to improve your skills for cash tournaments if that’s your cup of tea. There are plenty of contenders for the best free bingo games, and I’ve listed several below for you to try.

Table of Contents
  1. The Best Bingo Games to Play for Free
    1. Blackout Bingo
    2. Bingo Cash
    3. Bingo Party
    4. Abradoodle Bingo
    5. Xtreme Bingo
    6. Bingo Aloha
    7. Bingo Pop
    8. Bingo Bash
    9. Bingo Blitz
    10. Bingo Frenzy
    11. Bingo Country Days
    12. Bingo Battle
    13. GamePoint Bingo
    14. Bingo Adventure
    15. Bingo Masters
    16. Arkadium Free Bingo
    17. Bingo Showdown
    18. Word Bingo
  2. FAQs
  3. Final Thoughts on Free Bingo Games

The Best Bingo Games to Play for Free

The most convenient way to play bingo online is via a mobile device; they can also be PC-compatible with a Facebook account. If you’re searching for a great Bingo game, I recommend comparing the different features of the games on our list to find your new favorite. For example, some games pay real money or let you play multiple cards. Ready? Let’s get started!

Blackout Bingo

Available on: Android and iOS.

Blackout Bingo, powered by Skillz, is a fast-paced mobile game; you can earn in-game powerups to daub more squares. In addition, you can play unlimited free practice rounds and multiple cards. You will receive Skillz tickets for the free rounds to redeem for merchandise rewards. However, earning enough for a prize will take a long time. The good news is that you don’t have to view many ads as most free games. Cash tournaments are also available if you’re willing to up the ante. Read our Blackout Bingo review for more details.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

Get Blackout Bingo

Bingo Cash

Available on: Android and iOS.

Bingo Cash, powered by Papaya Gaming, is a mobile bingo game that has a lot of different styles of bingo. If you are looking for a bit of variety to the standard format, Bingo Cash likely has it for you.

If you wish to play for cash prizes, you can enter tournaments (not available to residents of AZ, AR, DE, IA, LA, or SC).

Get Bingo Cash

Bingo Party

Available on: Android and iOS

Bingo Party is an easy-to-play, engaging bingo phone game that you can play entirely for free. While there are no cash tournaments or real-world prizes, you can unlock game boards as you progress through higher levels, making it feel like an adventure game. You can also participate in live multiplayer tournaments. The app does have the option to make in-game purchases to unlock extra features — although there may be less incentive to do so without real prizes to win.

Abradoodle Bingo

Available on: Android, iOS, and Facebook.

Bingo Abradoodle is a free offline game that won’t burn through your monthly data plan. You can earn in-game boosts and use customizable daubers to enhance gameplay. This game also has a multiplayer competition mode. This can be one of your best options if you want a simple yet fun bingo game.

Xtreme Bingo

Available on: Android and iOS

Consider Xtreme Bingo from Meme Inc. if you want to blend classic bingo with Vegas-style slots. When you get a bingo, you can win powerups and bonuses by spinning the slots or prize wheel. The multiplayer games can also be highly competitive as you can steal rewards from your competitors. As a side note, certain features require in-app purchases, and you will need to view ads.

Bingo Aloha

Available on: Android, iOS, and Facebook

Bingo Aloha from Century Games can help you envision a tropical escape. You can play classic and blackout bingo game rules. Single and multiple cards are available with free daily games. The app also offers mini-games like Snakes and Ladders, board games, and arcade games to win bonus coins.

Bingo Pop

Available on: Android, iOS, and Facebook

Bingo Pop through Jam City provides several unique perks, including:

  • 25+ game rooms
  • Daub up to 12 cards
  • Offline mode
  • 30+ daubers

You can also win bonuses through the Family Feud and short casino games.

Bingo Bash

Available on: Android, iOS, online web browser

Bingo Bash offers free and paid bingo games through GSN Games. The board room changes monthly, but you can enjoy the same daily experience. You can compete against others, and a Monopoly-themed bingo game is available to collect rent and improve your properties. However, this game mode may require real money as it’s “pay to play.”

Bingo Blitz

Available on: Android and iOS

You can play traditional bingo games and also participate in mini-games on Playtika’s Bingo Blitz. This platform also features a live chat room to interact with other players. The chat feature can be unique as other games are an individual competition that may only compare your score to others once you finish. This can also be your favorite game if you’re a fan of singer Meghan Trainor. Your gameplay follows Meghan on a bingo adventure.

Bingo Frenzy

Available on: Android and iOS

Bingo Frenzy (also known as Bingo Cooking) from Gluon Interactive lets you play up to four cards, and there are five winners per round with classic rules. Multiple game room themes are available, and you can “cook” local dishes as you play. You will also accumulate collectibles and daubers as rewards. There are mini-games available while waiting for the next round. This game is available on Google Play and the App Store. Offline gameplay is available too. It’s also free, but premium add-on packs can enhance your experience.

Bingo Country Days

Available on: Android, iOS, and Facebook

Bingo Country Days from Playcus lets you play against multiple players for free. This is an intriguing option if you want to play in tournaments instead of solo matches. Most features are free, but some in-app purchases are necessary for full platform access.

Bingo Battle

Available on: Android and iOS

There are more than 150 game rooms through Bingo Battle for head-on competitions. You can unlock powerups and collectibles as you gain experience. It’s also possible to participate in missions and tournaments.

GamePoint Bingo

Available on: Android, iOS, and Facebook

GamePoint Bingo (from GamePoint) provides free bingo rounds and in-game chat. Manual and automated rooms are available to customize your gaming frequency. Like other games, you can collect unique daubers and in-app collectibles. Along with playing cards, there are special events and daily bonuses to win bonus credits. These credits help you play in more rounds each day.

Bingo Adventure

Available on: Android only

Bingo Adventure from Elestorm is for Android devices only. The bingo app lets you play up to eight cards and compete against friends. If you are adventurous, you can participate in a multiplayer chasing game to win even more. You can also play puzzle games and other unique games for bonuses. If you’re an Android user looking to play for cash, you can make money by playing games with Mistplay.

Bingo Masters

Available on: Android only

Bingo Masters from TGK Games offers online and offline games. You can earn additional bonuses when you daub a bingo on four cards in the same game. Daubing the called numbers quickly helps you earn bonus points and powerups. Signing in daily also lets you collect a daily bonus to play more games and enter tournaments.

Arkadium Free Bingo

Available on: Desktop and mobile web browsers

Arkadium is an online gaming platform that lets you play free bingo from your computer. Other free games are available for various categories, including many classic games. There are two drawbacks to this bingo game. First, there isn’t a mobile app. Second, you must upgrade to a premium membership for an ad-free experience.

Bingo Showdown

Available on: Android, Apple, and Facebook

Bingo Showdown from SciPlay has a Wild West theme, and you can compete in tournaments. It’s possible to play up to four cards, unlock powerups, and play the spin and win games.

Word Bingo

Available on: Android and iOS

Word Bingo from PlaySimple is best for Scrabble and Yahtzee lovers seeking a bingo experience. Instead of daubing numbers, you strive to form five words from the letters on your game card. If successful, you win a bingo bonus. This game requires more strategy than your average bingo game. However, it can also be an exciting break from your regular gameplay. It’s free to play, but you must deposit cash to unlock special features like undoing recent moves.


What is the best free bingo game?

The best bingo game can depend on the game rules, tournament options, and in-game features. You may want to consider Blackout Bingo first, as it’s free, easy to play, and has limited ads. This game lets you partake in paid cash tournaments if you desire that option.

Do free bingo games win real money?

You won’t win physical cash rewards with the free bingo games. If you free game award prizes, it’s usually for in-game virtual prizes. However, many bingo apps let you potentially participate in paid tournaments to win prizes. Other free mobile games let you earn money and turn your hobby into a side hustle.

Can you play bingo on Facebook?

Yes, many of the best bingo games offer access through Facebook. This is one way to play free bingo from your PC or Mac. Many games now require downloading the Android or iOS mobile app to your phone or tablet.

How can you play free classic bingo games?

The easiest way to play free bingo games is on your Android (Google Play Store) or iOS device (App Store). Several apps also let you play offline without an internet connection. Many apps also let you play from your PC or Mac desktop through Facebook.

How old do you need to be to play bingo games?

Most bingo apps have a minimum age of 17 years to play for free. For paid tournaments, the minimum age is 21, and you must live in a participating state.

Final Thoughts on Free Bingo Games

Bingo is a timeless game that’s fast and exciting to play alone or with multiple players. Free bingo games can help you hone your skills and unleash your competitive spirit with free entertainment. Most games are on Android or iOS devices or desktop PCs via Facebook. If you having a hard time deciding which game to try first, the highly popular Blackout Bingo is a good place to start.

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