9 Simple Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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  1. 1. Survey Junkie - MOST POPULAR!
  2. 2. Swagbucks - $5 Bonus!
  3. 3. National Consumer Panel
  4. 4. Nielsen Mobile Panel
  5. 5. Pinecone Research
  6. 6. MyPoints
  7. 7. Pinecone Research
  8. 8. Opinion Outpost
  9. 9. Prize Rebel

Free Amazon Gift CardsI buy everything on Amazon.

Amazon is so popular that many places will give you Amazon gift cards for answering surveys, watching videos, and surfing the web. It's become a very popular way to get paid out.

I've listed the most popular sites you can join (all are free) to earn a little extra money.

1. Survey Junkie – MOST POPULAR!

With over 3 million members, Survey Junkie is a market research company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You take surveys, earn points, and get paid out in cash or gift cards (like Amazon if you prefer). Personally, I'll take cash via PayPal but it's up to you. It is free to join and you can earn a little extra cash in the process.

The best part is they tell you exactly how long it'll take and how much you'll earn.

Try Survey Junkie

2. Swagbucks – $5 Bonus!

Swagbucks is a rewards company that gives you “Swagbucks” for performing different tasks, like answering surveys, watching videos, etc.

I log on every day to answer the poll question of the day, watch a few videos, “surf the web” via their Crave system, and then maybe look at the offers for those easy SB you can get for visiting a website. The videos are the easiest because I let them play in another browser window and earn SB.

Each SB is worth about a penny, but for a limited time, there's a $25 Amazon gift card for just 2,200 SB. Yes, please!

Limited Time Offer: Get a $5 bonus when you sign up!

Get $5 from Swagbucks

3. National Consumer Panel

The National Consumer Panel is a partnership between Nielsen and IRi. Nielsen is the massive TV and radio ratings company every knows about – “the Nielsen rations.” IRi is lesser known but just as big and they collect shopping information.

You sign up to become a panelist and given a scanner or access to a smartphone app. Then, you just scan everything buy and you'll earn additional rewards. Those rewards can be converted into products or gift cards, including Amazon gift cards.

Try National Consumer Panel

4. Nielsen Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a consumer research panel where you install an app on your mobile phone and tablet to understand consumer behavior. You sign up, fill out a short questionnaire, then install an app that reports consumer behavior. They report the app does not affect battery life and you can up to $50 a year in gift cards (like Amazon) for reporting this 100% privacy guaranteed information. You can also redeem those rewards for sweepstakes or gift cards to other stores, not just Amazon. Nielsen is the same company that does the TV ratings and has been in business for over 90 years.

Try Nielsen Mobile Panel

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is the company that I've known the longest because I used to do surveys for them over ten years ago, when they used to send paper checks to you ahead of taking the surveys themselves. It was a lot of fun to get the little blue checks in the mail!

The company is run by Nielsen so you know they're legit.

Try Pinecone Research

6. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the oldest rewards shopping portals when they launched… probably as old as the internet itself!

OK it's not that old, but they're part of United Online and they formed after NetZero and Juno merged. The history is unimportant, what is important is that they will give you points when you do certain things on the internet like surf the web, buy stuff, etc. Those points can be converted to Amazon gift cards (and many other gift cards.

For new users, they will give you a $10 gift card when you spend $20 with a qualified partner.

Get $10 from MyPoints

7. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the most well-respected survey companies out there, I remember getting those blue checks from them like clockwork. They run household surveys and pay a few bucks per survey, but they pay out on a regular basis. They're based out of Cincinnati, OH and they've been in business for many years.

Try Pinecone Research

8. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is run by Survey Sampling International, an A+ rated on BBB market research company that's been doing it since 2002. They pay you to answer short surveys that lead to longer, more involved market research studies. You earn points for those surveys and then redeem them for gift certificates or cash to a Paypal account. If you answer the short survey but find you're not eligible for the broader market research study, you still get entries into a giveaway.

Try Opinion Outpost

9. Prize Rebel

PrizeRebel is a rewards site that takes just 10 seconds to sign up and you can earn points to complete surveys as well as watch videos, redeem offers and more. You can take the rewards as cash or opt for gift cards from places like Amazon.com.

They have over 7.5MM members and have redeemed over $15 million since 2007.

Try Prize Rebel

Which one will you try?

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