30+ Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Parents

Are you starting your family or adding some cuteness to your current household?


After having my third baby girl last year, I can say for certain that babies are expensive. While I think they are worth every penny, I still try to save as much money as possible on diapers, wipes, and formula.

One saving strategy I rely on is requesting and using free baby samples.

Not all baby samples are truly free – some ave shipping charges or require you to sign up for a membership, so be aware of that. However, even with a shipping charge, your freebie can save you more than if you were to buy a similar product in the store.

My favorite 100% free samples come from registry goodie bags and formula companies.

Here are 30 great baby and mom freebies to check out:

Table of Contents
  1. 8 Free Formula Samples
  2. 7 Free Baby Accessories
  3. 6 Free Registry Goodie Bags
  4. 4 Free Diapers and Wipes Samples
  5. 3 Free Baby Activities
  6. 2 Free Baby Books and Magazines

8 Free Formula Samples

  • Similac: Similac’s StrongMoms Rewards program sends you a free formula starting kit when your baby is born and $5-10 formula checks each month, which can be used like coupons at most stores.
  • Gerber: Gerber usually gives out free formula samples and coupons, but if you don’t receive a free gift from signing up on their website, try calling their customer service line to request free samples: 1 (800) 284-9488.
  • Enfamil: Sign up for $400 worth of free items with Enfamil’s welcome gift. This box comes with formula samples and coupons.
  • Enfagrow: Receive a free 10-ounce can of toddler formula.
  • Nature’s One: This is the formula I used for my second and third babies and loved it. You can request a free sample can to try it.
  • Parents Choice Formula: Sign up for a free $8 can of baby formula.
  • Nestle Formula: If you are in Canada, you can request a free formula sample from Nestle.
  • Any Brand of Formula: You can request a free coupon to try any brand of formula for free. This coupon might not cover the full cost of more expensive brands.

7 Free Baby Accessories

  • Free Baby Essentials from The Baby Box Co: Once you sign up for a free Baby Box Co. account, you can earn free rewards like onesies and burp cloths after completing free online parenting classes.
  • Free Noobie Box with $6.95 Shipping: The Noobie Box is filled with great samples for pregnant and new moms. The current freebie box contains samples of: Aquaphor baby ointment, Chicco pacifist, Cuties set of 5 diapers, Lansinoh breastfeeding set (nursing pads, milk storage bags and lanolin), UpSpring Milkflow Powder drink mix, WaterWipes baby wipes, and more.
  • Free Baby Sling with $12.99 Shipping: Use coupon code MYBABYSLING to make any Seven baby sling $40 and under free.
  • Free Nursing Pillow with $14.99 Shipping: Use coupon code LOVEIT40 to get a printed nursing pillow for free.
  • Free Nursing Cover with $14.99 Shipping: Use coupon code TRYUDDER to get a cotton nursing cover for free.
  • Free Baby Shoes with $14.99 Shipping: Get two free $29.95 pairs of baby shoes and/or moccasins with coupon code. FREEWANDER.
  • Free Ruffle Diaper Covers with $14.99 Shipping: Get 3 ruffle diaper covers for free with coupon code FREERB.

6 Free Registry Goodie Bags

4 Free Diapers and Wipes Samples

  • Honest Company: Try Honest diapers for free with a sample kit that includes 5 free diapers and 10 free wipes. There is a $5.95 shipping fee, and you will have to cancel your subscription if you don’t want to be charged for more diapers. Right now, the free sample is unavailable, but check back often, since they usually do offer sample kits.
  • Dyper: Receive 3 free eco-friendly diapers with $4 shipping.
  • Earth Baby Compostable Diapers: If you live in the San Francisco area, you can receive a free sample of Earth Baby’s compostable diapers. Individuals who live in an area that isn’t covered will not be fulfilled.
  • Eco by Naty: Receive a trial box of 10 diapers with a shipping fee. The company is based in Sweden, so shipping a sample to the U.S. might vary.

3 Free Baby Activities

  • Free Gymboree Class: Gymboree’s Play and Music classes are available for babies and toddlers. You might need to call the location closest to you to request a free class.
  • Free Story Time: Barnes and Noble offers weekly free story hours that allow little ones to enjoy songs, books, and coloring. I started taking my first daughter to these storytimes at 15 months, and she loved it.
  • Free Baby Song Download: Get a cute song download from Music Together.

2 Free Baby Books and Magazines

If you are still looking for ways to save the most money possible on your new bundle of joy, check out these nine ways expecting families can reduce their costs.

Spoiler alert: you don’t actually need that much baby gear to start off with.

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